Where is the best place to smoke weed in Canada


As you have probably seen in the news recently, recreational marijuana use in Canada was legalized July 1st this year. It means that on October 17th 2018, Canada will be the third country, after Uruguay and Georgia, to formally legalize weed.

Although the federal government passed the Cannabis Act (aka Bill C-45), cannabis in Canada remains illegal for recreational use until the Act comes into force (in 2019).

The main details of legalization depends on the provinces, it means: that depends on where you are in Canada.


General details

In Alberta, recreational cannabis will be available at more than 200 private retailers across the province, but in Ontario it will be curated (so far) at only 40 state-run shops.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, you will be able to buy weed at Loblaws grocery stores. Few of the marijuana dispensaries are likely to survive the transition to licensed retailing (after some legal process).

According to this new law, adults are allowed to carry up to 30g of dried cannabis in a “public space”, which means that’s all you can buy at any one time. Keep in mind that “public space” can even include your own car. If you’re caught out in public with more than 30g, you can face up to five years in prison.

Also, with this new law you’ll free to consume your marijuana recreationally in any manner you consider appropriate, as long as you keep it away from children.


Best places by province

Ontario: Toronto

Toronto is a city with a lot of mixed cultures and businesses. This city already has a large number of dispensaries, vapor lounges and cannabis enthusiasts. With Ontario allowing medical users to vaporize anywhere,consumers are waiting for complete legalization. In Ontario, the minimum age for marijuana use 19 years old. Residents are also allowed to grow at home for personal use.


Alberta: Calgary

Due the conservative culture of this province, embracing cannabis might not seem like the next step for its residents. However, the economy in Alberta is changing and they’re looking for different types of economic boost.

Here, the minimum age for marijuana use is 18 years old. They will also allow public smoking of cannabis, this will be under the same restrictions of public smoking of tobacco.

The legalization of marijuana will mean a new market. Calgary is known for being the business hub of the province, so this city has the perfect conditions for marijuana culture to grow and expand.


British Columbia: Vancouver

Vancouver has a reputation for marijuana use already, it’s the kind of city that has a little bit of everything: parks, mountains, seaside views.

Vancouver has also Canada’s first ever medical marijuana dispensary and has been the main source for Canada’s cannabis culture. Today, they have more marijuana dispensaries than coffee shops from the biggest brand. In British Columbia, the minimum age for marijuana use is 19 years old. Here, residents are also allowed to grow at home for personal use.


British Columbia: Victoria


British Columbia’s capital is already filled with art, music and different cultures. City Hall recently decided to regulate the cannabis industry rather than shut down dispensaries that fall into a illegal area.

The province’s inexpensive hydroelectric power and abundance of water and sunshine make it an ideal cannabis growing area. Victoria is perfect for those who prefer a relaxed vibe. It won’t be a surprise to see Victoria embrace a more vibrant cannabis culture as legalization progresses.


So far, these cities have the proper environment to embrace cannabis culture across Canada. With the country moving forward to cannabis legalization, there will surely be huge growth within the cannabis industry and culture itself around the whole country. Enjoy!


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