What’s the Difference Among Weed Dabs, Extracts, and Oils?

weedsmart_image_What’s the Difference Among Weed Dabs, Extracts, and Oils

When it comes to the world of marijuana, it can seem like there should be a manual explaining all the different terms. As more countries legalize marijuana use, both medicinally and recreationally, more and more cannabis products are becoming available.

It can make knowing what is what difficult. Dabs, extracts, and oils are no exception. What makes it even more confusing? There is some overlap between terms. 

Discover what these different terms mean and the best way to enjoy each marijuana product associated with them.

A Look at Marijuana Extracts

Perhaps the best place to start is looking at marijuana extracts. The term “extract” is often used interchangeably with “concentrates.” But they should not be. While extracts are a type of concentrate, concentrates are not extracts. And “extract” may not only refer to a marijuana product, but it can also refer to the process in which certain compounds are taken from a plant.

Marijuana extracts fall under the concentrate umbrella. They are a type of concentrate made with the help of solvents such as alcohol, butane, and carbon dioxide, among others. To be an extract, the product must be created exclusively through the use of a solvent. Depending on their handling after, they can take many forms.

Popular extracts include:

  • Crumble, which is dry and crumbly
  • Wax, a sticky substance with a stretchy texture
  • Shatter, which is brittle and easy to snap

However, a concentrate is created without the use of solvents. Concentrates are made by removing the most effective compounds from a cannabis plant to make a “concentrated” form of the cannabinoids and terpenes responsible for the high associated with marijuana use. This is done using mechanical or physical processes.

It is also important to note that extracts will contain high levels of cannabinoids like THC and CBD, which is one reason they are so popular. Those looking for a powerful high will find extracts (and concentrates) to be a good option.

What Are Dabs

What Are Dabs?

Dabs are a concentrated form of marijuana created using solvents, which makes them technically an extract. They contain very high amounts of THC, ranging between 70 percent and 99 percent. 

Dabs may go by other names, depending on their consistency once they are created. So, you may end up with shatter, BHO, and even wax. 

To ingest a dab is to smoke it. To smoke a dab, the product must be heated on a hot surface (usually called a nail). The resulting vapour is then inhaled through a dab rig, making the process of dabbing similar to that of smoking from a bong

A dab rig, sometimes called an oil rig, is a specifically designed glass bong. The difference between this and a bong is that the bowl for holding the product features a nail, which heats the product. 

The biggest reasons weed users turn to dabs is because they offer an intense high. Due to their high THC levels, users will not only have an intense high, but it will also hit quickly.

Marijuana Oils: A Closer Look

Cannabis oils are seeing an increase in popularity, thanks to their versatility. Oil products refer to ultra-concentrated cannabis extracts. 

Raw oils contain high concentrations of THC and CBD, as well as other compounds (like terpenes) that marijuana plants naturally produce. Cannabis oils are created by extracting THC and CBD from plants using alcohol. 

Oils have many different uses and are available in different forms. Users can buy:

  • THC oil, which contains pure THC that gives an incredible high.
  • CBD oil, which is pure CBD offering relaxing effects without the high feeling THC provides. 

There are many different ways of taking oil as well. Pure oils can be taken sublingually by applying a drop under the tongue. This method is the most effective way to take cannabis oil as the effects come almost immediately. 

Some users add cannabis oil to their food or drink. Place a drop or two on your favourite meal or in your beverage. Because the body needs time to process any oil eaten or drank, be sure to allow it time to work. 

When consuming oil as part of your food or drink, it is essential to note that oils can come in different flavours. Be sure to choose an oil that will complement your meal or select an unflavoured cannabis oil to go with your food. 

Finally, CBD and THC oils are also available in cartridges. These vaporizer cartridges are for use with an e-cigarette. Remember to choose a cartridge that contains the type of oil you want, and in the flavour you desire. 

Why Choose Extracts and Concentrates

Why Choose Extracts and Concentrates?

Marijuana extracts and concentrates (including dab products and oils) are appealing for many reasons. But, perhaps the biggest selling point is their potency. Dabs and oils, and marijuana extracts in general, all contain high levels of cannabinoids, providing users with powerful and fast-acting effects

Some extracts also offer an alternative to smoking marijuana. Though some oils and dabs are intended to be smoked, some are designed to be eaten or even applied to the skin. These options are appealing to those who are ill or have lung issues. 

In Conclusion

Extract, dabs, and oils are all common words in the marijuana world. But, without knowing what they all mean, many users may find themselves confused and unsure what products they want to try and purchase. 

Remember, when trying new marijuana products of any kind, it is important to start your dose low and increase it slowly. Allow time for the effects to be felt (longer for products that are ingested, faster for things like oils and dabs) before taking more. 

Because THC content can be so high, some beginners may be better off starting with CBD oils and products or smoking weed as these have no THC or much lower amounts. 

While the sheer amount of marijuana products available can be overwhelming, hopefully, now you have some idea what all the different products are.

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