What is Shatter and How to Use It

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From cannabis strains to marijuana tinctures, there are now so many ways to legally enjoy marijuana that it’s hard to keep up. However, every cannabis lover should try cannabis concentrates at least once.

Concentrates compress marijuana into a much more potent and concentrated form. A small amount of concentrate can have super high THC levels, much stronger than most cannabis strains. These come in many forms, but one of the most popular is shatter. So what is shatter? Here’s a guide on shatter and how to use it.

What is Shatter?

Shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate that often looks like a glass sheet of cheddar cheese. It’s a hard, yellowish substance with holes in it that shatters much like a piece of glass if you crack it. Shatter can come from many strains and is known for having very high levels of THC.

It’s made using a solvent-based process which extracts high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis plants. As such, it’s an extremely potent product and even a small amount can give you an intense high. While most marijuana strains contain around 15-25% THC, shatter usually contains levels of 70% or higher.

Many users opt to buy shatter over marijuana or other products due to its high potency. There are many ways to use it, and you only need a very small amount to enjoy a powerful and long-lasting high. It’s easy to break up into small dosages and you can smoke, vape or dab it.

How to Use Shatter

How to Use Shatter

As with most other cannabis concentrates, there are a few different ways to use shatter. These different methods will often make a slight difference in how you experience the effects. However, all of them are effective and can get you very high.

It’s easy to break up shatter either with your fingers or by burning a small amount off. Generally, you will only need to use small pieces to get the desired effects.

The best way to use shatter is with a dab rig or oil rig. This is a piece of equipment similar to a bong that has a metal nail and blow torch. It’s designed to get the most potential out of cannabis concentrates. To use shatter with a dab rig, simply apply a small amount to the nail and light it with the blow torch. You can then inhale to get an extremely potent hit of shatter. The effects are instant and can last for many hours.

You can also use shatter in a vape pen or vaporizer. However, make sure that your vape is designed for use with concentrates. Many vapes nowadays have interchangeable chambers which allow for the use of concentrates. This makes it easy to simply apply a small amount of shatter into the chamber, press the button to heat it up, and inhale the vapor.

While it’s not necessarily the best method to use it, you can also simply smoke shatter. When you roll a joint, you can sprinkle small amounts of shatter in with the herbs. This will give you a much stronger high. The same applies to smoking in a bong or pipe. However, you must mix it with weed as shatter on its own will not burn well.

Where to Buy Shatter

Users all across Canada can now legally try out shatter for themselves. You can find it in many marijuana stores. However, most users will find it easier to buy shatter online. Get Kush offers a range of high-quality shatter in various strains. Here are some of the best shatter strains to check out.

Bruce Banner Shatter – This powerful strain packs an even harder punch in shatter form. Bruce Banner is known for its high THC content and mentally stimulating effects. It’ll make you feel happy, euphoric, and energetic.

Godfather OG Shatter – Godfather OG is a popular medical strain thanks to the powerful sedative indica effects. Those who need help for pain, inflammation, and insomnia will love this potent indica strain. In shatter form, it’s even more potent and can give you some incredibly relaxing effects for both the body and mind.

Lemon Skunk Shatter – Lemon Skunk is a hybrid strain that’s known for its delicious skunky citrus taste and uplifting high. It’s a powerful mood booster that will make you feel happy, euphoric, and ready to take on the day. It also has some soothing indica effects which will help relax your body and relieve you of any pain or physical tension.

Raspberry Cough Shatter – If you want to experience the invigorating effects of Raspberry Cough at its full potential, this Raspberry Cough shatter is perfect. This is a potent sativa strain that will give you a clear-headed, productive high that’s ideal for daytime use.

Alternatives to Shatter

Alternatives to Shatter

When it comes to potent concentrates, shatter is one of the best choices. However, if you prefer something different, there’s a lot to choose from. Whether you need a different kind of concentrate or a different product altogether, here are some alternatives to cannabis shatter.

Hash – Hash is another kind of concentrate made by compressing the resin from cannabis. It comes in the form of a brick which can be crumbled apart and used in joints, vaporizers or dab rigs.

Edibles – Marijuana edibles can give you an even more powerful high than shatter. When you take a marijuana edible, it’s converted into 11-hydroxy-THC, a stronger form with intense effects. Bear in mind that edibles take a couple of hours to kick in, but when they do, the effects last for many hours.

Flower – Of course, you can always stick to regular weed. There are all kinds of flower strains which can deliver different tastes and effects. While they’re not as potent as concentrates, they can be just as enjoyable.


If you want a cannabis concentrate with heavy effects, you’ll want to try shatter. With super high THC levels, you can get long-lasting effects from just a small amount. While many will enjoy the recreational effects, it can also help with pain, inflammation, stress, and other medical symptoms and conditions.

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