What does THC do?

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Written and Fact Checked by S. Zulfiqar

If you’re wondering what the cannabis plant is all about and what does weed does, you’re not alone. It’s natural to feel more interested to know about the plant, especially after its being legalized in Canada. Because of obvious reasons, cannabis is getting a lot more attention, as it should, because it’s one of those natural plants that have been in the use of humans for centuries, if not more than that. So don’t think you’re the only one that’s searching the internet for this matter. Go through the rest of the article to know all that you need to know about the plant, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

What is THC?

Whenever you read about THC, you must have gone through the word CBD as well. Although they might seem to be similar as both of them are found in the same plant, and that’s understandable, they aren’t so alike. Both are unique and have their properties and effects. So to understand THC, you must also learn about CBD. They both go hand in hand.

With that said, let’s start from the basics; the cannabis plant mainly consists of two major compounds, i.e. cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol (CBD and THC, respectively). Although the plant is full of different compounds that have their unique properties and aromas, these two remain the center of attention for the majority of people. You will know why soon.

The cannabis plant has chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. As of today, more than 100 different compounds have been identified in the various strains of this plant. CBD and THC are the top two most common cannabinoids that are found in all cannabis and cannabis-infused products. Also, they are found in both marijuana and hemp as well.

What Does Marijuana Do & How Does THC Give You the High?

It’s considered that marijuana contains more THC than hemp does. In contrast, hemp has more CBD than THC. Both of these compounds react with the neurotransmitters that are present in our brains, and they have a pretty decent effect on our sleep, pain, and mood, etc.

Perhaps the most crucial difference between the two compounds is that THC is responsible for the high. That means that it’s the principal psychoactive compound that’s found in the plant. While CBD is also found in the same plant, it doesn’t make you high.

Generally, two types of cannabinoid receptors are found in human bodies. The compound that usually binds with this receptor is THC. These receptors react with our brains and are the ones that cause an impact and control things like sleep, pain, mood, and other similar feelings. In other words, THC is the compound that makes the consumer feel high and gives them euphoric feelings.

On the other hand, CBD doesn’t make the consumer high. It has its list of potential health benefits as it’s being used to manage several conditions but being high isn’t one of them.

Watch Out – THC is not Rainbows and Sunshine

With that said, not everybody has pleasant experiences with marijuana. There have been a lot of cases in which the consumers feel uncomfortable using weed or marijuana. For example, smoking pot may worsen the conditions like depression and panic. Using such drugs can also make one see or hear things that aren’t there. The scientists and the researchers are not sure why this happens, but it happens. More research needs to be done to understand why such things happen and to whom they happen more frequently.

Let’s take a look at the effects that THC and CBD may have on consumers. THC may cause:

  •         Vomiting
  •         Increased heart rate
  •         Dry mouth
  •         Dizziness
  •         Red eyes
  •         Lack of concentration
  •         Problems with keeping balance
  •         Drowsiness
  •         Slower reaction times
  •         Anxiety
  •         Memory

While consuming CBD, one may feel:

  •         Nausea
  •         Fatigue
  •         Tiredness
  •         Weight loss
  •         Changes in appetite
  •         Dizziness
  •         Upset stomach
  •         Diarrhea
  •         Low blood pressure
  •         Crankiness

Remember THC is for Pleasure; CBD is for Medical

So if you’re looking to have a fun time with your mates, you should pick a product that’s rich in THC. Again, it’s because THC will give you the euphoric and high feelings that you are looking for. Using a CBD product and not getting high should not be something surprising for you. There are a lot of products and different strains that have high levels of THC. Take a look at the products available as you’re planning to buy them.

Similarly, if you’re looking to get potential overall health benefits only, you might want to stay from products that contain THC. Buy CBD-infused products only. There are a lot of CBD products that are available in the market. CBD oil, for example, is a great way to add the goodness of CBD to our bodies. They can be added to our diets in the form of edibles or smoked through vaporizers (vapes – vape pens) or ingested by placing a few drops under our tongue.

The difference is clear, but people often confuse both these compounds (THC and CBD) and then complain about how it doesn’t work on them. Sit back and understand the difference before you pick the product of your choice.

To Wrap it Up

Last but not least, it’s often considered a good idea to try new things and get it all mixed up, but here’s what you should remember. Always take a slow start as you would not want to overdo the situation. In case you do, you will spoil all the fun and other things that may follow, and that can be a nightmare. So the first thing to remember is to not overdo the dose of your drug.

Secondly, notice the strains that give you pleasant feelings. If you’ve read somewhere that a specific type of strain will make you jump off your couch, and you’ll feel energetic, and you consume it to find out that it doesn’t, it doesn’t work on you like that. Our bodies are different, and they react differently in different conditions. So try different strains before you make up your mind. See what suits you and gives you the ultimate satisfaction or pleasure or both because, after all, you’re the one to decide what suits you the best.

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