Utilizing Weedmaps Before Purchasing Cannabis

weedsmart_image_Utilizing Weedmaps Before Purchasing Cannabis
Image Credit: Weedmaps Cannabis laws are always changing and vary in each state, making the process for purchasing legal weed a bit frustrating. Luckily, there are resources available to cannabis enthusiasts that make this process much simpler — and more fun. There are many problems customers face when ready to purchase cannabis. Whether you’re unsure if it’s legal in your area, trying to figure out the closest dispensary, looking for a specific brand, or are interested in delivery, having a resource that can put all the information in one place would be ideal — that’s where Weedmaps will become your best friend. Weedmaps has grown in popularity as it gives its visitors every bit of information needed to not just buy cannabis, but buy the best product suited to you. Say goodbye to walking into a dispensary just to waste your time because they didn’t have what you were looking for — and say hello to more effective shopping.

Getting Started With Weedmaps

Before you begin researching and shopping through the site, I would suggest creating an account so you can keep track of your history. Signing up is very simple and takes seconds — you can register with your Facebook or Google account and you’ll only need to create a username. Once your profile is created, you can update your birthdate and add other information like address and a government-issued ID if you plan on ordering delivery, but more on that later. Please note that you must be 21 years of age or older to be granted access to any features on the Weedmaps website. From there, you’re ready to start browsing through the many great features of the site!

Finding A Dispensary

You’ll notice at the top of the page a search bar that will allow you to input your address or city that you’re inquiring about. After completing the search, you will be given several options to choose from in your area. If nothing shows up, you’ll have to refine your search to a different area. You’ll see several bits of information here, including the dispensary name, their star rating by other customers, the number of reviews, and whether it is currently open or closed. You’ll also be given a map of the surrounding area to give you a visual of where the closest dispensaries are located (similar to Google Maps). By clicking on a dispensary, it will take you to their “storefront” where you can view more information. It will tell you their address, phone number, email, hours of operation, whether they sell recreational or medicinal products, their current menu (usually updated daily), and in-depth looks at the reviews. This will allow you to decide if this dispensary can provide your needs without having to physically go anywhere. You can even follow dispensaries to easily find them later, but only if you created an account. Due to law restrictions, Weedmaps is very particular about who gets listed on their site. You can rest easy knowing that these are reputable retailers that won’t get you in trouble as long as you follow the laws applicable in your state.

Want Delivery? No Problem

The days of going out and physically shopping seems to be wasting away as technology continues to offer innovative ways of getting the product to the customer. You can purchase something from Amazon and get it delivered in two days. You can order fast food and have it at your door in under an hour. Same with groceries. It’s only right that the cannabis industry follows suit — and they have. Although not all dispensaries offer delivery, it’s becoming more and more popular as companies try to gain an edge over others. You can find the dispensaries that offer this by using the filter options during your search or by visiting the “Deliveries” tab on the menu. If available, you’ll be able to browse their menu (these ones are usually updated by the hour) and add items to your cart. By using the filters on the left sidebar, you can sift through the variety of products in stock including flower, wax, edibles, drinks, topicals, tinctures, prerolls, etc. There will normally be a minimum purchase amount in order (around $25) to fulfill a delivery and a fee will be attached (around $10). Standard tax is applicable as well.

Searching For a Specific Brand?

If you’re not new to this and already know what kind of product or strain you’re looking for, Weedmaps provides an easy way to find it in your area. Much like you did for finding a dispensary, finding your favorite brands is just one click away. This will save you a lot of time instead of having to go into the store or call them and ask if they have a certain brand. You might even find a product made by your favorite brand that you haven’t tried yet. Head over to the “Products” tab and look at the featured brands or search for your own. It’s great to know what’s out there and Weedmaps makes it easy to find.

Looking For Deals?

If you’ve been to a dispensary lately, you’ll notice they’re quite generous with the deals, savings, and rewards. Weedmaps has a tab dedicated to store-specific deals so you can walk into the dispensary prepared. The “Deals” tab will be found in the “storefront” for each dispensary. You can find this by clicking on a dispensary during your search. Many dispensaries offer promos and deals to new customers, so don’t be shy and check out all the locations in your area. Weedmaps is making the buying process easier, so why not save some money while you’re at it.

The Best Part About Weedmaps

One of my favorite parts of Weedmaps is the fact they give you more than just shopping resources. They also offer educational resources for those looking to learn more about cannabis and the industry. Found in the “Learn” tab, you’ll see plenty of articles dedicated to providing you tips, tricks, how-to’s, news stories, and various updates within the industry. This section truly makes Weedmaps a one-stop-shop for anyone that enjoys cannabis. Don’t hesitate, sign up today by clicking here and make your life that much easier when it comes to finding your favorite cannabis products.

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