2018 Top shatter strains of the year

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This year meant a significant improvement for marijuana market, it also meant the expansion of offer and related products. Marijuana is not only the flower you smoke, this plant is so generous that you can also get other products dependending on your needs ant taste.

If you don’t know the difference between kief, wax, hash and shatter, here is a quick guide.


What is shatter?


Shatter is a special type of BHO (hash oil extracted with butane) all BHOs use butane (a liquefied gas) as a solvent to extract cannabinoids and terpenes (to a lesser extent) from the plant material of cannabis.

It has a golden color and is a hard, glass-like consistency, which is usually shattered when dropped on the ground.

Extracts started with a need, they were thought to be stronger, more convenient, and easier to use discreetly.

While shatter is a relatively recent development when it comes to cannabis consumption, its roots can be traced back to the old practice of hashish production. In the late 1990s, the cannabis concentrate production was refined, and what is now known as shatter was first produced.

How to use it? Concentrates with the shatter consistency can be converted to budder by simply whipping the concentrate on a hot plate. Also, shatter shards can be mixed with flower inside joints before rolling.

It’s important to take care of it. When stored improperly, shatter can break down and lose its initial consistency, flavor or potency. To prevent this, shatter should always be stored in an airtight and light-proof container.


Top shatter strains of the year

Chunky Diesel

This is a sativa dominant hybrid, aka “Chunky D”. It’s THC level as shatter can get up to 78.86%.

Chunky Diesel comes from the mix between  Deep Chunk (a robust indica straight out of 1970) and Sour Diesel.

According to some users, the effect is energetic, cerebral and clear- headed w/ more physical effects with increased dose/temp.

Its flavor is defined as chocolate,spicy and sweet.

It can help with depression, fatigue, nausea while concurrently improving mood.

Lamb’s Breath

Sativa dominant It’s THC level can get up to 81.6%

The origins of this plant are found in Jamaica and the stories claim that even Bob Marley enjoyed the wonders of this gem of cannabis.

Sour Flo

This is a sativa dominant hybrid. It’s THC level can get up to 80.18%.

According to some reviews, this strain will leave users feeling pleasant relaxation that encourages focus and creativity. The flavors reported are: diesel, earthy, lime.

The White

It’s origin of the flower is unknown, in the beginning is was identified as “Triangle” however we know it’s an hybrid and it’s THC level as shatter can get up to 88.34%.

The high is described as a true hybrid effect with equal body and head sensation, and very potent.


This is an indica dominant hybrid. It comes from the mix between Strawberry Cough and Bubba Kush. As shatter, it’s THC level can get up to 84.69%.

It improves happiness, energy and creativity.


Denver Maple

This is an indica dominant. It’s THC level can get up to 83.82% as shatter.

Its effects are described as relaxed, sleepy and uplifted. As its name suggest, Denver Maple can carry a sweet, maple-like flavor.

In 2014, this strain that took 3rd place in Denver Cannabis Cup.


White Fire

This is an indica dominant hybrid, aka “Wifi”. It comes from the mix between Fire OG and The White. White Fire is often chosen by patients to treat anxiety and depression, cancer, glaucoma, pain, and appetite loss.

As shatter, it’s THC level can get up to 76.84%


Sour Diesel

Sativa dominant. It’s also identified as “Sour D”. Its origins are related to a Grateful Dead concert. Seeds from the show were later combined with Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91, resulting in a pungently scented bud.

It’s great for concerts or working out, but not necessarily for a day at the office. Sour Diesel is reported to help with depression, PTSD and ADD.

As shatter, it’s THC level can get up to 81.15%

Jack Herer

Sativa dominant cannabis strain that has earned its fame thanks to its namesake, pro-cannabis American activist and author of “The Emperor Worn No Clothes”. It can be easily identified because it looks like a Christmas tree.

It’s THC level can get up to 77.83% as shatter.



This is a sativa dominant hybrid. As flower, is Bred by Dutch Passion, is a cross-breed of Afghani Indica and Purple Thai. It was the #1 rated winner of the 1996 Cannabis Cup.

As shatter, it’s THC level can get up to 72.52%.

Planning to grow your own? Flower time is generally around 50 to 55 days.


Have you tried them? Which one would you recommend? Comment bellow!


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