Top Reasons Why CBD Oil is So Popular in Canada


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When it comes to natural therapeutics, few things can compare with cannabidiol (CBD). In 2020 the global CBD market was about $534 million and is looking to reach over $4.2 billion by the time 2026 comes to a close. But why is this substance taking the world by storm so quickly? In this article, we will focus on cannabidiol oil, and we’ll outline the top reasons why CBD oil is so popular in Canada

CBD has the reputation of being relatively safe, which is a significant reason it is legal to use throughout Canada. Also, an increasing number of benefits and uses that help enhance a user’s life make CBD oil a desirable remedy for many people. The increased demand resulted in a long list of various CBD products, including a wide variety of top-grade cannabidiol oil. 

So what is making cannabidiol such a sought-after commodity in the alternative medication industry? Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why cannabidiol oil is so prevalent in Canada. But before we begin, it is essential to note that we are not medical physicians, and you should always discuss with your family doctor if you are thinking of adding CBD oil to your life. 


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Legality & Safety of CBD

The primary reason why CBD oil is so popular in Canada is that cannabidiol is legal for medical and recreational use. The legality of cannabidiol helps open up the door for many Canadians to have easy access to a wide range of reliable and quality products. The easing of CBD’s rules and regulations shows the public that the benefits likely outweigh any associated risks. 

Furthermore, many studies detail the level of safety of CBD. You can even find a report by the World Health Organization deeming CBD to be relatively safe with a low risk for abuse. The backing from the World Health Organization surely helps ease the minds of anyone wondering how safe cannabidiol is to take.


Therapeutic Benefits & Uses of CBD

People typically take CBD to promote overall health and well-being and relief from various conditions. The primary reason why CBD oil is so popular in Canada is the therapeutic benefits it provides consumers. Cannabidiol works by influencing the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The body’s ECS is responsible for a wide range of processes, including pain, stress, memory, and appetite. Furthermore, CBD is known to provide users with a soothing sensation when you apply it externally to the skin. Let’s take a look at some of the uses that make CBD oil so popular in Canada.

The Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management journal reports that CBD correlates with relief from anxiety, stress, depression, or pain. It is for these reasons that CBD oil is so popular in Canada.  The list doesn’t stop there, as consumers commonly take cannabidiol for many other reasons. For one, many users take CBD oil to reduce symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. Others take cannabidiol as a replacement for other more dangerous addictions such as alcoholism and opiate abuse. 

Many people even use CBD oil as a topical product to apply to their skin as a remedy. CBD oils used as a topical effectively provide relief from muscle aches and can even treat acne. Whatever the case, the uses of CBD are growing with each passing day.


Wide Variety of CBD Oils

Did you know that not all CBD oil is the same and comes in different forms? The diverse selection of cannabidiol products plays a significant role in why CBD oil is so popular in Canada. For example, you can find oils with only cannabidiol, oils with CBD and THC, and other products that contain CBD oil. 

It is essential to understand the differences between different CBD oils because the effects can vary greatly. We cannot stress enough to read the product information and labelling to ensure you have the correct type of cannabidiol oil. If at any time you are unsure, we recommend contacting your CBD dispensary’s customer support and asking to be sure. The good thing is that it is usually clearly displayed what is inside the oil in question.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common forms of CBD oil in Canada. 

Different Types of CBD Oil

Pure CBD Oil

If you are looking for oil containing only CBD, you want to choose a product that clearly states this characteristic. You want to make sure the CBD oil doesn’t have any THC to prevent getting high intentionally. That is especially the case if you do not wish for high traces of THC to be in your system.

You can take CBD oil by placing the appropriate dose on or under your tongue for best absorption. You will not experience any of the intoxicating effects we usually associate with cannabis because CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that does not get users high. 


Full Spectrum CBD Oil

If you want to experience the psychoactive effects users commonly attribute to cannabis, then full-spectrum CBD oil is for you. These products contain a proportion of CBD and THC and come in various cannabinoid concentrations. It is widely known that THC and CBD work together to provide a balanced set of effects. 

Just be sure that you understand that full-spectrum CBD oil does cause intoxication, unlike pure CBD oils. The more THC concentration, the more intoxicating the product will be. 


Other Products Containing CBD Oil

You can use CBD oil to make other cannabidiol products, such as CBD edibles. Many people infuse extracted CBD oil with food items to create items such as CBD gummies and CBD chocolates. It is also common for users to add CBD oil to baked edibles such as cookies and brownies. Being able to mix cannabidiol with tasty treats is another reason why CBD oil is so popular in Canada.

You can also find cannabidiol oil in products such as CBD capsules, where producers add a set dose of oil into soft-gel caps. CBD oil is also the main ingredient that consumers take when vaping cannabidiol products.


Product Availability & Quality

The availability of products is another reason why CBD oil is so popular in Canada. Every dispensary you visit, you will find a massive selection of CBD products. There are also thousands of dispensaries that you can find CBD oil, making them widely avoidable across Canada. However, the quality of products and services differs significantly amongst cannabidiol sources. 

We highly recommend selecting a trusted source to be sure you will receive top-grade products that will provide the best set of effects possible. By choosing a reliable CBD dispensary, the chances are good that you will get uncontaminated CBD oil from some of the most trusted CBD brands in Canada.  The good news is that the increase in demand led to a rise in supply, and as a result, there is a larger pool of quality products in the market. 


Word of Mouth

Another driving force behind why CBD oil is so popular in Canada is the exposure cannabidiol gets from regular users. It only helps that CBD has support from well-known celebrities such as Tommy Chong, Martha Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg, Willie Nelson, Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Aniston,  Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Montel Williams, Olivia Newton-John, Kristen Bell, Drake, Seth Rogen, Gweneth Paltrow, Michael J Fox, Kim Kardashian, and of course Snoop Dogg. The list of CBD supporters doesn’t end there as many people worldwide enhance their lives using CBD.  

In addition to famous people, the CBD community, in general, has many positive accounts of first-hand experiences using CBD oil. Furthermore, CBD affects people differently, and everyone has their own stories to share. Be sure to take a look at customer reviewers before you buy CBD oil online in Canada. Customer feedback is always an excellent shortcut to find the best CBD oil in Canada. For the most reliable reviews, you can visit independent websites such as, WeedMaps, and Leafly.  There you can also find listings of trusted CBD stores.  


In Conclusion of why CBD Oil is Popular in Canada

Cannabidiol oil is popular in Canada for many reasons, and the list continues to grow as researchers conduct more studies and more we learn about this wonder drug. 

The legality, safety, benefits, uses, variety, availability, quality, and positive word of mouth contribute to making CBD a popular choice for an increasing user base. 

So what do you like most about CBD oil, and what are the benefits that it brings to your life?



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