Top 3 Best Detox Drink for Drug Test

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Some workplaces demand that their employees pass some occasional drug tests. This is not to mean that you have to give up your weed entirely. If you take it during your free time and away from work, you should stay out of trouble. But, unlike many other recreational drugs, weed tends to stay in your system longer. 

By far, weed is among the safest drugs taken for recreation. Despite the growing appreciation for marijuana, some bosses are still uptight about it. Many employees have to go through and pass a drug test during hiring or when conducting routine checks. 

However, the body processes marijuana differently than other recreational substances, binding it to fat deposits around your body. So, even when you only felt high for a few hours, marijuana may be found in your bloodstream weeks later. 

If you get high frequently, passing a drug test may seem impossible. However, we can help you beat the system. There are some store-bought detox drinks that will flush the weed out of your system. However, some of the best options are things you probably already have at home. 

1. Lemon Water 

Lemon water is a simple, classic drink, but it is still one of the top detox drinks. This option only consists of water and some pure lemon juice. Lemon is preferred for its acidic properties. It flushes the weed from your system as a grease stripper would to stains in your cooking pans. Lemon contains phytonutrients that have antibiotic and antioxidant properties. 

Fortunately, you do not have to buy a pound of the fruits and squeeze them into a glass all day. Just squeeze a half a lemon into a glass of water, about 16 ounces, and sip it slowly for the next few hours. The mixture dilutes the lemon juice to bring down its intense sour taste and allows you to increase your fluid intake. As the water goes through your system, your body is encouraged to get rid of toxins. Since the goal is to cleanse your system, cleanse your body, taking the “shampoo” approach. You need to lather, rinse, and repeat. Drink the lemon water seven to eight times before taking the test, including on the day of the test. 

Cranberry Juice

2. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is popular in the weed community for its detoxifying abilities. Before the manufactured detox drinks and pills hit the market, weed takers knew that the best way to pass a drug test is to take cranberry juice. It remains one of the most effective natural methods. 

Cranberries have potent phytochemicals, including flavanols, anthocyanins, phenolic acid, and flavan-3-0ls that produce anti-toxin, anti-inflammatory, and cleansing effects. When taken a few days before the test, the juice cleanses your system and eliminates any marijuana traces

Cranberry juice is preferred because it is a natural detox option. It does not work by masking or hiding the THC in the system, like some manufactured options. Instead, it thoroughly wipes out the marijuana content in your system, leaving you drug-free. 

The best way to take the juice is to mix it with lots of water. Some people even add it to a drink that contains electrolytes, like a sports drink. Since you will be diluting the cranberry juice, you need to get the kind that is 100 percent pure. Most cranberry juice concentrates on the shelves today are laced with sugar and other contents that reduce the cranberry’s effectiveness. Get the real stuff and add it to water. Although this will make you pee more often than usual, the more you pee, the cleaner your system gets. 

Pure cranberry juice can have other positive effects. It may help flush the lymphatic system, the kidneys, and the toxins from your intestines. It may also bring down the symptoms of minor urinary tract infections. 

The pros go a step further and add vitamin B supplement pills to their detox regime. Taken a day or two before the test, the supplement pills restore some colour to your piss. This helps because due to high water intake, your pee will be watered down and colourless. With some colour added, your sample will look natural and less likely to raise an eyebrow. 

3. Water 

Most times in life, you will do well if you just keep it simple. Some people can’t stand the acidity of lemon juice, while others do not like cranberry juice. In this case, the solution is water — plain old water. You only need to master the quantity and timing. 

Flushing your body with water is the ideal solution for when you have to take a drug test on short notice. The trick is simple; take a litre of water 30 minutes before the scheduled test. Optimistically, when you pee, only streams of water will be gushing into the pee cup. Even if they are suspicious of you, it won’t matter because many people like to hydrate all day. You could be one of them. Since your pee is mostly water, it will test negative for THC. Only avoid going to pee earlier and hold yourself tight, so you don’t pee your pants. 

Once the test is done, take a sports drink or other electrolyte supplements. Taking in too much water in one sitting may cause water intoxication, which could be fatal. 

Stick to the Natural

Stick to the Natural 

All three remedies above are natural, affordable, and available. Instead of relying on one detox drink, some people combine the three. The combination flushes out the weed traces and other toxins. However, at the end of the day, there is no sure-fire way to beat a drug test all the time. The best way is to stop consuming weed early enough and to hydrate with natural diuretics. Include an electrolyte drink or powder to restore balance to your system. Follow it up with lots of exercise and get your body’s metabolism as high as possible. The idea is to cause your system to burn and flush out as many toxins as possible. Once you do this religiously, for about a week or so, go for your test and hope for the best.

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