Top 10 Best Marijuana Strains for Pain Relief

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A common reason that people use cannabis is to relieve pain. That might be from headaches, inflammation, cramps, spinal injuries, or muscle soreness. People believe that after using cannabis, they may experience less discomfort. The results will vary depending on their biology, the pain’s intensity, and what kind of pain it is.

What to Look for in a Strain

When you’re looking for the right strain, look for ones that have a balance of CBD and THC. It is also a good idea to look for a strain that has caryophyllene, which is a terpene. Some research suggests that caryophyllene may help relieve pain. In one study, the researchers injected caryophyllene into mice. They noted that those mice did not experience as much pain as the mice that received a control substance. 

The study also suggested that caryophyllene may enhance low doses of morphine, which can reduce pain. That might be why people who need opioids can decrease the dose once they start to use medical marijuana. 

Caryophyllene might also be a good option for helping reduce inflammation in the digestive tract. Inflammation can be one cause of pain. One example of an inflammatory disease is colitis. In this condition, the intestines become inflamed, and that causes abdominal cramping, diarrhea, and pain. One study looked at mice that had colitis. They were given caryophyllene, which helped decrease the colon’s inflammation.

Look at Your Options 

If you want to feel the effects rapidly, you can try smoking or vaping. But it is also good to look at your other options. For example, consider edibles, which last a long time and might be a good option for taking early in the day. You can also look into topicals, which can offer localized effects. Concentrates offer even stronger results.


The primary terpenes in this strain include caryophyllene, pinene, and myrcene. It is dominant in CBD, which may offer relaxing effects. ACDC can help you get physical relief and reduce the chances of euphoria. That makes it a good solution if you need to stay productive, focused, and sharp.

Blackberry Kush

2. Blackberry Kush

The most noticeable terpenes in this strain are caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. It is heavily dominant in THC, which can put your mind in a blissful, dreamy euphoria and stop you from thinking about your pain. It has sweet notes of berry flavours, which can put you in an entirely new mindset.

3. Harlequin

If you want something that can dull your pain without making your mind foggy, try Harlequin. The primary terpenes are pinene, caryophyllene, and myrcene. It is higher in CBD than many other strains, and it has clear-headed, uplifting effects. Since it is not as intoxicating, you can use it during the daytime when you need to be alert.

4. The White

This prolific hybrid strain has caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene as its primary terpenes, and it is dominant in THC. It is known for its thick white coating of crystal resin on the outside, which is how it got its name. Many marijuana users who experience pain use this strain. One of the reasons for this may be because it has high levels of caryophyllene. Plus, there are plenty of cannabinoids in it.

5. Blueberry Headband

With high levels of THC, this strain will go right to your head. There is not enough research to determine what its primary terpenes are. But this strain is considered “cerebral,” which means it will affect your head. If you have headaches, Blueberry Headband might be for you. You also might like the berry flavour.

6. CBD Critical Mass

The primary terpenes in this strain are caryophyllene, pinene, and myrcene. Because of how balanced the THC and CBD are, you might be able to quickly get rid of inflammation and pain. Users say this strain offers relief and only a slight feeling of euphoria.

7. Master Kush

The primary terpenes in this strain are limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene. THC is dominant, and it comes from Afghanistan. People who have pain choose this strain often because of how potent it is. It has a thick layer of trichomes on the outside of each of the buds. It can help your mind feel relaxed, which can be helpful for people who are frustrated with the amount of pain they have.

Sour Diesel 

8. Sour Diesel 

If you are looking for a sativa strain, then look for Sour Diesel. This is a popular strain for a good reason. It gives you a mindful high while helping you to feel uplifted. That makes it easy for you to take your mind off of your ailments. 

The strain lets you keep functioning during your day and prevents you from feeling couch-locked. Because of how popular it is, you can likely find it in many different forms. So, if you wanted to try a topical or a concentrate, there is likely a Sour Diesel one out there.

9. Northern Lights

If you would rather have an indicia strain, look for Northern Lights. It might help you to feel more relaxed and allow your pain to become numb. However, you will want to save this one for closer to the evening because of its heavily sedative effects.

10. Cataract Kush

This potent strain can offer powerful effects. It acts quickly, and many people who have back pain or spinal injuries choose Cataract Kush. But since it is so potent, you will likely want to try one of the other strains on this list before going with Cataract Kush.

Closing Thoughts

While the research is still limited, there are studies that suggest that cannabis may help some people who suffer from pain. It may also help you to feel more relaxed, which can take your mind off of things. Look for strains that have high levels of the terpene caryophyllene in them. Don’t forget to consult with your doctor before trying marijuana, especially if you have health conditions.

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