The Best Types of Containers for Keeping Your Weed Fresh

weedsmart_image_The Best Types of Containers for Keeping Your Weed Fresh

Got a big stash of weed but not sure how to store it? While keeping it in a regular old baggie is one option, it’s far from the best. Studies suggest that weed can degrade at a rate of about 17% a year, but taking measures to store it properly can prolong the life and the potency of your weed. That involves choosing the right places to store your weed and using the best types of containers to keep your weed fresh.

You’ll notice there are plenty of weed containers and stash boxes available in smoke shops and online. However, some are significantly better than others. Choosing the right kind of container to keep your weed can make a difference when it comes to having fresh, potent, and long-lasting weed. Here’s a guide on the best containers for storing your weed.

Mason Jars

When it comes to convenient cannabis containers, nothing beats the good old fashioned glass jar. Glass jars are perfect for keeping your weed all in one place while also keeping it safe from excess heat and moisture. As long as you store your jars properly, you can keep your weed extra fresh for a vast amount of time.

One of the best kinds of containers to use to store your weed is a classic Mason Jar. These jars benefit from airtight sealable tops which will keep your weed nice and fresh inside while also keeping moisture outside. Make sure you clean your Mason Jar and dry it thoroughly before storing your weed. When you do, fill it close to the top to avoid excess oxygen- too much can damage your weed.

It’s also important to keep your glass jars in the right place. Storing them somewhere where they’re exposed to sunlight can ruin your weed by letting in too much heat and light. Keep your containers in a cool, dry place such as a drawer or cupboard to keep it safe and fresh for as long as possible.

Mason Jars

Cannabis Humidors

Cannabis humidors are by far one of the best types of containers for keeping your weed fresh. These handy little stash boxes are designed for keeping your weed all in one place at the perfect level of humidity, so you can rest assured that your products will remain extremely strong and flavorful.

You can find these in head shops or online stores. However, make sure you buy a humidor that’s specifically designed for cannabis. Cigar humidors aren’t tailored for keeping weed fresh and could end up having the opposite effect. Cannabis humidors give you everything you need for optimal cannabis storage.

A cannabis humidor will cost you more than using regular containers, but for those who are passionate about their weed, it’s a worthwhile investment. A humidor is the most effective way for keeping your weed fresh, plus a cannabis humidor can last you for a lifetime. They also look cool and make for one of the most stylish ways to stash your marijuana.

Metal/Plastic Containers

Another option is to use metal or plastic containers, but you’ll need to be careful about which kind you use. These options generally aren’t the best since certain types of metal and plastic can damage your weed, but for short-term storage, there are some decent options.

If you plan to use a metal container, make sure to find one that’s clean, dry, and has an airtight seal. Metal can be great for storing cannabis, but avoid Titanium as it can rub off on your weed and make it taste metallic

Plastic containers can be useful, but only for short-term storage. Plastic containers are much more likely to mold or melt and damage the freshness of your weed. If you use a plastic container, keep it in a cool, dry place away from heat or light and consider wrapping your weed in something else. While plastic and metal containers can be convenient and practical, it’s best to upgrade to glass when you can.

Parchment Paper or Aluminum Foil

Parchment Paper or Aluminum Foil

While you should keep weed in a high-quality container, wrapping it up can add an extra layer of protection. Even if you have a good container, there could be some hidden moisture or your weed could be impacted by excess oxygen or heat.

Using parchment paper to wrap your buds is one of the best approaches. You can still keep them in a glass container or humidor, but you’ll be giving them extra protection with a small amount of parchment paper. Plus, it’s cheap and convenient.

Aluminum foil is another option. It helps keep any light, heat or moisture away and you probably have some in your kitchen. Use some to wrap up buds of weed and you can keep it fresh for a long time. Wrapping your weed up can also be useful for keeping different strains separate while in the same container.

Add a Humidity Pack

One final measure you might want to take is to add a humidity pack, also known as a humidipak, to your container. There are packs designed especially for keeping marijuana fresh by brands such as Boveda and Integra Boost.

Humidipaks offer 2-way humidity control to keep your weed in the optimal condition to retain potency, flavor, and freshness. Plus, it’s cheap to buy a multipack of these so you can use them to keep your entire stash safe and fresh.

Having the right level of humidity helps a lot when it comes to retaining the freshness of your weed. These smell-proof packs offer a convenient way to keep regular containers at the right level so you don’t have to splash out on a humidor.

Add a Humidity Pack


If you want your weed to be potent, flavorful, and fresh every time you use it, then you’ll want to use one of the best types of containers for keeping your weed fresh. While plastic and metal can be convenient, glass is much better for keeping your weed away from the elements. Using parchment paper and adding a humidity pack can add an extra layer of protection. If you don’t mind investing a little extra, you can even upgrade to a cannabis humidor. 

You can now legally buy weed online in any quantity. Store your weed properly and you’ll have a stash of fresh weed that’s powerful and ready to use for a long time. 

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