The Best New Cannabis Strains to Grow

weedsmart_image_The Best New Cannabis Strains to Grow

If you want to try growing your cannabis, there are many strains to choose from. But how do you choose just a couple to start growing? Keep reading to learn more about some of the best types to try at home. 

What to Know Before Growing

Marijuana is a relatively high-maintenance plant to grow, no matter the strain. But some are easier than others to propagate. Before choosing the plant, consider the type of marijuana you want, how much space there is, any lighting constraints, and how much you have to spend. It would be best if you also researched indica and sativa plants to help you choose the right one. Each strain has different effects, and the growing requirements differ, as well. 

For instance, the flowering time for an indica is shorter than a sativa, and many people enjoy growing them because they can harvest them sooner. On the other hand, sativa strains are often harder to grow since they are so tall. Make sure you have enough room for the one you choose. 

Still, the sativa plants often grow faster at first. Plus, they can handle the heat, but indica plants do better in cooler weather. If you choose a hybrid, it might have both sativa and indica characteristics. That could include loving hot weather, producing a lot, or quickly growing. Do your research, and you can have an excellent cannabis-growing experience. 

Some plants have auto-flower seeds, while others are feminized. A feminized seed makes a female plant, which is what you want. The females are what produce buds you can smoke. If you do not have any male plants, the crop might be more potent and more robust.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind having a slightly lower yield and potency, you can often get a better growing experience with auto-flower plants. They usually have a lower profile and do not need as much light for growing. They are great if you have a small space or not much natural light. 

What to Know Before Growing

The Bling

If you want a Gelato mix, you might want to go with The Bling, which comes from California. You can find a cutting of the plant for around $30, and then you can put it in your soil at home. All it needs is water and some bright light, and you can watch the plant thrive. 

The strain is a mix of Humboldt Frost and OG Kush with Gelato, and there are many terpenes in the plant. It has about a dozen terpenes combined to create a unique scent, flavour, and overall experience. They include limonene, myrcene, and pinene. It also has some less-common terpenes, such as camphene and nerolidol. That combines to make a unique smoking or other user experience.

Purple Haze

The strain is a mix of sativa and indica, and it is a highly recognizable strain. It has been around for half a century, but there are newer strains made using Purple Haze genetics. One reason it has been around so long is the desirable effects. It offers an uplifting, calming high, and it has a hint of psychedelic to it. It might offer a higher yield if you grow it inside instead of out.

Northern Lights

The strain is indica dominant, and it offers relaxing yet euphoric effects. It is a famous strain from the 1970s and ’80s, and today, you can find many new strains from these genetics. It originally came when marijuana growers had to work quietly. Some say this classic cannabis strain came from Seattle, Washington. It is a cross between a Thai sativa and an Afghani indica. If you grow it outside, you can expect the yield to be relatively high. 

Durban Poison

If you want a pure sativa, try Durban Poison. The strain is a landrace, which means it has not changed since it arrived in America. It comes from Durban, South Africa, and since it has not had its genetics changed, it has a pure profile. 

The effects are happy and energizing. They might make you feel more creative and help you focus. You have to grow it outside since it can reach 2.4 meters or more, and the yield can be 453 grams or more. If you have the space to grow it inside, you can expect to get around 368 grams per square meter. You can get the seeds as feminized ones. 

The Best OG Strains

The Best OG Strains

OG Kush is a classic strain, and if you love it but want something newer, try one of these more recent strains to refine it. The strain comes from the early 1990s, and it has a high THC level, giving you euphoric effects. You can also find Headband and GSC, both descendants of the plant. Each plant is dense and low, and they have high yields while not taking up too much room. 

You can find many strains with OG Kush genetics in them. For example, Watermelon OG is easy and classic. While the seeds can be expensive, the genetics are high-quality. They have been around since the 1990s.


A newer strain is GAK, which has high-quality sources in it. The buds are icy and have many terpenes in them. You can find variations on GAK with unique smells. The plant’s lineage is not public, so you do not know the genetics you are getting, but you can find GAK crosses with OG Eddy, Banana Pudding, or 4 Locoz.

You can grow the herb quickly in a greenhouse, indoors, or outside. The plants grow large and produce quickly. They also offer a fast harvest. They look like resin, and you can find hints of strawberry, pineapple, and watermelon in them. 

Closing Thoughts 

Growing cannabis can be a rewarding experience if you choose the right strain. Knowing more about these strains and how to grow them can help you make an informed decision. Of course, if you still have questions, your local dispensary can help you pick the right strain, as well. 

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