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During thousands of years, humans have used marijuana to improve their capacities and get rid of some physical inconveniences. In the past, it was a trial-error process, today thanks to science and the elimination of legal barriers, it’s easier to identify which strain and doze can help with some conditions.

In previous posts, we have explained how marijuana works out with conditions as ADHD, anxiety and insomnia, sexual life is not an exception. From marijuana components, you can get advantages of their effects: relaxation, euphoric and energy.

Due the recent legalization of recreational use of cannabis in Canada, maybe you’re new to cannabis, if so, check our post with the basic knowledge you need to know.

Cannabis effects are wide, but most people don’t realize cannabis is nature’s aphrodisiac. In the past, it was empirical knowledge but now, recent results show weed appears to increase desire, frequency, and intensity of orgasm.

Is there a link between marijuana and sexual life?

Recently, researchers started to study the link between cannabis and sexual desire, with interesting results. In one recent study, for example, investigators found that men and women who used marijuana daily had about 20% more sex during the previous four weeks than their peers who abstained from the drug.

This research didn’t show cause – effect and make us wonder: What’s the connection between sex and marijuana?

It’s still on research, but in other tests, many cannabis users report that because weed helps them lower inhibitions and boost creativity, they’re much more likely to try out different sexual activities that they may have been too shy about when they haven’t used weed.

Also, cannabis makes you more relaxed and less anxious. By reducing anxiety around sex, including body image insecurities, users report weed allows them to be more intimate and sensual with their partner.

Fire and Sex


Cannabis has more than 100 components, however, THC and CBD are the most famous because their effect on our body.

Some products designed to improve sex life contain CBD but not THC. These are topical creams, ointments or lubricants that capitalize CBD’s apparent anti-inflammatory effects.

For example, a line of CBD-based lubricants is meant to quell inflammation and increase circulation, which may in turn improve sexual function and arousal in women with problems such as endometriosis and other types of chronic pelvic pain.

Another topical CBD product is targeted for women who experience pain during intercourse. Because some women find that the THC in marijuana seems to cause vaginal dryness, CBD-based lubes could also be a way to counteract that side effect.

Size matters

When using marijuana to improve your sexual life, it is important not to overdo it.

Some studies suggest that chronic and heavy usage of marijuana could ultimately lower your libido.

Some studies have suggested that heavy cannabis use may be related to erectile dysfunction in men. Other studies have found drastically reduced sperm count in chronic male users.

Use weed to benefit from the euphoria it produces. In some cases, sharing marijuana with your partner can lead to a better bond.

Strains for sexual arousal

Ultimate Trainwreck

This is the most powerful sativa related to Trainwreck (an hybrid strain). It’s less active than the original, is dense and has colorful flowers.

It’s reported to make you feel euphoric and energetic, and as well as enhancing your focus, Ultimate Trainwreck will help you get ready for action.

When consuming Ultimate Trainwreck, as a result you will feel less stressed, you’ll get a reduced level of inhibition and feel genuinely happy.

According to some users, Ultimate Trainwreck buds have a rancid and earthy aroma with some sweet lemon touches. This strain’s high will typically last well over two hours.

Afghani Yumboldt

This hybrid is 70% indica and 30% sativa. It was created through crossing the classic Afghan Kush with the modern Yumboldt strain. You can get it as “Yumboldt Kush” or “Afghan Yumboldt”.

According to some users, the high comes on slowly, after it, you’ll feel relaxed and probably lazy.

Its heavy effects and its high THC level of about 19% on average, Afghani Yumboldt is famous for treating conditions such as: chronic pain, anxiety or stress, irritability, and insomnia.

The flavor of this bud is reported to be sweet and spicy berry. The smell is also very similar.

Green Crack

This is one of the most popular sativas. It’s a hybrid listed as a sativa, but it grows like an indica. It comes from the crossing of the Skunk # 1 and an isolated cut of the Afghani. Its THC level is 18%.

The strain is generally rich in citrus and fruity flavours. It’s also known for providing energy.

Effects on sex life? It produces a euphoric head high. Also, it fills you with energy.

This strain is very effective at getting your body and mind started, some users have started to use it to replace their morning cup of coffee.

The effect of Green Crack also has medicinal properties that helps with: stress, fatigue, pain and migraines.

Atomic Northern Lights

This is an Indica dominant. It’s an hybrid that comes from the mix between the indica Afghani, sativa Thai Haze and indica Northern Lights. Its THC level is 14%. It’s so effective it has won three Cannabis Cups.

Its reported to be the viagra replacement marijuana strain, why? the euphoric sensation lasts for practically the entire high, and it enhances your sociability.

According to some users, you’ll feel relaxed, happy and sleepy. Its flavor is earthy and sweet.

Hindu Skunk

It’s an indica-dominant hybrid that comes from Skunk #1 and an indica Hindu Kush landrace. Its THC level has been measured at between 11% and 23%.

Its flowers mostly emit a dank, earthy scent. According to some users, this bud can be effective to facilitate work, whether it’s analytical and task-based or freewheeling and creative. Its recommended time of use is during evening.


The recently approved recreational cannabis use in Canada will make more easy to get these strains and even going to the doctor to get the appropriate dose and prescription.


Have you tried other strains to improve your sexual life? comment bellow!

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Dave A
Dave A
1 year ago

The question really is, if I wanted to experiment with these strains with my wife, where do I get them? I live in Canada and no website or anything has any way for me to get a hold of these strains, especially Ultimate Trainwreck. Help a guy out.

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