Strain Review: Angel OG

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If you need an indica strain that gives you the perfect level of mellowing relaxation to chill out at the end of the day, try Angel OG. Some users describe Angel OG as the perfect indica strain for its ability to vitalize your whole body with calming physical and mental effects without being too potent. In addition to the enjoyable effects, Angel OG is also known for its incredible taste. The mix between OG Kush and Blackberry results in a fruity yet earthy aroma and taste with hints of fresh berries and pine. Want to know about the Angel OG effects, medical benefits, and how to get it? Here’s our strain review of Angel OG.

Angel OG Effects

Angel OG is a cross between two hybrid strains- OG Kush and Blackberry. It leans very strongly in favor of indica effects, although you will experience a nice creative cerebral burst. For the most part, Angel OG will give you full-body relaxation without making you feel too couch locked or sedated. When you take a hit of Angel OG, you’ll rapidly notice the soothing effects. It gives you a smooth, mellow body high that will slowly wash over your whole body. These effects are optimal for users who want something to help them relax in the evening. You can lay back and let the tingly body high take over while you enjoy watching TV, listening to music or simply chilling out. The head high is also very pleasurable. Its sativa influences give you a nice burst of mental creativity and curiosity which will make you more interested in any task you decide to take on. You might feel a little spaced out and dreamy, however, you’ll quickly forget any stresses and worries which makes it a very calming strain mentally as well as physically. In higher doses, Angel OG can be much more intensely relaxing. Smoke more if you want something to help you sleep. However, for the most part, Angel OG gives you more of a smooth, tranquil high that you can enjoy during the day or night without it being too overwhelming. Angel OG Effects

Angel OG Medical Benefits

The effects of Angel OG also lend themselves well to medical marijuana users. It’s particularly helpful for tackling pain and inflammation, although it also has a bevy of mental health benefits. It also carries the usual benefits of marijuana which can be helpful for various health symptoms and conditions. The body high is perfect for users who need something to take any kind of physical distress off. You’ll instantly feel it take away all kinds of pain, and it’ll also help reduce inflammation. Some people use it for chronic pain in the body whereas others might find it helpful simply to deal with a nagging ache or strain. It can also help with things like migraines or headaches, which can affect anyone at any time. Meanwhile, the head high can also be very uplifting for those who suffer from mood problems. If you regularly experience symptoms of depression, Angel OG can bring you out of a funk and make you feel more carefree. Sufferers of anxiety disorders will also appreciate the strain’s ability to wash away worries and make you enjoy activities more. Interestingly, Angel OG can reduce fatigue in lower doses thanks to the slight burst of sativa effects. However, smoke a lot of it and you’ll have a hard time staying alert and it may even help with insomnia. It can also help with muscle spasms, nausea, and loss of appetite.

Angel OG Taste

One of the main draws of this interesting strain is the lush taste and aroma it carries. The OG Kush genetics make it a somewhat earthy and woody strain. However, it also gets a fresh, fruity smell and taste from its Blackberry genetics. As such, you’ll catch an interesting mix of flavors when you take in the flavor of this strain. When you smoke or it, you’ll catch strong berry tones with hints of fresh pine. For the full flavorful experience, try vaping it for smooth and delicious vapor. Whichever way, this is a strain that’s sure to please your taste buds. Angel OG Taste

How to Buy Angel OG

You can now buy Angel OG legally in many marijuana stores across the country. You’ll usually find it labeled as an indica, although some stores may group it in with hybrid strains due to its hybrid genetics. If you don’t have a marijuana store nearby or simply want more convenience, you can also buy Angel OG online. offers high-quality Angel OG buds available for delivery to consumers in every province. Prices start at $59.99 CAD for 7 grams, You can go all the way up to a full ounce (28 grams) for just $94.99, giving you huge savings. Every order is sent discreetly and packaged for freshness so your weed will make it to you safely.

Alternative Strains to Angel OG

Angel OG isn’t a hard strain to enjoy. However, you may want to try something different or even grab some extra strains to complement it. Here are some great alternative strains to Angel OG. Blueberry Skunk – If you need another strain with a fresh berry taste and powerful indica effects, try Blueberry Skunk. It’s particularly potent due to its high THC content and makes a great companion to those who need treatment for pain and insomnia. Raspberry Cough – Raspberry Cough is an indica-dominant hybrid with an incredible taste and strong effects. It’s known as a useful medical strain, although recreational users who want to chill out but still stimulate their mind will also enjoy it. Viper – Sativa strain Viper is much more energizing and uplifting. You’ll feel an intense burst of energy and mental focus when you smoke this. The taste mixes citrus and spice to make for a very enjoyable strain that’s great for waking and baking.


Whether you need a good recreational strain to mellow you out at night or a medical strain that will quickly wash the pain, stress, and tension out of your body, Angel OG is a solid choice. The fruity and piney taste just adds to the appeal. It’s ideal for evening use, although you can enjoy it at any time of the day. Want to try it for yourself? You can buy Angel OG online for delivery across Canada.

2 thoughts on “Strain Review: Angel OG

  1. Avatar for Weed Smart
    Louise Quo Vadis says:

    How does Angel OG compare in terms of Death Bubba. What is the CBD content and the THC content? Thank you. I suffered from nerve pain and Death Bubba is a very good pain killer for me.

    • Avatar for Weed Smart
      Weed Smart says:

      hi death bubba will be alot stronger then Angel og if your looking for something to help with pain, death bubba is one of my favorite strain for this.=)

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