Strain Profile: El Jefe

weedsmart_image_El Jefe Indica medical marijaua
El Jefe is a 70/30 indica-dominant strain that is a cross between Abusive OG and Rare Dankness #1. This heavy hitter is known to have potent high levels of THC ranging between 22%-25%. El Jefe is known to have bold colorful buds, with sharp orange hairs amidst dark shades of green. The buds are large, sticky white trichomes and dense. This popular strain gives off scents of hash and earthy undertones. Ironically the bud does not taste anything as it smells! With a Spanish name fitting for its Latin taste, El Jefe taste consists of a blend spicy, lemony, pine flavors. El Jefe can be smoked by novice stoners or the connoisseurs, the high is powerful with full-body effects which tend to give a blissful high. El Jefe is known for soothing the mind and giving the smoker relief from daily woes. The indica dominant strain will give you a good stable high but not enough to overtake you. This calming high thrives in both mind and body and is primarily buzzy in the limbs. This creates a numbing feeling that might get you a little bit couch locked. Don’t expect to think much as your concentration will be out the window with every toke. El jefe leaves you feeling like your floating on euphoric waters, some say the strain has caffeinated energy to it with a harmonious degree of both physical and emotional lift. This strain is known for offering mind relief, helps your mind stop and relax. El Jefe is perfect for those who want to completely mellow out and relax for a few hours after work or a long day, like an ice cold beer or a glass of wine! Black and Blue El Jefe is a phenomenal strain for medicinal purposes its effects are primarily beneficial for individuals suffering from ADHD to muscle spasms. This is highly sedative strain without actually putting you to sleep, it is fairly beneficial for those who suffer from chronic pain. The strain is effective in treating other severe medical conditions like anorexia, depression,  and anxiety. Whether it’s caused by injury or disease, finding the relief you need from pain and muscle tension with this strain is a life saver. El Jefe can successfully help relieve:  
  • Cramps,
  • Muscle spasms
  • Eye pressure
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Anorexia
  • Lack of appetite
  • Depression
Its genetics alone tell us that is has a host of medicinal purposes, though that fact isn’t its only plus. El Jefe offers brilliant classic marijuana high that rushes through your body and continues to expand as the marijuana flows through your system. El Jefe is a great social strain as well, it is perfect for you to smoke with fellow stoners, it pairs well with the music. Listening to music can be mind-blowing actually, pretty it is impressive for a medically based strain. El Jefe leaves many in a solid euphoric emotional state combined with sensory accentuation and hallucinogenic phase for a good few hours. Individuals new to smoking weed can also smoke the strain as long as they are careful. El Jefe overall is a classic marijuana strain that leaves you in a great intense high without knocking you out. The strain is a godsend for medicinal purposes providing instant relief.

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