Smoking joints vs distillate concentrate pens

Consuming marijuana is one of the most ancient ways our civilization discovered for recreation and improve some health conditions. As technology has improved, also is the way we smoke and consume weed. Some users prefer simpler ways, others like to try new stuff regularly, there are also methods that make you really high, while others not so much, of course, it will depend on what you’re looking for. It’s important that you keep in mind that changing the smoking method it’s similar to changing the strain: it will change completely the effect on you, the best way to manage it is knowing your limits. Here are a couple of them.


Probably the most classic and minimalistic way to consume weed, the process is really simple, get your rolling paper, filter, ground cannabis, and light it up. If you’re afraid about what you’re getting inside your body, no problem, rolling papers can be made of healthy composites as: corn, plant cellulose, hemp, rice, or wood pulp. However, the interior of a joint is exclusively marijuana. Note that the quality papers don’t tear, seal seamlessly and burn uniformly.

They’re not all the same

A lot of people think that joints and spliffs are the same, they’re not. There are also some differences:
  • Joints and blunts only contain cannabis, but blunts are rolled with tobacco paper.
  • Spliffs are basically hybrids, part tobacco and part cannabis (you decide the amount). They’re rolled in the same paper spectrum as joints and also often include a crutch.
  If you’re a beginner, it’s important that you learn how to roll a joint. As a first step, begin choosing your supplies, including your favorite cannabis strain, rolling papers, and a cannabis grinder. It’s commonly known that joints are better for fast smoking, smoking alone or for sharing between a small group. Also, if you’re rolling your own joints, you can end up using additional weed. If you’re smoking alone, it can be costly compared to smoking pipes. As this is one of the oldest methods, there are some interesting numbers related to joints happening in Canada right now: According to Environics Analytics, Torontonians spark up the equivalent of 141.7 million joints a year. What does it mean? Environics Analytics says if you stacked all of those joints (eight-millimetre average thickness) on top of each other, it would be equal to 2,050 CN Towers. In the neighboring country there are also some interesting things happening now: Weed users express the trend reflects a desire by consumers for stronger, healthier or more discreet ways to consume cannabis. It’s a pattern seen from Colorado to California to Oregon. Looking for more reasons to use joints? Weed could help bones heal stronger and faster, according to a study from Tel Aviv University. Cannabinoid, which is found in cannabis leaves and stems, helped mice recover from broken bones more effectively. Experts involved in this research believe the substance helps minerals get into the bone tissue, making bones stronger, and less likely to break in the future. This just corroborates the known advantages of using marijuana, as we have explained before, there are strains that help people work better and that can help you with weight loss.  

Distillate concentrate pens

You have probably seen it recently, distillate is the base ingredient of most edibles and vape cartridges, most of the times doesn’t have any flavor, taste or smell. It’s clear nothing will ever completely replace flower for regular users, but trying new ways to smoke weed it’s always a win. Distillate concentrates are produced through an refinement process that separates compounds found in the cannabis plant. An important high level of THC without any impurities is the bonus of this method. For a lot of reasons, producing distillates should be left to professionals with proper equipment and in safely controlled environments. Don’t try this at home! Want to try something different? Spread a little bit of distillate on your rolling paper and then roll a joint using regular marijuana. This will help you to use much less flower, yet still have all the great medicinal effects. The addition of adding the oil to your joint will improve the potency and quality of the smoke.


Distillates effects are felt almost immediately.  In the preparation process, the THC already activated and its high potency brings extremely quick results to patients requiring heavy duty medication, like spinal injury, Crohn’s and cancer. How can you use it? Distillates can be consumed on their own using a dab rig or portable vaporizer, such as a vape pen or box vaporizer. For edibles prepared at home, distillates should be introduced with low doses, about 5 mg THC or less per serving, then slowly increase the dosage for the desired potency and taste. Additional tip? Adding drops of THC Distillate to the flower in a joint or bowl intensifies the intoxicating high, without altering the flavor or smell. Which one is your favorite? have you tried a new method recently? Comment bellow!

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