An Introduction to Weed Edibles

Do you enjoy cannabis but don’t want to smoke it? Do you like cannabis, but want something a bit stronger and more sedating? Are you looking for a relaxing body high to ease you into the night?  If you answered yes to any of those questions then weed edibles might be your answer. Cannabis edibles are what you get when you infuse activated THC into normal everyday foods. 


Effects of Cannabis Edibles: 

  • Benefits of Weed Edibles: The biggest benefit of edibles is the discreteness it brings to taking marijuana. Since everything looks like normal food, you can stealthily take your medication throughout the day without anyone noticing.  Cannabis edibles typically induces more of a body typed high and increased sensations of relaxation, euphoria and sedation than normal buds do.
  • Medical Uses of Weed Edibles: Due to its heavy sedating and relaxing effects that cannabis edibles has on the body, many medical marijuana users take weed edibles to relax muscles to ease aches and pains.  Edibles are also commonly used to treat anxiety, paranoia and stress, but just be careful as taking too much can possibly heighten these conditions.
  • Negative Effects of Weed Edibles: If you plan to eat cannabis edibles, do it in a nice comfortable environment, and do it when you are sure you have nothing else to do any time soon. This is because weed edibles are known to pack a punch and can oftentimes fuse consumers into their couches.  It is advised not to overdo it when it comes to dosing. Start with just a small dose and wait a while to see what happens. It could take up to 20-30 minutes to feel the effects, but more commonly the effects will have taken hold long before that.


Different Types of Cannabis Edibles

    • THC Gummies
    • Weed Cookies
    • Pot Brownies
    • Cannabis Chocolates
    • CBD Edibles

You can pretty much infuse any food with decarboxylated weed and consume it to get high. 


Best Ways to Take Marijuana Edibles

The best way to take weed edibles is in small doses and responsibly.  You want to make sure it is kept away from children and is kept clearly marked that the food contains THC. Also, it is suggested to take cannabis edibles when you have a nice place to relax and nothing that needs to be done for the rest of the night. 


Alternatives to Weed Edibles

The most common alternative would be to just smoke normal cannabis buds in a joint, bong or pipe. also, cannabis concentrates are great alternatives to weed edibles, as they can be extremely potent and are widely available. Some of the more common weed concentrates include: 


Best Place to Buy Cannabis Edibles in Canada?

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