Vapes (THC)





An Introduction to Vaping Weed

Vaping weed is one of the fastest growing methods of consuming marijuana in Canada. Vaping has made its way into pop culture due to the high concentrations of THC (can reach THC levels of higher than 97%) in vaping products and the ease of use. Also, some choose to vape to boost their image. 


Effects of Vaping Weed: 

  • Benefits of Vaping Weed: The biggest benefits of vaping is the convenience and stealth it provides users. Vaping typically does not produce any strong aromas so vaping can oftentimes go unnoticed. Regarding the effects, they are typically the same as normal cannabis flower, except much more intense due to the high concentrations of THC. Common effects include relaxation and sedation. 
  • Medical Uses of Vaping Weed: Medical marijuana users commonly vape weed products to assist with conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression. Another common use of vaping cannabis is to help ease aches, pains, muscle spasms and inflammation. 
  • Negative Effects of Vaping Weed: Due to the high concentration of THC in vape cartridges, they are to be taken in moderation. If taken in excess, vaping products can cause dizziness, nausea, paranoia, anxiety, and hallucinations. Dry mouth and eyes are other common issues relating to vaping weed.


Different Types of Vaping Products

There is no shortage of vaping products on the market. There are large table top vaporizers, portable vaporizers and vape pens. Table top vapes and portable vapes have a chamber that holds the cannabis flower or concentrate that is to be vaped, whereas vape pens use a vape cartridge to hold oil, distillate or concentrates. 


Best Ways to Vape Weed

The most convenient way to vape weed is by using a vape pen and THC distillate vape cartridge. It is one of the most discreet methods of inhaling cannabis products and the potency is unmatched. Also, as the vape cartridges are often times disposable, there is little to no clean up required.


Alternatives to Vaping Weed

If weed vape products are too strong or lack enough flavor, then there are plenty of alternatives. Traditional cannabis flower is perfect for less potent sessions. Cannabis concentrates such as shatter, budder, oil, hash, and live resin are great substitutes for vaping as they are very potent in their own right, and they retain many of the actual terpenes from the original buds. If smoking is not an option, then cannabis edibles are a must.


Best Place to Buy Weed Vape Products in Canada? 

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