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Chocolate Shrooms Canada | Psilocybin-Infused Richness

Calling all chocolate lovers! We’ve got a treat for you. Let us introduce you to psilocybin-infused shroom chocolates. These rich and creamy treats allow users to savour the taste of their magic mushroom products. Chocolate shrooms are perfect for anyone who dislikes the bitter taste of dried shrooms. They are even great for those who just enjoy their sweets. So buy chocolate shrooms in Canada at WeedSmart and be confident you are getting top-quality.

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taste of their magic mushroom products. Chocolate shrooms are perfect for anyone who dislikes the bitter taste of dried shrooms. They are even great for those who just enjoy their sweets. So buy chocolate shrooms in Canada at WeedSmart and be confident you are getting top-quality.

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Chocolate Shrooms

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Chocolate Shrooms

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Chocolate Shrooms

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Chocolate Shrooms

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Chocolate Shrooms

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Chocolate Shrooms

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Chocolate Shrooms

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Chocolate Shrooms

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Buy Shroom Chocolates in Canada


What Are Shroom Chocolates?

Before we talk about chocolate shrooms we need to know what shrooms are. Shrooms (also known as magic mushrooms) are a group of fungi that are used for medical and therapeutic purposes. 

Over time there have been a number of creative ways to take magic mushrooms. For instance, you can now find psilocybin-infused edibles such as shroom chocolate products. Basically, psilocybin is extracted from magic mushrooms and infused with the chocolate mix.


How Does Psilocybin Work?

Psilocybin is a drug that interacts with a user’s brain to induce psychedelic sensations that bend reality and slow time. This substance works with the part of the brain that is responsible for abstract thinking and thought analysis. It also attaches to the body’s receptors to induce heavy euphoric sensations. 


 Are Chocolate Shrooms Safe? 

Chocolate shrooms are safe when taken reasonably and responsibly. This means no driving or partaking in any other dangerous activities. Also, you should stick to the recommended doses to prevent taking too much. The real danger of shroom chocolates is that they look exactly like normal chocolate and can be mistakenly consumed by an unsuspecting individual. This can be a huge problem if that person is a small child. It is therefore important to store your products in a child-proof container that is clearly labeled. 


What to Expect From Magic Mushroom Chocolate

Shroom chocolates can lead to mind-bending and reality-shaping experiences. This is especially the case when dealing with larger doses. In addition, it is common for sensations of euphoria, confusion, and a decrease in hand-eye-coordination. Also, increases in open-mindedness and introspection are likely to occur. 

However, it is important to note that some shroom chocolate products are stronger than others. In addition, users have different body and tolerance levels towards psilocybin. The point is that everyone is different and the best thing to do is to know your own body and limits. 


Some of the most common beneficial effects of chocolate shrooms in Canada:

Distortions of Time and Reality Enhanced Set of Senses
Heightened Levels of Introspection Euphoric Sensations
Increases in General Mood and Well-Being Relaxation of Mind, Body, and Soul
Mindfulness / Open-mindedness Increases in Neural Connections
Boosts in Creativity Bouts of Energy and Liveliness
Greater Levels of Focus Numbness of the Body and Mind


Health Benefits of Psilocybin Chocolate

Even though there are many beneficial effects associated with magic mushroom use, there is a lot we can learn.  Not much research has been done in this field, and as more studies are conducted, new benefits and uses will appear.     


Some of the most known medicinal uses of chocolate mushrooms in Canada are:

  • To help ease symptoms of depression
  • For reducing anxiety
  • As a substitution of other addictions
  • To ease symptoms of cancer-related psychological conditions
  • For lowering levels of stress
  • As a tool to help Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • To gain relief from cluster headaches


Negative Effects of Shroom Chocolate

Even though shroom chocolates are known to be relatively safe to take, there are still side effects to watch out for. For example, paranoia, fear, and a decrease in motor functionality are possible. Other negative effects can include stomach aches, increased heart rate, and higher blood pressure. 

The best way to prevent side effects is by taking shrooms in a responsible manner. It is always a good idea to err on the side of caution when dealing with shrooms. This means to start slow and work your way up as your tolerance levels increase. 

However, if you do experience a bad trip just remember to relax and remind yourself that it is only temporary. Everything will surely go back to normal even though it may not seem so at the time. 


Some common side effects of dried magic mushrooms in Canada include:

Unexpected changes in mood Bouts of dizziness and light-headedness
Decreased control of senses Increased blood pressure
Higher levels of anxiousness Fatigue of the muscles
Bouts of panic attacks Heart rate increases
Sensations of distortion Stomach aches and discomfort
Increased confusion Nauseating sensations
Heightened levels of paranoia Rises in body temperature
Episodes of  fear Cottonmouth


Shroom Chocolates Dosage Chart

The hard part about dosing shroom chocolates is that it is hard to determine exactly how much psilocybin is in each piece. This is especially true with homemade chocolate shroom products. The guesswork is minimized when you buy shroom chocolates that are produced by professional companies. In fact, tests show that psilocybin levels are quite accurate for the top brand name shroom producers. 

It is recommended you follow the instructions and guidelines provided on the packaging. All shroom chocolates are not created equal and some are much more potent than others. 

Intensity Expected Therapeutic Effects
Microdosing No (or minimal) psychedelic effects
Low Light euphoric sensations, minor distortions of time and reality
Moderate Moderate euphoria, heightened mood, and increases in open-mindedness
High Heavy euphoric sensations, introspection, open-mindedness, and full hallucinations
Extreme Intense psychedelic sensations including all previously mentioned effects


Instead of Chocolate Shroom Products

Dried Magic Mushrooms

Dried shrooms are the products that people usually think of when picturing magic mushrooms.  Freshly picked mushrooms are dried and cured to increase potency and to make them ready to consume. You can find hundreds of dried shroom strains you can try. On top of that, each strain has its own unique set of properties. 


Shroom Gummies

You can also try magic mushroom gummies. These tasty treats are similar to shroom chocolates. Shroom gummies are also infused with psilocybin, making them just as deadly as their chocolate counterparts. Magic mushroom gummies are great shroom edible products for shroom lovers with a sweet tooth.


Magic Mushroom Pills (Capsules)

For a more medical approach, you can choose to microdose magic mushrooms. You can find psilocybin filled shroom capsules that contain set doses. This makes shroom pills some of the most convenient and simple mushroom products you can take.    

Magic Mushroom Alternatives

The most common alternative to magic mushrooms is cannabis and its related products. In fact, marijuana is often used in conjunction with magic mushrooms instead of merely as an alternative. Cannabis is known to help increase the intensity of shrooms and is known to help ease the coming down after the mushroom trip. 


Here are some of the most common weed products available:


The Best Chocolate Shrooms Products in Canada

When you buy shroom chocolates you want to make sure you are buying high-quality products. The last thing you want is for a tainted product that has not been grown or handled properly. 

A great choice is to choose WeedSmart as your mushroom dispensary of choice. All our products are lab-tested to ensure the best products hit our shelves. This includes our popular chocolate shroom products.  On top of that, we take pride in offering the lowest prices in Canada. Find a better price and we’ll match it.  

So shop Weed Smart and see why so many are choosing us to fulfill their needs. We work hard to ensure that each experience with us is pleasant and memorable. 


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