THC Distillates

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THC Distillates

Cannabis distillates are making waves as a new form of concentrated marijuana. They are often nicknamed “The Pure” because they contain nothing but the intended cannabinoids, resulting in odorless and tasteless extracts obtained using high heat extraction. The final product has been distilled from concentrate or plant matter and offers 99% THC (or CBD). Cannabis distillates have already begun to show up at trade shows and cannabis expos, bringing constant traffic to their booths. The main difference between distillates and isolates lies in their final form. While isolates are white, crystalline powder, distillates are contained in a very clean and concentrated liquid that is solvent-free at the same time. Browse through our selection of THC and CBD distillates and pick the one that matches your budget and medical needs.

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THC Distillate

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An Introduction to THC Distillates

THC Distillates are some of the purest forms of THC extract on the market. Sometimes the product can go through the extraction processes more than 4 times to purge out all the “bad stuff”. What is left is one of the highest concentrations of THC in any cannabis product. These THC levels can a high as 99%.  Distillate is what you find in weed vape cartridges or what you can find infused in many weed edibles on the market in Canada.


Effects of THC Distillates: 

  • Benefits of THC Distillate: Much like most cannabis products, distillate users typically experience increased feelings of relaxation, euphoria, happiness, sedation and many other wonderful effects. However, due to the high concentration of THC, the effects are typically far more intense. 
  • Medical Uses of THC Distillate: Medical cannabis users take distillate for such conditions as anxiety, depression, stress, and pain.  Basically, it can be used to treat any condition that normal marijuana can treat, although small doses is recommended. 
  • Negative Effects of THC Distillate: Cottonmouth and dry eyes is the most common problem associated with cannabis consumption. However, these effects aren’t serious and are short lived. Since THC distillate is very potent, it is recommended to take in moderation and not overdo it. Sometimes too much can result in bouts of dizziness, paranoia or nausea.  


Best Ways to Take THC Distillates

The most common method of taking THC distillate is by heating it up, mixing it with terpenes and putting it into a vape cartridge to vape.  Another way to to take weed distillate is by infusing it with edibles. Since the THC is already activated, you will get high by eating it alone. 


Alternatives to THC Distillate

Other common cannabis concentrates in Canada to try include: shatter, hash, budder, live resin and oil. Smoking normal marijuana or eating weed edibles are also popular choices.


Best Place to Buy THC Distillate in Canada?

Here at Weed Smart, we offer only the purest distillate in Canada. We test our products to ensure they meet quality standards and so that customers are always satisfied. We are the best online dispensary in Canada, so shop smart, shop Weed Smart.

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