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Hash comes from the Arabic word “hashish”, which means “grass.” As you may guess, hash is made by using cannabis, and specifically its loose resin. The resin is collected and pressed into hard blocks that look like soft gingerbread dough. Hash can be stiff and brittle or soft and pliable depending on how it was extracted. The effects of hashish are similar to those from smoking marijuana flowers, but they are much stronger than your regular weed. This form of marijuana makes for a smooth transition from flowers to concentrates. Choose one of our premium hash bricks and spice up your next smoking sesh.


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Hash is the holy grail of solvent-less concentrates and its use dates back to over 12000 years. If you want to try concentrates but want to start off easy, we recommend starting with hash. It’s definitely more potent than regular buds but it’s also a lot milder and forgiving compared to something like distillates or shatter.

It is made from compressed trichomes and the extraction process is 100% mechanical and chemical free.

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What is Hashish

Hashish is one of the oldest cannabis concentrates known to man. It is made when trichomes / crystals / kief are removed from the buds and pressed together to make bricks of hardened hash.

It produces the same effects as regular cannabis flower, but in a more intense, yet controlled way. This solvent-less concentrate contains anywhere between 30% and 60% THC, making it 2 to 3 times as potent as the buds it was derived from. Even though this might seem like a lot, other cannabis concentrates tend to be more potent.

For this reason, hash is a great choice if you want to dip your toes in the world of cannabis concentrates or simply use something other than flowers that delivers you a mellow and manageable high.

What Does it Do

The effects of smoking hash is very similar to that of smoking regular marijuana flower. It’s very controllable and mellow at the same time, but stronger.

The end result of what a certain batch of hash feels like, depends on what kind of weed the hash is extracted from. If it is made from indica dominant strains, there will be more sedation and relaxation.

If it is made using sativa dominant strains, you can expect a cerebral high accompanied with feelings of stimulation, creativity and an uplifted mood.

The main advantage that hash has over other marijuana concentrates is that its extraction process is completely free of solvents like butane, propane and CO2. This makes it taste better and it supposedly feels more natural.

Medical Use

Because hash is so deeply intertwined with cannabis culture in general and is in use since thousands of years, it is more widely used by cannabis patients.

It is generally quite easy to make and easy to procure, making it a popular way to take THC medication. The most common uses of hash are to treat symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress.

It is also used for pain and inflammation relief, to promote hunger, and to help with insomnia. 

Negative Effects

Cottonmouth and dry/red eyes are very typical side effects of smoking hash. However, these are not very serious and oftentimes go unnoticed. It is possible to experience episodes of dizziness, nausea and headaches if taken in excess. Therefore it is important you use hash responsibly and know your limit.

Different Types of Hash

Hashish has been around the Canada’s cannabis scene for a while now. During this time, people have found many interesting ways and methods to extract hash from marijuana flowers.

Some of the most common types include:

  • Bubble Hash
  • Dry Ice
  • Dry Sift
  • Lebanese Hash
  • Royal Afghani Hash
  • Indian Charas (Rub)

Each of these types are made using different processes, but all results in the wonderful substance we know.

Best Consumption Methods

The most common way to take hash is by mixing a little bit with some marijuana flowers and smoking it in a joint. Other ways include smoking it in a bong or pipe or vaporizer. But one thing for sure is the best way to take hash is to do so responsibly, in appropriate doses.


Although hash is very potent, it is not the most potent cannabis concentrate on the market. Stronger products include budder, shatter, live resin, distillate, and oils. Edibles are also an option for those who prefer a healthier way of consumption.

If it is something less potent that is what you are looking for, then normal cannabis flower is the choice. There are thousands of different cannabis strains in Canada and they are all waiting for you /to try each and every one!

How to Make Hash?

If you’re wondering how to make hash at home, the answer might surprise you. It’s not actually that difficult, however, you’re going to require a lot of bud and/or trimmings. The latter can be easily procured if you happen to be growing weed at home.

Hashish is made from compressed trichomes and there are several ways to achieve this. Some of these include:

  • Hand Rolling
  • Compressing Keif
  • Dry Sifting
  • Dry Ice Method

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