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Also known as earwax, butane hash oil, or BHO, marijuana budder is one of the most popular forms of concentrated THC. Budder undergoes a similar process as other BHO extractions, it’s a bit different when it comes to consistency. Budder falls somewhere between shatter and wax, and it has more terpenes than these two. Budder is also easier to handle due to its consistency. This form of marijuana affects medical and recreational users in the same way that marijuana flowers do, but the aforementioned concentration of THC makes the effects of budder more potent and noticeable almost immediately after consumption.

Best Budder in Canada

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Best Budder in Canada

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Best Budder in Canada

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Best Budder in Canada

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Buy The Finest Shatter Batter/ Weed Wax Online In Canada

Unlike “cannabutter” which is basically cannabis brewed into butter (edible), batter is a super-potent cannabis concentrate that also happens to be the smoothest and tastiest of the entire weed wax family.

It is also referred to as “Badder” and “Batter”. Just like any good concentrate, it has plenty of terpenes. It is moderately viscous which makes it easier to work with as compared to other waxes like shatter and crumble.

Badder is a crowd favorite and it’s partly because of its consistency and delicious taste. It’s one of the most “easy to use” cannabis concentrates.

What’s Shatter Batter Like?

The reason why badder tastes so great and gets close to terp-sauce territory is because of its high terpene content. However, note that it is not a full spectrum extract. Feel wise, it’s just like most other wax-type concentrates.

The high is much stronger compared to regular flower, but it depends on what strain the badder gets extracted from.


Badder provides the same benefits as normal marijuana, only stronger due to the high levels of THC. This makes it the perfect cannabis concentrate for people looking for a quick-hitting, long-lasting, and highly-relaxing body buzz filled with euphoria.

The most significant advantage of using concentrates is that you’ll end up inhaling a lot less smoke/vapor compared to using marijuana flower. This works well for your lungs and you’ll have a much smoother, longer lasting high as well.

Medical Uses and Health Benefits

Like other cannabis products, medical marijuana patients use badder for aches, pains, stress, anxiety, depression and a lack of sleep and appetite loss.

For those who don’t wish to inhale a lot of smoke, concentrates are a great health alternative as they can be vaporized using dab rigs or vaping devices.

Negative Effects

With THC concentrations of 75% up to as high as 90%, Badder can be extremely strong, especially for newcomers. When taking too much, reported side effects include: dizziness, nausea, headaches, paranoia and anxiety.

The most common mistake that new cannabis concentrate users make is that they misjudge the quantity they’ll need. We recommend that you start by using very little, the size of a tiny bead, and then gauge how much you’ll actually need.

Best Consumption Methods

There are many ways to consume badder. For example, you can use a dab rig which happens to be the most common vaporizing and personal consumption method as many claim it provides the smoothest and tastiest hits.  You can also choose to use a vaporizer, bong or even go old school, and just add it into a joint.


If you are looking for something stronger, a good choice would be weed shatter or THC distillate as these typically go through a more rigorous extraction process resulting in a higher concentration of THC.

However, at that level of concentrations, the terpenes usually get purged which mutes the flavor and makes the product taste bland.

If flavor is really important to you, a good choice would be full-spectrum extracts like live resin and terp sauce as these products retain most of their flavors profiles and aromas.

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