Drinks That Will Help You Detox from Marijuana

weedsmart_image_Drinks That Will Help You Detox from Marijuana

While marijuana may be legal across Canada, not all companies are on board with allowing staff to use it, even off the clock. Many companies, large and small, still drug test employees, even for marijuana.  Whether you’re preparing for a drug test or just trying to take a tolerance break, you’ll have no problem finding […]

How to Smoke Shatter: The Complete Guide

weedsmart_image_How to Smoke Shatter

Cannabis users know that the quickest way to get high is to smoke weed. For many smokers, high-quality flower buds with 15% to 25% THC concentration give a strong buzz. A quantity like this will knock most people out. However, some experienced smokers may still desire something that hits harder, and they turn to shatter. […]

Live Resin: The Holy Grail of Cannabis

weedsmart_image_Live Resin The Holy Grail of Cannabis

Live resin is a concentrated form of cannabis. Its name comes from the fact that it is made from fresh cannabis plants and does not involve curing or drying. Many cannabis enthusiasts love live resin due to its aromatic and flavourful nature, especially when dabbing.  Understanding What Live Resin Is As mentioned, live resin is […]

What Are the Differences Among Magic Mushroom Strains and Their Trips?

weedsmart_image_What Are the Differences Among Magic Mushroom Strains and Their Trips

In the wonderful world of magic mushrooms, there is quite a bit to learn still. That does not just apply to those who use magic mushrooms but also to those who study, cultivate, and research them every day. There are more than 200 types of mushrooms that grow naturally in the world. More than 100 […]

Cannabis Cookies Made With Shatter

weedsmart_image_Cannabis Cookies Made With Shatter

If you’ve joined the mass of people who have tried their hand at homemade cannabis-infused treats, you’ve probably realized the options are endless.  From making brownies with cannabis flower to using newly minted concentrates to make unique teas and coffees, people have found ways to use almost every cannabis product out there in their own […]

Microdosing Mushroom Chocolate: Complete Guide

weedsmart_image_Microdosing Mushroom Chocolate

The mysterious world of magic mushrooms is starting to come into focus. These psychedelic fungi seem to be travelling down a similar path that another plant called cannabis travelled down for decades. These substances started as medicinal plants thousands of years ago and were used in ceremonial settings in dozens of cultures. Eventually, they became […]

The Best Way to Ingest Marijuana: Smoking, Vaporizing, or Edibles?

weedsmart_image_The Best Way to Ingest Marijuana

There are more ways than ever to ingest marijuana, and opinions vary on which way is best. Different delivery systems will give you different results, and since people have a wide array of reasons for ingesting marijuana, they may prefer different methods for specific reasons.  When you ingest marijuana through smoking or vaporizing or consume […]

Easy and Healthy Cannabis Gummy Bear Recipe

weedsmart_image_Easy and Healthy Cannabis Gummy Bear Recipe

What’s better than a sweet treat while enjoying a pleasant high from smoking marijuana? The only possible thing that could beat that is a sweet treat that gives you a pleasant high, no smoking required. THC and CBD edibles are a wildly popular method of consuming cannabis that some may find more enjoyable than the […]


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