Canadians who smoke marijuana legally, or work or invest in the industry, will be barred from the U.S.: Customs and Border Protection official


Each day, 400,000 Canadians cross the Canada-U.S. border. Beginning Oct. 17, 2018, more and more of those travellers could be forced to answer an uncomfortable question posed by wary American customs officers: Have you ever smoked pot? Those who tell the truth risk being banned from the United States for life and might have to […]

5 major effects legalization of cannabis will have on Canada

weedsmart_image_canada weedsmart

The good news for cannabis users in Canada have a name: The Cannabis Act, aka Bill C-45, this innovative law was first introduced at Parliament more than a year ago and approved on July 1st this year. It’s expected to be fully approved next year, however, there are already some major changes that need to […]

Top strains to help anxiety


During decades, humans have been struggling with different kind of conditions that affect their bodies and minds; due the rapid advance of technology and many other aspects of current daily life one of the most common result is anxiety. Previously, we have explained how good is marijuana if you’re trying to improve your focus at […]

Strains that help people work better focus more


Through the years, and with a lot of research, marijuana has proven to be helpful with a lot of conditions in your body and mood, as weight loss and helping to quit smoking. If you’re worried about collateral effects, due their components, marijuana can make you feel better without the high, the key is knowing […]

Can you smoke weed in nightclubs and bars in Canada and why we should be able too


Before the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, there have been places in Toronto where it is legal to smoke. Most of these places are considered private clubs where is required to be a member. But it’s not the same around the country.   Cannabis Smoking & Vaping Laws Since October 17th 2018, Canada is […]

Where is the best place to smoke weed in Canada


As you have probably seen in the news recently, recreational marijuana use in Canada was legalized July 1st this year. It means that on October 17th 2018, Canada will be the third country, after Uruguay and Georgia, to formally legalize weed. Although the federal government passed the Cannabis Act (aka Bill C-45), cannabis in Canada […]

Where can you smoke weed in Canada when it is legalized

weedsmart_image_smoking weed public-weedsmart (2)

As we all anticipate for federal legalization in Canada, many Canadians are wondering where and when we can smoke weed  publicly, or if public consumption of marijuana will even be allowed. I’ll just cut to the chase, and start listing what we know and what is yet to be determined by the Canadian Federal and […]

Can CBD help Quit Smoking


Looking for better ways to treat diseases, scientists around the world have been trying different products, although cannabis has been consumed since centuries ago, it’s just recently that science has examined it as a possible component to help quit smoking. Nicotine effects According to American Lung Association, there are some important numbers and facts that […]

How To Get Weed Out Of Your System

weedsmart_image_how to pass drug test

It helps to know how to get weed out of your system. You may run into situations such as a workplace drug test, where testing positive for THC will hurt your career. Naturally, you also don’t want to inadvertently test positive for THC if you’re stopped when driving. While you should never smoke weed before […]

Growing Marijuana In Canada: A Guide

weedsmart_image_growing marijuana canada

If you enjoy smoking marijuana, then you might want to start growing it. The new Canada marijuana laws, going into effect on October 17th, allow adults in Canada to grow their own! You’ll be able to buy seeds of your favorite strains, cultivate them yourself, and harvest the products you grow for consumption. On a […]

Molson Canadian to develop Weed Beer

weedsmart_image_Molson Canadian Logo weedsmart

The legalization process of marijuana in Canada is not only good news for medical and recreational users, it has also opened a wide market with a lot of opportunities for business and brands. In the beginning of this month, Molson Coors Brewing Co. announced its Canadian unit is entering into a deal that will develop […]

Weed Strains that help with Weight Loss

weedsmart_image_weightloss weedsmart

Besides some changes of behaviour or mood, one of the well-known side effects of marijuana is that getting high could turn on your appetite, however, this doesn’t have to be the constant effect everytime you smoke, the good thing is you’re not alone, science has studied this effect: it happens because under the influence of […]

Can Marijuana help with Chronic Pain?

weedsmart_image_marijuana plant weedsmart

Despite it’s been cultivated since thousands of years ago around the world, the use of marijuana is controversial; demonized by ones and loved by others, there’s no doubt that this plant has led a new way about how we deal with some diseases and physical conditions. During the last decades, some specialists have recommended cannabis […]


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