Is Cannabis Legal in Canada for Recreational Use?

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Is cannabis legal in Canada for recreational use? The answer is yes, although there are still a few laws you have to stay aware of. As of October 2018, marijuana became legal all over Canada. Users in every province are able to buy weed and marijuana-infused products either in licensed stores or online.

With that said, each province has its own laws on who can smoke, where you can smoke, and whether you can grow. Most states allow anyone over 19 to buy, use, and even grow weed, but there are some exceptions. Here’s a guide on recreational use laws in Canada and what you need to know.

Is Cannabis Legal in Canada for Recreational Use

Cannabis is legal all over Canada for recreational use. Adults in every province and territory are able to buy and use marijuana. You don’t need a medical card to obtain marijuana in Canada, although you will need a valid form of ID in order to prove your age when you buy.

In most provinces, you’ll need to be 19 years of age in order to buy and use cannabis. The only exceptions are Alberta and Quebec, where users are able to legally use marijuana from the age of 18. You must not provide marijuana to anyone under the legal age and you must not sell it either.

There are now marijuana stores available in many parts of Canada. You’re able to buy weed, marijuana oils, concentrates, topicals, and many other products totally legally providing you’re of age. You can also buy weed online and have it delivered directly to you. With that said, there are still some laws you need to adhere to in order to safely and legally use cannabis.

Is Recreational Cannabis Legal in Canada

How Much Cannabis Can You Buy in Canada?

It’s easy to buy all kinds of cannabis products in Canada. However, if you’re buying from a store, you’ll need to be aware of possession laws. Every province in Canada has the same possession laws, stating that you can publicly possess up to:

  • 30 grams of dried cannabis (weed)
  • 150 grams of fresh cannabis
  • 450 grams of edibles
  • 2100 grams (4.62 pounds) of liquid products (oils, tinctures)
  • 7.5 grams of concentrates (solid or liquid)
  • 30 cannabis plant seeds

You must not carry more than these limits in public. However, you can keep as much cannabis as you want at home providing it is stored away safely and out of the reach of children. Many users buy weed online in order to get as much as they want.

Where Can You Buy Cannabis in Canada?

You can now buy cannabis in every province and territory of Canada. However, each province has its own regulations on who can sell. Many parts of the country are still undergoing the licensing process, so while some towns and cities are full of cannabis stores, others have little to none at all.

Most provinces sell cannabis via government stores. For instance, in Quebec cannabis is sold by Société du Cannabis du Québec stores. Other provinces, such as Toronto, have both government-run stores and independent stores who have applied and received a license to sell.

No matter where you are in the country, you can also buy cannabis online in Canada. You can order all kinds of cannabis products for delivery anywhere in Canada. Many users choose to buy online over in-store as it’s more convenient and often gives you a much wider range of products at better prices.

Where Can You Smoke Cannabis in Canada

Where Can You Smoke Cannabis in Canada?

Each province also sets its own laws on where exactly you’re able to use cannabis. No matter where you are, you can smoke or vape cannabis in private residences and properties such as your house, your garden or a friend’s place. However, landlords are able to restrict the use of marijuana on their properties.

Some provinces allow you to smoke cannabis in certain public places. For instance, Quebec allows you to use marijuana anywhere where tobacco is permitted (barring university campuses and anywhere near schools). Some parts of Canada, such as the Northwest Territories, allow you to smoke on certain public parks, roads, and trails, providing that there are no children present and no ongoing events.

However, you can not smoke in vehicles and must not smoke anywhere near children or schools. If you’re unsure about where exactly you can smoke, you can check the cannabis laws for your province online.

Cannabis Growing Laws in Canada

Residents in most provinces can also grow their own cannabis at home. It’s still illegal to grow your own weed in Quebec and Manitoba. However, in other provinces, you’re able to grow marijuana at home either indoors or outdoors as long as you’re 19 or above (18 in Alberta).

There are a few restrictions when it comes to growing. If you grow indoors, you must keep your weed somewhere where it’s safe and inaccessible by children. If you grow outdoors, you must keep your plants out of public sight. Some provinces also require you to have fencing around your outdoor plants. For instance, New Brunswick laws state that your plants must be in a locked enclosure that’s at least 1.52 metres high.

Landlords are also able to restrict growing on their properties both indoors and outdoors. However, for the most part, growing laws are fairly lenient and you can grow up to four active plants at a time. You’re also able to keep all of the marijuana you grow, providing it’s safely locked away at home. You can buy cannabis seeds from seed banks or online.

Cannabis Growing Laws in Canada


Cannabis is legal for recreational use all over the country. Residents of all provinces and territories are able to buy all kinds of products in stores or online. It’s easy to buy cannabis online for delivery, and all kinds of products are available from strains of weed to concentrates and tinctures.

There are still a few rules to be aware of. You must not sell weed or provide cannabis to minors, and provinces set their own rules on where you can smoke and how old you need to be. However, as long as you adhere to local laws, you can enjoy marijuana safely and legally.

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