How to understand CBD and THC ratios

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Nowadays, consuming marijuana is not only knowing the name of the strain you’re buying, it also means to understand their components and what they can cause in your body. To start that process, is necessary to understand the difference between CBD and THC.

What’s the difference between CBD and THC?

Marijuana has more than 100 components, however, the more famous are CBD and THC, those two are also identified as cannabinoids. Both CBD and THC have the exact same molecular structure: 21 carbon atoms, 30 hydrogen atoms, and 2 oxygen atoms.

CBD, aka, cannabidiol is extracted from the flowers and buds of marijuana or hemp plants.This component doesn’t have psychoactive effects.

The effectiveness of marijuana is explained by the existence in the human body of an “endocannabinoid system”, constituted by neurotransmitter substances -such as serotonin or anandamide- and its cellular receptors that regulate a variety of functions, such as: sleep, appetite, the pain or the immune response.

Therefore, the CBD works essentially as naturally as a substance secreted by the body itself.

Its effectiveness has been proven in cases of childhood epilepsies and adults with refractory epilepsies, which are resistant to other treatments.


On the other hand we have THC, also identified as tetrahidrocannabinol, opposite to CBC it does have psychoactive effects. THC is the most popular cannabinoid, was the first to be discovered, isolated or identified. It increases the appetite and increases the sensation of pleasure when eating, in addition to causing drowsiness.

THC is the main therapeutic agent in the most commonly used cannabis preparations.


More CBD or more THC?

The higher the CBD, the less of a high you’ll get from the THC.

  • 18:1 More CBD, low THC. Recommended for beginners, for those who don’t want to get high. Rarely psychoactive
  • 8:1 More CBD, low THC. Recommended for beginners, for those who don’t want to get high. Rarely psychoactive
  • 4:1 High CBD, medium THC. Considered mid-range and recommended for people who have some tolerance for THC.
  • 2:1 Balanced. Recommended for people who can tolerate THC. Can be psychoactive.
  • 1:1 More balanced. Recommended for people who can tolerate THC. Can be psychoactive.

Popular strains high in CBD

CBD Oil Weedsmart


This indica dominant (60%) strain is a cross between: Sour Tsunami and Harlequin and can contain up to a 22:1 CBD/THC split.

In the medical area, Harle-Tsu works like a painkiller, which means it is excellent for daytime use. According to some users, you’ll feel calm and relaxed, but also completely functional. It works well for calming the adverse effects of PMS, PTSD, migraines, depression, inflammation, and insomnia.


This is one of the most popular CBD strains, is easy to find it with a 5:2 CBD/THC ratio. While it’s a sativa dominant strain, it has a very soothing effect which makes it an excellent pain reliever for chronic pain, inflammation, depression, PTSD, migraines, and stress.


It’s a cross of Harlequin and Jack the Ripper. According to some users, it combines Jack the Ripper’s mental clarity with the medical power of Harlequin. Its ratio is 1:1 CBD/THC.

Sweet and Sour Widow

It has a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio. It’s going to give you a good preview of what a mixed strain looks and feels like.


Usually, this strain has a CBD/THC ratio in the 5:1 range. It’s considered a great example of a strain with medicinal qualities. It induces strong feelings of relaxation making in useful in the treatments of muscle spasms, anxiety, and pain.


Popular strains high in THC

Godfather OG

This strain is reported to be the most potent marijuana strain on the planet. This indica dominant hybrid is has a THC content of over 34%. Godfather OG is a cross between: Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purps.

According to some users, when you smoke this strain, it will hit you with an incredible cerebral high that soon results in euphoria.

Fat Banana

This strain is a hybrid between Banana and OG Kush. 50% Sativa, 50% Indica. According to some users is sweet and fruity. Its THC level is up to 25% or more.


It is an indica dominant hybrid (55%). Chemdawg held the record for highest THC content; it won the coveted Cannabis Cup title with a THC level of 32.13% when cultivated by Next Harvest in Denver. However, it’s origin is still unclear; Rumor has it that Chemdawg is a cross of a Thai and Nepalese sativa.

Purple Queen

This strain is a hybrid between Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani. 25% Sativa, 75% Indica. Its THC levels can touch 25%.

Amnesia Haze

This strain is 70% Sativa, 30% Indica. Its THC levels can get up to 20%. According to some users Amnesia Haze has a spicy aroma and citrus flavor.


Both cannabinoids play important roles and work perfectly together, regulating each other, although it depends on the desired effect and use, you can look for richer varieties in one or another compound.


Did you know the difference? Comment bellow!

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