How to Smoke Shatter: The Complete Guide

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Cannabis users know that the quickest way to get high is to smoke weed. For many smokers, high-quality flower buds with 15% to 25% THC concentration give a strong buzz. A quantity like this will knock most people out. However, some experienced smokers may still desire something that hits harder, and they turn to shatter. Shatter is one of the most potent concentrates due to its high THC content, ranging between 60% and 99%. 

What Is Shatter?

Shatter is a form of dabs, the popular term for cannabis concentrates. It is produced by extracting THC and CBD using solvents, carbon dioxide or butane. Honey oil, cannabis oil, shatter, budder, sap, and wax are removed in the same way. The solvent is later evaporated, and the result is butane hash oil (if butane was the solvent). 

Shatter is the most potent form of butane hash oil, and one of the popular ones. The concentrate is amber in colour and has a glass-like appearance. As the name suggests, it breaks easy and shatters into small pieces. The shattering is in your favour because the shatter becomes manageable chunks. Users often add these pieces to the buds in a joint or in their weed bowls. Those looking for a more potent effect take it in using a dab rig or a portable vape pen. 

What Is Shatter

Smoking Options

Roll It Inside a Joint

One of the easy ways of consuming shatter is using a joint. Newbies can use this method comfortably. You only crumble some piece of shatter on your regular weed and roll it like a typical joint. Smoking like this is ideal for persons who have not had shatter before. They can gauge their tolerance levels with every puff. You can also see how your body reacts as the THC concentration in the body increases little by little. As soon as you hit your optimal high, put the joint away for later. Unfortunately, this method is wasteful because some of the shatter gets wasted. Some of it doesn’t burn and is lost in the ashes. 

Using a Bong Pipe

A bong is one of the popular tools among smokers for smoking weed and now shatters. Just like when smoking a joint, the shatter cannot be by itself and will need some weed. Put a little weed in your bowl, then add your shatter. The weed acts as the cushion between the shatter and the bowl. Only add one small piece or only a few minute ones, especially if you are only beginning. 

Once you light the bowl, the weed will start to burn, and so will the shatter on top of it. Take a hit, and you will feel that both products combined make an intense and ecstatic high. With the enhanced effects, you may not need too many hits to get stoned. The bong method is an expedient one because it only takes a minute to load your bowl, and you do not need too much weed or shatter. 

You don’t have to smoke all the contents in the bowl at once. Once you get high, put it aside and smoke it later. There is not as much wastage when using a bowl as when smoking the shatter in a joint. 

Using a Bong Pipe

Use an Oil Rig

This method is one of the most popular in the weed community. An oil rig is a glass pipe that is similar in appearance to a bong. An oil rig has a vertical chamber and a mouthpiece with a hole to which you insert a small metal or glass nail. 

You heat the nail, and when it turns red, get a metallic dabber, scoop some shatter, and dab it onto the hot nail. The shatter starts to smoke, and you breathe in the smoke that comes off it. Not all the shatter will burn, and you can continue blasting the nail as it smokes, or wait until it starts to clog again. Once it clogs, insert the rig in alcohol. The clog dissolves into the alcohol, but when you boil the solution, the alcohol will evaporate. Now, scoop the substance left and dab it to the hot nail. None of the shatters is lost; every bit turns into smoke for you to inhale. Although this method is expensive, it is the most effective way. 

Getting Shatter 

Shatter is extracted from cannabis buds using butane. The process is not simple, and some supplies can be quite dangerous. If you must prepare your shatter, by all accounts, you must be a qualified chemist. If not, you are better off buying it. Weedsmart has a variety of shatter and sells it in quantities that match your budget. 

When shopping for weed supplies, you will recognize the shatter by its amber colour and glass-like concentrate. You may smoke shatter by rolling it with weed in a joint or burning it on your weed bowl. However, the more effective method is to dab the shatter using an oil rig. This method is demanding but uses up all the shatter efficiently. Whichever of the three methods you choose, be ready for an experience like you never had.

You will find that smoking shatter is not a cheap endeavour. It is quite challenging also. But, ask any weed smoker; it is all worth it. Shatter hits harder and heavier than other forms of cannabis. It is better to start small, observe how your body reacts, and stop when you reach your tolerance limits. Be aware that even to an experienced weed smoker, smoking shatter can feel like a first time experience with weed. Do not get scared about the amount of THC in shatter either because that distracts you from looking at the potential therapeutic effects that you could experience with it. 

For shatter and other high-quality marijuana products, visit the Weedsmart website. You could also email us directly on our wall for clarification on the ways of smoking it. Keep an eye out for our incredible discounts and sales. 

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