How to Smoke a Pipe?

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Smoking pipes is one of the classiest ways to smoke. Hardly anyone would disagree with that. It may be considered old school but it’s surely one of the most recognizable ways of smoking. Whether you’re looking to smoke tobacco or marijuana, the smoking pipe can be your best friend.

We all have seen someone in our lives that smokes a pipe. That can be our grandpa, an old friend of him, or our dad. And let’s admit, we were intrigued by it. Some of us might still be but the fact remains that smoking pipes is one classy act of manhood.

There are two main types of pipes. The first being the one with a carb; it’s usually has a small hole that allows the smoker to clear the smoke from the pipe. Due to obvious reasons, these are often referred to as bowls or even spoons. Carbs are made in such a way that they can carry more amount of tobacco or weed. Around friends, they are generally passed on to the next person after multiple puffs.

The other group of pipes is carb-less pipes. They are also called ‘chillums’ or even one-hitter. These pipes are widely available in a lot of different shapes. Looks-wise these are different from the carbs as these are straighter, much like cigarettes.

The biggest difference between smoking cannabis through joints or blunts and pipe is about the ash. Although smoking joints may seem more portable or convenient, these involve a great level of smoke and ash. Smoking pipe, on the other hand, is a cleaner and less smoky option.

If you’re one of those people who haven’t seen anyone smoking pipes or don’t know how they work, sit back because this guide will tell you everything you need to know about smoking a pipe.

Smoking Pipe - Understand the Basics
Smoking Pipe – Understand the Basics

Smoking Pipe – Understand the Basics

Usually, the pipes consist of three basic things:

  • The mouthpiece: The side that you put in your mouth to inhale.
  • The bowl of the spoon: The other end where the tobacco or cannabis flower is placed.
  • The hole: The carb hole, which was discussed a bit earlier, is one of the two popular types of pipes that have them, which is designed to clear the pipe from the smoke.

If you are willing to buy a pipe for yourself, go for your personal preference. That means picking the one that you think will suit you and your needs the best. There is no need to go for something fancy. Stick to the simple ones, they do their job better.

There are plenty of options available in the market and stores online – chillums that look like they are made of clear glad and some are even alike cigarettes. You may find all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes but what’s more important is to know whether you need a one-hitter or a bowl. If you’re fond of enjoying your weed all by yourself, a one-hitter would be the better option.

On the other hand, if you’re up for something much more classy, go for the bowl. Especially if you have a friend group and they share your interests. The bowl is also believed to last much longer than the chillum. Go down to the store and hold the pipe, to figure out the feeling. Of course, you won’t be getting any taste but you will have a much better idea of how comfortable you will be using the traditional pipe.

Filling the Pipe
Filling the Pipe

Here’s How You Fill the Pipe

Coming down to how to fill the pipe is simple. When it’s about filling the pipe, ground cannabis is considered the best option. The reason behind that is that it burns evenly. That means you are most likely to get the uniform hits. All you have to do is to use your grinder so that the cannabis flower is ripped into small pieces. Even if you don’t have a grinder, your fingers will do well to tear down the flower.

It’s obvious that the larger the bowl is, the larger amount of marijuana would be required. Similarly, a one-hitter usually requires a tiny bit to get packed.

After you have loaded your pipe, put the mouthpiece in and fire up the bowl containing the cannabis using the lighter. Inhale using the mouthpiece. It is then you get to know why smoking pipe has always been in action.

For the carb one, cover the hole using your finger or thumb for the first half of your puff. Then let go so that the air can flow through the carb hole and you will be able to enjoy the second half of the puff.

For starters, it is recommended to use small amounts at first. See how it makes you feel, then if you think you’ll be okay with slightly more of it then sure, go for it. But it’s important to start slow.

Learning How to Clean your Pipe is Super Important

An average cannabis pipe has over a thousand times more bacteria than your average dog’s food bowl – and about 50% more bacteria than an average public toilet seat. (Source: Moose Labs LLC)

Quite a shocker, right? So soaking your pipe in isopropyl alcohol for about 3 minutes would be a good idea. It will get rid of the majority of the germs in your pipe. The other option would be to soak it in acetone.

Protect Your Pipe
Protect Your Pipe

Protect Your Pipe in a Padded Case for Longevity

Now that you think you’ll start to like a smoking pipe, it’s a great time to know that pipes should be kept safe. And if your pipe is made of glass or even other types of crystals, make sure to always keep them secured in their storage boxes. Prevent them from impacts of shock by keeping them inside of something protective like a padded case or something. Pipes that are made of wood or other metals should also be kept safe and away from the reach of children and pets.

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