How to Roll a Cone Joint

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Written and Fact Checked by S. Zulfiqar

Rolling a joint filled with cannabis remains the most widely used method of smoking the plant. Joints are the top preferences of cannabis smokers throughout the world. They have tons of different nicknames including doobies, spliffs, fatties and J’s, etc.

But even some of the biggest canna-enthusiast struggle in rolling joints. Even if they know the exact procedure of how to roll them perfectly, they still seem uncomfortable while doing so. So this article will focus on how to roll a cone joint, exactly how you wanted to.

Before we get started, take a look at the list of supplies you’ll need:

  • Your preferred cannabis strain (make sure they are in the dried form)
  • Rolling papers of your choice
  • Filters (tips or any suitable material for making filter)
  •  Optional: Cannabis grinder and a rolling tray
Rolling Paper
Rolling Paper

The first step would be to grind your herbs. For the lucky ones that are living in areas where cannabis is legal, use the best available cannabis strain. The best strain is the one that you like the most.

And if somehow, you live somewhere where it’s not considered legal, you can use CBD cannabis that has less than 0.3% THC contents.

So grind your plant using a grinder. To make sure that your herb is breaking down as it should, it must be dried. If your herb is completely dry and you are using your grinder, that will guarantee great results. However, if it’s still wet or fresh, dry it first so that the grinder can do what it’s made for.

Also, if you don’t own a grinder, you can always use your fingers but be careful while doing so because you would not want to damage your trichomes. They are responsible for the high in cannabis as they are rich in TCH, CBD, and other active cannabinoids.

Step two is about creating your filter or crutch or whatever you wish to call it. You can either make one on your own using a thin (not too thin) cardboard or even a business card. Or you can simply head to the smoke shop to buy yourself pre-made filters that are easily available in shops and online.

If you are making your filter, make sure it’s not too big or not too small. There are various ways of creating your filter. You can go creative and go for the spiral filter or you can just make a few extra folds for a smoother experience. You can even use the old ‘M’ shaped filter. All that depends on your personal choice though.

Step three; Grab hold of one of your preferred rolling papers and lay it open on the rolling tray. Upon focusing, you will notice that most rolling papers are usually made in such a way that they are creased from the center. If yours isn’t creased down from the center area, that will work as well but the creased ones are recommended as they make the whole process pretty convenient for you.

Place your filter at one end of your rolling paper and make sure to place the filter in the center of the paper. After that, carefully start filling the paper with your herbs. Using your crease as the mid-point, fill the entire paper in such a way that the weed is evenly spread across the paper. When you are done filling it, notice that they are evenly spread and if they are not, stop right there and make them even by either adding some more weed to it or simply by taking off some of it using your hands.

Now that it’s even, this is when you will start to make it more like a cone-shaped joint. Begin by adding slightly more as you’re moving away from your filter tip side and towards the other side. This is will you a clear sight of your joint and you’ll notice that it’s started to look like a cone already.

Make a moment to notice and make it spread evenly as you’re moving from one side to another. When you are done, you will start to see that your joint is now looking more like a baseball bat. If it is, you know you’re doing it right. If not, take a break and come back to fix it.

Step four is about carefully picking up your rolling paper and using your thumb and index finger to lightly compress your herbs as you delicately begin to roll the paper. Try rolling the cone joint as smoothly as you can and don’t be afraid even if you’re spilling some of it. Just keep calm and make sure that the spillage is landing inside the tray.

Rolling the cone joint is one of the most challenging steps and only a master can roll without even the tiniest of spillage. So learning and practicing will help you in the entire process and soon you’ll start enjoying and start rolling like a pro.

After you have smoothly and tightly rolled your cone joint, seal it by licking the upper end of the paper. Gently, use your fingers to press and seal your joint.

Next up, tap the filter end of the joint onto a table of the tray a few times so that weed is tightly packed inside the joint. You can also use a pen to push down weed from the open end so that it’s compact.

This process will make some space and leave a gap between the weed (where it ends) and where the actual end of the rolling paper is. Use your index finger and thumb to twist the paper that’s left unused at the top. This step will further make the joint completely intact.

Once you’re done twisting the excess paper from on top of the joint, you have officially roll yourself a cone joint. Now all that’s left to do is to light up your joint and enjoy the smooth and smoky experience.

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