How To Make A Sploof All By Yourself: A 3 Step Method

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Written and Fact Checked by S. Zulfiqar

If you’re living in an apartment that isn’t weed-friendly or have a roommate who wouldn’t stop bugging you about the smell, getting a sploof would save you from a lot of stress. Figuring out how to make a sploof can be tricky, especially when it’s your first time. 

Some people would instead purchase one from commercial brands. These cost about $50, and you would have to replace them when they start to wear out. However, you can learn how to make one with a small cost and time. You can also make this a fun activity to share with friends during one of your hangouts. In this article, you will learn how to make a proper sploof and use it so that it works.

Things You’ll Need

You don’t need to go to a hardware store to make a classic sploof. You can find most of what you’ll need from general household items. There are different types of sploofs, and it mainly depends on preference. If you want a sploof that lasts longer with a particularly unique scent, you’ll have to spend more time and money working on your product. Things you’ll need include;

  • Cylindrical Tube – The tube is the container that holds the filtering agent, and it’s important that whatever tool you choose must be able to serve this purpose. For the tube, you can use an empty toilet paper tube or a plastic bottle. 

Another option if you’re looking to get technical is a chapstick tube or ABS Pipe. The chapstick is our least preferred option. You need the hole to be big enough to cover your mouth or most of it when you exhale into the sploof.

  • Filtering Substance – There are several things you can use as a filtering agent. These include a scented paper towel, dryer sheets, activated charcoal, etc. You don’t have to limit your choices to these. 

You can use a mix of sage, sunflower and other lovely smelling herbs or oils that you like. It’s all about how you want your sploof to smell. That is where you can get inventive. Remember that the stronger the scent, the better.

  • Duct Tape/Elastic Band – You’ll need to have these items around to hold everything together. Keep in mind that you’ll need a pair of scissors for your work. 


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Making the Sploof

Step 1

The first step is to prepare your container. If you are using a toilet paper tube, you can use it just as is. The same thing goes if you’re using an ABS Pipe. However, if you are using a plastic bottle, you can’t use it like this.

You’ll need to bore holes into the bottle’s bottom using a sharp knife or scissors. Be careful that the gap isn’t too big or too small. It must be big enough for the smoke to pass through. 

Note: Your container depends on the type of filtering agent you decide to use. Materials like activated charcoal weigh more than dryer sheets. So a plastic bottle or toilet paper tube won’t effectively hold it in place. You can use a plastic pipe or any metal tube instead. 

Step 2

The next step is to prepare the base of the sploof. Cover an open end of the tube with a piece of dryer sheet or paper towel. Another option is to use toilet paper or a thin piece of fabric. Use duct tape or an elastic band to secure the base firmly. You can also use paper tape as an alternative.

If you’re using a plastic bottle, cover the bottom of the bottle where you made the holes. To secure it, use duct tape or an elastic band. Ensure that the covering isn’t too thick that the smoke won’t pass through.

You also have to make sure that the covering isn’t too light. If it is, while you’re filling the tube with the filtering material, the base may tear, and you would have to repeat this process.

Step 3

The final step is to stuff your filtering material into the tube. You’ll need to pay attention while doing this. You don’t want to tear the covering you made in the first step as this will destroy the sploof. If you’re using dryer sheets, take 3 or 4 pieces and firmly place them into the tube.

If you’re using activated charcoal, place a measured amount into the tube. Make sure that the weight isn’t too heavy that it causes the base covering to fall apart. 

Suppose you’re using different materials like scented petals, herbs, etc. Mix all the scents you have on toilet paper; roll them into a bun, and stuff them into the tube. 

If you do not have dryer sheets or scented paper towels, there’s another option. You can spray fabric softener on toilet paper before shoving it into the tube.

Note that: After you add the filter agents, cover them with plain toilet paper. Doing this makes sure that some of the substance does not get into your mouth. Having an unpleasant taste in your mouth can ruin the whole experience. 

Once you’ve completed this step, your sploof is ready for use!

How To Use A Sploof

Now that you have learned how to make a sploof, using it is the easiest part. To understand how a sploof works, you can think of a car muffler. The muffler helps to reduce the noise from the vehicle’s engine. 

A sploof works in the same way, except that it only helps hide the smell of weed. When you exhale into the sploof, the scent that comes out isn’t heavy. You have to blow the smoke exhale into the open end of the tube. 

You need to ensure that while you’re smoking, all the smoke goes into the chamber. If you don’t do this, it means that the smoke wouldn’t pass through the filter, releasing the strong weed smell. That defeats the entire point of making the sploof in the first place.


Using a sploof is a way to actively continue your lifestyle as a cannabis enthusiast without affecting those around you. Learning how to make a sploof might save you from trouble with your parents, roommates, and even nosey neighbours.


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