How to Consume Different Types of Marijuana

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There are dozens of ways that you can consume cannabis. As more people begin using marijuana, many people want to find easier methods of creating topicals, edibles, and THC oils. Each consumption method has its own set of benefits, depending on why you want to use marijuana. Understand the options you have, whether you are a recreational or medical user. 

What Is Cannabis?

There are two types of cannabis plant. The first one is marijuana, which most people know have psychoactive effects. Even though it is not approved for use as a medicine, some people still try to use it for medicinal purposes. 

The other subset is hemp, which does not have as much THC, so it is not as likely to make you high. The main cannabinoids in each are CBD and THC. If you are going for THC, you might choose the marijuana plant. 

Consuming Cannabis Through Edibles

Now that you know what cannabis is and how the THC works, you will want to know a few methods of using marijuana. 

Capsules or Pills

These are also called cannacaps, and THC capsules have become more popular for consuming cannabis. They have marijuana in them, which is often suspended in oil. One of the benefits of this method is that it is good for those who have respiratory problems and do not wish to smoke. This is also an ideal method for delivering an accurate dosage, and it can treat several issues. But your digestive system might interfere with the absorption to your bloodstream. 

You can make your own cannacaps by getting your own capsules and placing decarboxylated marijuana in them. Add a small amount of coconut oil to help your body absorb it better. 



These are either oil- or alcohol-based, and they can be added to many recipes. You can take them under your tongue, or sublingually. That will be faster than an edible, but not quite as fast as smoking. This method can offer the best of both worlds to you. 

Sublingual methods are good if you want a long-lasting but fairly fast absorption of cannabis. The dosage is easy to regulate and measure, so both medical and recreational users can try them. They are good for those who like low doses or do not smoke. 


Butter infused with cannabis is also known as cannabutter. It is an important ingredient for many different types of edibles. It is fairly easy to make yourself, and all you have to do is infuse your butter by adding some decarboxylated flower to it. Then you can leave it at low heat for several hours before you strain out the marijuana leaves.

Once it is done, store the butter in your fridge and use it wherever you would normally use butter. It can turn any food into a cannabis edible. You can make infused oil the same way as cannabutter, especially if you want a vegetarian option. 

Chewing Gum

Infused gum is used by some to try to get relief from pain. If you use a CBD gum, you will not experience any psychoactive effects. Your mouth’s membranes can absorb the cannabinoids, and then they can be distributed in your bloodstream. This can be a more effective method of absorption than edibles. Because of their discreetness and effectiveness, gum is a popular option for those who have chronic pain conditions. 

Other Edible Products

Edibles are any type of food with marijuana in it. Of course, brownies are a classic example, but you can also find snacks, candies, and other ingredients for making your own treats at home. The high you get from an edible might take around two hours to hit, but it can also offer a more intense experience than other methods. You can have both THC and CBD edibles.

Cannabis Drinks

Cannabis Drinks

Drinks with cannabis in them are not new, but they might not be the most popular method of consuming marijuana. You can make your own cannabis tea or coffee at home. Marijuana tea might be non-psychoactive when you blend CBD and THC strains. Many cannabis coffees from the store have THC to make you high. Plus, there is a mixture of THC and caffeine to help you feel buzzed. You can also find CBD coffee.

As these drinks grow in popularity, manufacturers are becoming more varied in what they offer. You can now find soda to cocktails to lemonades. 

THC Soda

Sodas are new to marijuana users, and they may be limited in their distribution. However, they are an alternative to smoking. You can find sodas with several milligrams of THC in them, and it is carefully measured for each can or bottle. You will have a more consistent experience every time if you get them from a reputable source. Since your liver will metabolize them, the effect of THC soda will be similar to other marijuana edibles

Marijuana Simple Syrup

This is a sweetener that you can add to your drinks and is made with water and sugar. It is infused with cannabis, and you can even make your own at home. You can add cannabutter to your syrup or steep the bud in the syrup. If you want more flavour for your drinks, you can include other flavourings or herbs. You can add it to iced coffee and get a unique high

Smoking-like Methods

Rolling up a joint can be fun, but there are many other ways of consuming marijuana, as well. For example, consider dabbing. 



A dab is a highly concentrated type of marijuana made by extracting THC, as well as other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Often, carbon dioxide, butane, or ethanol are used for this. The result is an oil, referred to sometimes as budder, shatter, or wax. You can also get solventless concentrates with no chemicals in them. For example, kief and rosin are two of them. 

Dabbing requires an e-nail, torch, or dab rig. Take a small bit of the concentrate and place it on the vaporizer and heat it. This will release the ingredients that you then inhale. Dabs are also popular when using cannabis extract cartridges and concentrate pens. 

When you do it right, dabbing offers a high dose that is often better for your lungs. You can even decarboxylate concentrates and dab them on low temperatures.

Using Bongs

This is a kind of water pipe used with marijuana flowers, and more experienced smokers often like to use bongs. They can range in their design and size, and they use the water for cooling your smoke before hitting your lungs. Bongs also offer an intense high, and you can easily inhale a large amount of smoke at once. 


An easy and convenient method of using cannabis is through a bowl. Bowls are hand pipes that look like tobacco pipes. They can be a good way to inhale smaller doses without having to use a smoking paper. Bowls are often made from glass, but they can also be wood, metal, or ceramic. Some people even make their own bowls.


This is a mix between a traditional glass pipe and a water pipe. Bubblers are not as large as bongs, and they are often bigger than average bowls. However, they use water in a similar way and offer a smooth, clean hit. Because of the size of bubblers, they are good if you like bongs but want a smaller dose. They are also good for traveling. 



This is a common method of cannabis consumption. Joints are easy to make as you only need rolling papers, filters, and cannabis. You can find rolling papers in different sizes and made of various materials, like rice, hemp, and wood pulp. You can also find flavored papers, and the one that you choose will impact your experience. There have been trends such as papers enhanced with terpenes and even transparent ones made from plant cellulose. But no matter which one you choose, they are designed to offer an even, smooth burn. Many cannabis users have favorite ones. You only have to roll up the cannabis in the paper, light it up, and then smoke and enjoy. 


These are often cigars that have the tobacco taken out and filled again with marijuana. The wrap can add some more buzz, and many people like the option of using flavoured cigars for this.

Non-smoking Options

Not everyone wants to smoke their cannabis. Luckily, you have some inhalation methods that do not involve combustion. 


This is a discreet option for cannabis consumption, particularly if you do not like direct combustion. Vape pens are small and do not give off much odor. Plus, you can find disposable options if you are a casual smoker. They often have different options for your preferred dosage.

Vape pens use cannabis concentrates, such as BHO and distillate, and you can get ones that are ready to use out of the box. Distillate is a processed form that is almost all CBD or THC. It sometimes has terpenes added to it to copy the flavor of certain strains. However, some people believe that there might be heavy metals in these cartridges because of the lead used in the batteries. Only get them from trusted sources.

Vape Devices 

These devices, particularly those used to vaporize concentrates, have become more popular over time because of how convenient they are to use. They do not have a strong smell when you use them. Unlike other methods, vaping involves heating your cannabis without combusting it. Some people believe this may reduce the risk of ingesting any toxins from the smoke. Remember that the high from a vape can be different than when you smoke flowers

This might be because the vape pods or pens have more chemicals added. It can also be because of the differences in the cannabinoid composition of smoke vs. vapour. But a vape device can allow you to get the most out of your marijuana because the temperature is controlled more and not as high as a flame. It can decarb cannabis more efficiently and not burn off as much. The less that you burn, the more vapour you can inhale. 

To get a more sedated and stronger vaping experience, you can decarb your cannabis first. You can then vaporize it at lower temperatures, getting more cannabinoids from the marijuana. On the other hand, if you vape decarbed cannabis at a normal temperature, you might produce more CBN. Those suffering from insomnia or PTSD often choose this option.

Cannabis for the Skin

Cannabis for the Skin

Whether you have skin conditions you want to try to treat or just like the smooth feeling of a marijuana topical, there are many ways of using them.

Topical Creams

Cannabis has been used to try to relieve pain for many years, but creams with CBD and THC have become more popular today. They do not have psychoactive effects but may have some localized effects. Athletes often try the creams before a game instead of using an over-the-counter pain reliever. 

Transdermal Patches

These are worn on your skin and work similarly to nicotine patches. They are fairly new to marijuana users. Transdermal patches are not meant to make you high. Instead, they are designed to try to offer you pain relief, particularly if you have chronic pain. 

A transdermal cannabis patch offers a stream of cannabis to your bloodstream and offers discreet relief. Just remember that they do not work as quickly as ingesting or inhaling, so you might not use them if you need quick relief.

Closing Thoughts

There are many ways to consume cannabis, and the right method for you will depend on the type of cannabis you are using and the effects you want to get. Even if you can’t smoke, you can still get a dose of CBD or THC. Whether you want to strike the perfect balance or need marijuana for managing illnesses, there are available methods for you. 

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