How Long Does a Marijuana High Last? What to Expect

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Many people take cannabis because they enjoy the feeling of being high. Others take it medicinally. When you are high, you can experience many psychological and sensory effects, like euphoria, therapeutic effects, and more awareness of your surroundings. Especially if you are new to using cannabis, you might not know how long a high will last and how long you are committing to when you start to smoke. So, you might want to learn more about increasing or decreasing the length of your high. Here’s what you need to know.

Differing Effects

The way that you react to cannabis, whether it is the effects that you experience or the length of your high, will depend on your unique body chemistry. Different kinds of cannabis will have different effects. Some kinds might make you have a more intense high than others, especially more potent strains. But the exact kind of strain might have very different effects from one user to the next.

Each person’s body reacts to cannabis with the endocannabinoid system, or ECS. This is a system of lipids, enzymes, and receptors that will help your body maintain its internal balance. It also regulates functions, such as sleep and hunger. When the cannabinoids, like CBD and THC, interact with your body, they will bind to the cannabinoid receptors of the ECS system. Then the enzymes will break them down. The cannabinoid receptors vary from person to person because of genetics. So, your genetics will help determine the effect that cannabis has on you, such as how long you stay high for. 

How Long a High Will Last

How Long a High Will Last

There are several factors at play that will determine the length of your intoxication. The primary factor is the way that you consume the cannabis. The chemical makeup of your marijuana will determine the length of your high and the potential side effects. 

When you are smoking cannabis, you will feel high almost instantly. This is because the cannabinoids enter your system through your lungs and quickly go into the bloodstream. The THC levels in your body will be at their peak within about half an hour to an hour after you inhale them. You might be high for several hours, but it will usually be less intense after about an hour or so. 

On the other hand, edibles have a very different effect on many people. Your digestive system will absorb the edibles, and your liver will metabolize the THC. It might take about 20 minutes or a few hours before you start to notice any effects. Depending on how much THC you took, the amount of time that an edible lasts for might be as long as nine hours. The peak will be anywhere from an hour to three hours after consumption. 

When you are taking concentrates, you will also notice almost immediate effects. But the duration will depend on your tolerance. If you have a concentrate high in THC, you might notice that the effects start to wear off within a few hours. But if you are new to cannabis, then you may crash for the rest of the day. 

What Does It Feel Like?

The aspects of a high from cannabis will change over time, no matter what kind you are using. You can expect the qualities of a high to change depending on the person and vary depending on the strain. Many growers have a list of what people can expect when they use that strain. That might include creativity, couch lock, hunger, or cerebral stimulation.

Some strains are designed to try to combat anxiety, while others might increase your sensitivity and make you more prone to anxiety. As you become less high, the euphoric parts of the high will likely dissipate. You will probably feel tired after your high goes down. But the chemical makeup of a strain and your genes will determine if this happens and to what extent.

How Much Does It Take

How Much Does It Take?

The amount of cannabis that you need to take to get high will depend on several things. What makes you high is THC, even though there are other cannabinoids that also play a role in enhancing the effects. But the percent of THC in the product will change how high you feel. The method of consumption will be the biggest factor when it comes to determining how much you need to take. For instance, if you take an edible with 50 milligrams of cannabis in it, that will last longer than if you had a 50-milligram smoke, even if both of them had 20 percent THC.

The percentage of the THC does not tell you everything, but it can still give you a good idea of how the cannabis might affect you. The amount of CBD that a product has also plays a role. If you were having an edible, you might want to have less THC than if you were smoking a joint.

Bringing Down a High

If you are new to cannabis or if you just got carried away, you might have accidentally taken too much. The important thing to remember here is that this will not last forever. Cannabis is not toxic. There have been no deaths from taking too much cannabis. But if you need to come down from a high quickly, there are several things to make it better. For instance, you can try taking deep breaths, having a cold shower, and using pepper or lemon. Some people also find that taking CBD can counteract the effects of THC. 

Closing Thoughts

There are many things that go into determining how high you will be. But you can also increase the length of your high. The more THC in a product, the less cannabis you will need to use to get high. You can take another smoke to increase the length of your high or go for an edible, which lasts longer. You can also look for products that have higher percentages of THC. Following these steps will help you get the perfect high for you.

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