How Long Do Edibles Last?

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Marijuana edibles give you practically the strongest and longest high you can get. Unlike smoking or vaping, the high from edibles is even more potent and can last for many hours. But just how long do edibles last?

In general, edibles take around 30 minutes (or up to two hours) to kick in and can last for 4 to 12 hours. As you’d imagine, this isn’t ideal if you have things to do, but you can always microdose with things like THC gummies for a milder and shorter high.

Your edibles high can also vary depending on a range of factors such as your weight, tolerance, and metabolism. The answer can be a little complicated, so here’s a helpful guide to answer the question of how long edibles last.

How Long Till Edibles Take Effect?

In general, edible users will start to feel the effects after around 30 minutes and peak at around 2 hours. This means you might start feeling like you’re high anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes after eating one.

Give the edibles time to take effect and don’t re-dose. Eating too much will result in even more intense effects and may become unpleasurable.

The time edibles take to kick in can depend on a few factors. Those with faster metabolisms will feel them faster. Those who take a while to digest the edibles might have to wait a couple of hours before they start to feel high.

How Long Do Edibles Last?

According to studies you can expect the high to last for around 4 to 12 hours. You’ll generally feel peak effects around 2 to 4 hours after ingestion. Although you may feel some after effects, all effects will wear off within 24 hours.

This can depend on your metabolism, dosage, and tolerance. It’s best to start with a dosage of around 5-10 mg and see how it affects your body. Over time, you can build your way up and manage a long and potent edible dose with ease.

How Much Should I Eat?

Dosages in marijuana edibles are based on the milligrams of THC (and/or CBD) contained within. The dosage you should take depends on your tolerance. Beginner users should take no more than 10 mg to begin with. Experienced users can experiment more with higher dosages such as 20-40 mg.

You can also microdose with edibles. Smaller dosages are much easier to manage and won’t last as long. Products such as Ed & Bills Coke Bottles are split into servings of 10 mg THC, making it easy to manage and control your dosage.

How Long Do Edibles Stay In Your System?

Edibles Last in Your SystemAlthough the high from edibles will wear off within a day, THC may still stay in your system for a while. Research suggests that your body flushes around 80-90% of THC out of your body within a week. However, traces can last for a month (or longer) especially when using potent products like edibles.

There are various ways to expedite the process of removing THC out of your system. Drinking a lot of water, using laxatives, and taking vitamins can all help. Your metabolism and weight can also have an effect.

If you’ve taken edibles within the past few days, you will test positive for marijuana on a drug test. Depending on a few factors, you may be able to pass a drug test within a week. One-time users of edibles will get marijuana out of their system much faster. Those who use regularly may still have traces for a while.

Methods such as drinking cranberry juice and taking Vitamin B-12 can help both flush THC out and mask it in your urine. If you put in enough effort, you may be able to pass within a couple of weeks or so. However, it’s best to avoid edibles if you know you’re likely to be drug tested in the near future.

Where To Buy Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana edibles come in various forms, and they’re available in many dispensaries. You can also buy edibles online and have them delivered to your home address.

You can buy a wide variety of marijuana edibles in different forms and with different dosages. Here are some popular choices.

  • These Coke Bottles contain a whopping 200mg of THC to a pack. They’re split into small servings of 10mg THC each, so you can take one at a time or even part of one to microdose.
  • Mota Sour Watermelon Gummies are made with 100mg of THC and 20mg of CBD per pack. These give you the strong relaxing effects of cannabis indica along with the medical benefits of CBD. They’re great for helping with pain, inflammation, and stress. Or you can just enjoy them recreationally.
  • Mota Cola Gummies are similar but made with cannabis indica as opposed to sativa. These will give you more of a relaxing and mellowing high. They also have 100mg of THC and 20mg of CBD to a pack. You can find these gummies in various flavors and strains.
  • Hard Candies are also available in various flavors. This pack contains 125mg of THC, more than enough to last any beginner or experienced user a while.

Can You Get CBD Edibles?

Yes! CBD Edibles are great for those who wish to medicate with CBD without getting high. These kinds of edibles can help with pain relief, reducing inflammation, improving mental health, and also host a range of other positive health impacts.

For a pure CBD edible with no THC, try Mota White CBD Clear Sphere. This pineapple gummy contains 100mg of CBD, split into five slices. You can get your cannabidiol medication conveniently in a great-tasting, easy-to-consume form.


Thanks to their long-lasting impact, marijuana edibles are a great cost-effective way to enjoy the effects of marijuana. With a high that can last from 4 to 12 hours, experienced marijuana users can enjoy the effects of THC for a long time. CBD edibles are also available for those who want to use medical cannabis in a fun and tasty way. The high from THC edibles can be long and potent, but microdosing can help you manage it easier. Use wisely and enjoy.

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