Hash vs. Weed: What’s the Difference?

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Both weed and hash are popular choices for using cannabis, no matter where you live. However, you might be wondering what the similarities and differences are between them. And you might be wondering which is the best option. If you have never tried to use both at the same time, then these are common questions. Once you know more about these substances, you can make the right choice for you. 

Appearance and Main Differences

It is important for you to understand the main differences between these kinds of cannabis. Both hash and weed come from the female marijuana plant. Weed refers to flowers that have not been processed, and the hash is the resin from the plant. Weed looks like green buds, and hash is stickier and tends to be brown.  Some people like to mix their cannabis with tobacco. Hash burns the best with tobacco for cigarettes, and you can use weed with rolling tobacco. If you want to have something a little different, you can mix cannabis with some herbs.

Taste and Smell

Some people prefer the scent of hash, depending on what strain they are using. Some strains of cannabis can have a strong scent. However, you will only smell hash if you start to burn it. Once it is burning, it has a potent, refreshing, and woody scent.  You might like the fact that hash can make your room smell earthy. Or you may like the fact that different strains of cannabis have different smells. There are many smells of cannabis that you will not get to experience if you use only hash. Many people believe that the taste of hash is not as floral as the parent plant that it came from. However, the extraction method that was used will factor into this, as well. If there is plant material remaining in the hash, it can change the taste, as well as the effects you will experience.  Which One Is More Potent

Which One Is More Potent?

One of the most important differences for smokers is how potent a product is. Hash can have a stronger concentration of THC. With weed, you may get around 10 to 20 percent THC, and even the strongest strains may have only 30 percent THC in them. On the other hand, since hash is a concentrate, it can average around 40 percent THC, but some of the purest kinds might have as much as 90 percent THC in them.  When you are using hash, you will have a mental high. If you have ever tried a sativa strain, the high will be similar to this. You may have a distorted sense of time and feel euphoric. Because hash is stronger than weed, you will need a smaller amount of hash to get the same kind of high. However, if you like the effects of indica strains, then you may want to go with weed instead. 

What Is the High Like?

Smoking weed can offer different effects than using hash. Since there is more THC in it, hash that is made well can have stronger effects than the strain that it came from. But this does not apply to all kinds of hash. If you get hash that is not of high quality, you might get some filler material in it, such as henna, oil, sand, animal hair, or plastic. This is why it is so important to choose a company that offers a third-party lab report.  Generally, hash is more concentrated than where it comes from. It has become one of the most common ways of using cannabis in many areas because other plants did not have many cannabinoids in them.  The strain that is used will influence the high of both weed and hash. Just like with a regular joint, hash has psychoactive elements that usually mirror the plant that it came from. However, there can be some differences in the effects compared to using weed.  For instance, many people believe that hash can give them clearer effects, although the plant that it came from may have a more relaxing effect on them. So even if the hash came from an indica strain, which is known for putting users to sleep, the hash may help them to focus. 

Availability and Cost

Sometimes, it is easier to find weed than it is to find hash. That might be because weed is needed to make hash. Many countries produce weed, but not as many of them make hash. Afghanistan and Morocco commonly make hash, but it can be hard to export out of those countries.  No matter where it comes from, hash can be more expensive. This is because it is a concentrate, and the process to make it can be time-consuming.  How Is Hash Made

How Is Hash Made?

In the past, mechanical separation was used to extract the resin from the plant material. It is dried and then sieved. Next, it is shaped and formed into blocks. In the traditional method, people rub the plant using their hands, so the resin comes off of the plant. The resin will be used to hold the blocks together. Many times, heat and pressure are used to ensure the block stays together.  This is the most common method of making hash. Some companies that make hash, in places like Lebanon and Morocco, only use this method. Companies in areas such as Pakistan, India, and some South Asian countries still create hash by hand. If you are making hash at home, you can use an iron at a low setting with the kief between a few layers of parchment paper.

Closing Thoughts 

Choosing the right cannabis product depends on what kind of a high you want to have. Many people believe that the high from hash is stronger than with regular weed. Others believe that they feel more creative and productive when they are smoking hash. What you can afford also factors into your decision. Trying out both for yourself is a good method of determining the one that you prefer.

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