Free weed bins in Canada?

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During the middle of October, interesting things happened in Canada, first the legalization of recreational use of marijuana on 17th, and then an image that became very popular from Toronto’s airport. At some point, we explained that you can smoke weed at Vancouver airport, and that’s illegal to take out marijuana from Canada.

Thanks to the Internet

During October, after the legalization of recreational use of marijuana in Canada, Toronto’s Pearson International Airport had an interesting idea: Provide travelers with a designated trash can to dump their marijuana before entering US Customs. Probably, they had no idea about the impact it would have on the internet. It started when a Reddit user called SailishSailor posted a picture of a bin at the Toronto airport onto the popular website. A sign above the bin says, “dispose of your cannabis here before proceeding”. According to SailishSailor, the bin is placed just before security. At the moment, it was an unlocked can, so users started to wonder if it was possible to get some marijuana from it, and even compared it to those places where you take a book and let there another one. SailishSailor titled the thread: “Pearson International installed a “free weed” bin :)”. The post has since got blown up on Reddit Toronto with over 1600 upvotes and over 260 comments.

Response and changes

The image became so popular that the Airport authorities had to respond. According to Gizmodo, a spokesperson for the Greater Toronto Airport Authority had this to say  – “‘Free weed’ is resoundingly incorrect… Once something goes into the container, it doesn’t come out.” The new cannabis disposal containers will be securely closed to allow deposits into them, with nothing taken out. These containers will continue to be monitored,” the spokesperson said. There are reportedly three marijuana disposal bins in the airport, each at different security checkpoints.   So, at the moment, the only option to get weed in Toronto is from the Ontario Cannabis Store. As a reminder, you can read here Marijuana Laws in Ontario.  
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