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Today, cannabidiol (CBD) is widely known as the cannabis compound that doesn’t get you high, previously, we have explained is more than that but the more important thing is that the cannabis business is expanding and there are a lot of options for everybody’s needs.


If you’re new to cannabis, we can give you a little background: cannabis has more than 100 compounds, the more famous are CBD and THC. CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it won’t alter your brain function and get you “high”.

CBD water is simply mineral water infused with CBD, but with some high technology in the middle. According to some recent research, its exceptional antioxidant quality means your immune system also receives a boost. Typical benefits include faster recovery time and reduced muscle pain.

In Canada, CBD water joins the CBD infused drinks, recently, companies have been selling ice teas, shakes, juices and even bears infused with cannabidiol. The cannabis business is getting bigger every day, this market is worth $5.6 billion in Canada alone based on data from Consumer Health Products Canada.

CBD Water Weedsmart

How does it work?

CBD water is a recent innovation. It’s infused with nano-sized Cannabidiol molecules. Using the benefits of today’s technology and quantum physics, the normal size CBD molecules are reduced to 1 millionth.

Why is it a benefit? With the CBD molecules been reduced, they can freely go anywhere in the body where is needed. It makes easier for people to feel the effect of the CBD water, and use it as a treatment of several diseases.

The CBD molecules are almost as a size of the DNA, so they can be transported anywhere in the body. CBD is highly beneficial for the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for the regulation of the central and the peripheral nervous system, for the immune system, cardiopulmonary system and regulates the sleep and appetite.

Cannabis researchers recommend drinking at least 10-25 mg per day if you are drinking it for no medical purpose. But, if you need the benefits of the CBD Water in order to treat some symptoms or illness, then 2-10 mg of water is recommended per kilogram of body weight.

Brands that sell CBD water add up to 50 mg of CBD to a bottle of water; this is more than enough to deal with most maladies, however, some experts believe people with epilepsy might need up to 300 mg a day to reduce seizures. It’s better to contact a doctor to know the right amount you need.


  • Taste: The CBD water doesn’t have a flavor, and you can combine it with fruits and vegetables like orange or lemon.
  • Absorption Speed: It has a faster absorption speed compared to the CBD oil. So if you need a supplement that would work quickly (if you are having pain, for example), the CBD water will do the job.
  • Safety: For some researchers and cannabis users, the main issue that comes along with the CBD water is related to the nanotechnology, they might be worried that it increases toxicity. Particles called nanoceuticals” can bypass the body’s protective barriers and expose the body to biochemical quantities which are not familiar with the human body. It can produce the “entourage effect”; This is the effect of cannabinoids and terpenes (found in marijuana) that work together and have a positive influence on the body. When using only one of them, or only CBD in the case with the water, the effectiveness is reduced.
  • Full Spectrum: The water products only contain CBD, on the other hand, oil usually includes additional cannabinoids and terpenes. By using the whole plant, CBD oil is likely to be more effective than CBD water.


Have you tried CBD Water? Comment below!


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