Edibles: What You Need To Know About This Booming Cannabis Product Type

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Cannabis edibles are THC-infused products that can easily be taken in a person’s daily life. There are plenty of different edibles for nearly every taste and there are even gluten-free options. Edibles are much more appealing to specific cannabis consumers as they do not come with a smell that can be easily recognized. Smoking cannabis also can have negative health impacts if done constantly as many people use blunts that contain tobacco. Edibles could be the healthiest way to consume cannabis along with topicals/tinctures. With this being said eating 5 packs of gummy bear edible products per day will have potentially negative impacts on health.

Edibles are much like any other form of cannabis and need to be consumed with caution. A product might look like a childhood snack a person loved but can be very potent. The following will cover everything you need to know about cannabis-infused edibles including tips on usage.

What They Are And Where Did They Come From?

Edibles have been synonymous with THC that is infused into an edible form like that of a brownie being the most recognized. These can also come in the form of syrups, candy, and everything in between. One aspect to be aware of is that due to many states just starting out legalizing cannabis is that there are going to be growing pains. This has led to trouble regulating edibles as figuring out dosages can be hard for even an expert in creating the products.

Previous to the legalization in many states for legal cannabis edibles were sold on the black market. This can be extremely dangerous as the regulation of these edibles is nonexistent. Many of those on the black market might put other substances in the edibles in order to give a high similar to cannabis. This could include chemicals like that of anti-anxiety medications as many people take edibles to help with sleep. The last thing that anyone wants is to take a laced edible that has potentially fatal or dangerous impacts on health.

Differences In A Smoking And Edible High

The high from smoking sets in nearly immediately but edibles can take hours to kick in. This is the reason people consume too many edibles as they are waiting for the high. The edible high lasts from around 4 to 6 hours while smoking lasts from 2 to 4. Couch lock is more associated with edibles as they are commonly consumed to help with sleep or spike a person’s appetite. This does not mean smoking cannot provide this high but most likely couch lock would be produced by smoking an Indica strain. Smoking concentrates is very different though as these can result in veteran smokers passing out for a nap.

Advantages And Differences When Compared To Other Cannabis Products

The advantage of not having to emit any kind of smell when taking an edible is great for those that do not want people to know they smoke cannabis. Not having to smoke the edible makes it healthier and can be a perfect option for those that live a healthy lifestyle. A difference on the negative side of edibles is that people calling the ER or going to the hospital happens far more often with edibles. Smoking once can make a smoker high for a few hours, but consuming a large number of edibles can leave the person uncomfortable for the better part of a day.

How Are Edibles Made?

Edibles can be made using a crockpot specifically designed to make cannabis-infused butter. With this butter, it becomes far easier to cook with it or even consume it on popcorn. The key to making this butter and activating the THC in cannabis is by heating it. A specifically designed crockpot does not have to be purchased but it will require much more careful cooking. Overheating cannabis can yield the THC useless resulting in a waste of the plant material. Making edibles with someone that has done it before can be a huge help as they can give tips and trick that they have learned.

Now, mistakes are going to happen and dosages can differ depending on the strain being used for the edibles.

Tips And Tricks For Storing Your Edibles

Storing edibles is very different than storing other cannabis products as they can easily be mistaken if not kept in the appropriate packaging. The last thing that anyone wants is a family member or friend eating these without the knowledge or desire to feel high. For those people that have children, it is better to keep these in a smaller fridge that has a lock and key. The reason for this is that a child will not be able to understand why they cannot eat candy. The refrigerator is going to be the top option for many edibles but for things like gummies these can be kept at room temperature.

Gummies can stick together if it is too warm though which can compromise dosage levels resulting in eating far more THC than desired. Packaging has been more controlled so there will be storage tips on products as many can differ.


THC products can be life-changing for quite a few people and edibles are no different. Take the time to do a bit of research which compares your cannabis usage in comparison to the dosage being consumed. Take it slow as nearly everyone that consumes a large number of edibles understands how impaired they can leave you. Edibles with their benefits and lack of need to smoke have taken the forefront in the minds of many cannabis enthusiasts for this reason.

Cannabis-infused edibles can be great in terms of the benefits of their consumers. The federal government still has not legalized cannabis as a whole so it’s important to research local laws and take the time to consume these products is legal in your area in a responsible way.

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