Cures for when greening out on Cannabis Edibles

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Have you ‘accidentally’ ate a little too much of that edible. You decided to eat edibles to help medicate yourself, wait 30 mins, think they don’t work and than you eat a little more. One hour later you find yourself completely greening out, rooms spinning and your sky high. The paranoia begins to set in and the world is caving in around you and you just want that ‘high’ feeling to stop?

Well we, discovered some tricks of the trade to help during those time of over medicating yourself. As many edible companies encourage you to consume cautiously, Canada has yet to define a set number for the amount of THC per edible. Therefore ALWAYS eat cautiously.

First, you cannot die from cannabis edibles. While eating too much of a piece of a edible may seem like you might. Currently the dosages in the Canadian market today range from 60mg-100mg, while research states that 25 mg should medicate a individual comfortably. Unlike alcohol, cannabis compounds also do not depress the respiratory system. Even though you might feel like your over dosing the worst that might happen is that you’ll projectile vomit and get sick to your stomach. In some cases, you may fall asleep. Other side effects include distorted movements, a strong heavy-body sensation, anxiety, and paranoia. All of these situations can make you very uncomfortable. In fact, sometimes people become so uncomfortable with cannabis overdose that they take themselves to the emergency room.

While it is always important to seek help when you feel that you are in a medical emergency, there is little that can be done for a cannabis overdose experience.

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What to do if you overdose on cannabis edibles

Relax, Breathe

Though an edibles overdose may cause a person to become uncomfortable, anxious, and paranoid, the best thing you can do when you’ve eaten too much of an edible is to get to a quiet place and relax.

The cannabis experience is worsened by uncomfortable or non-supportive environments. If you are out and about after eating an edible, you may find that you want to seek refuge in a warm and private place. Safely making your way home and getting into your own bed can make all the difference.

Drink water

Edibles can cause dry mouth and make you feel parched. Drinking some cool waterwill allow you to stay hydrated and alert. Keep in mind that the edibles experience will likely be made worse by dehydration

Put on music

Edibles can provide a fun and healing psychoactive experience. If things seem to be getting a little too intense, put on a pair of headphones, lay down, close your eyes, and listen to some peaceful and relaxing music.

Try some pure CBD

If you happen to have some pure CBD capsules or oils on hand, they may be useful in the event of a THC overdose. CBD lessens the psychoactive power of THC. By taking CBD, you may be able to reduce the intensity of your edibles high.


It’s odd to think that a glass of milk can take you down but there is some truth to this. The reason being is Milk is high in fat and the THC binds to the lipids in your body thus reducing your high.

Take a Cold Shower

Splashing some cold water on your face or taking a shower will help bring down your heart rate, reduce palpitations and ease the stress you’re experiencing.

So there you have it, edibles are great way to bring down anxiety or to deal with pain, however consumption is very important always take little and wait for a hour for the high to kick in, than continue to medicate until your high is comfortable for you.








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