CBD Guide: 12 Important Facts You Should Know Right Now

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CBD is a hot topic these days, with more and more people using CBD products. Though most people have at least heard of CBD, many aren’t sure what it is. They may have the incorrect assumption that it is precisely like the regular cannabis people know.

Before you start buying CBD products and talking to others about them, take a look at 12 facts we think you should know about this popular cannabis product.

1. CBD is just one of more than 100 compounds found in marijuana plants 

Cannabis plants are made up of over 100 compounds. These compounds are what determines the smell, taste, even colour of each plant. This profile also plays a role in determining the effects a particular strain will provide users.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the second most prominent in most plants, with THC being the most notable. It is known for offering users feelings of relaxation, increasing calm, relieving nausea, and even helping users get a good night’s sleep.

2. CBD can be extracted from both hemp plants and cannabis plants

This fact can be a point of confusion for many people. Though CBD is associated with cannabis, it can also be found in hemp plants. In short, people will want to see if it is hemp-derived CBD or CBD taken from a cannabis plant when shopping for CBD.

The two plants are quite similar, with the significant difference between them being the amount of CBD and THC they contain. Hemp plants are known to have more CBD and less THC than cannabis plants, which have higher amounts of THC than CBD (typically).

Many manufacturers find extracting CBD from hemp plants for CBD products to be more economical as they contain more of it. But it is essential to note that hemp oil and CBD oil are not the same things. Hemp oil, like hemp-derived CBD, comes from the hemp plant. But, hemp oil contains no CBD and is instead more a wellness product.

3. CBD will not get you high 

When people talk about cannabis and its various products, the first thing that comes to mind is the high feeling users experience. But, CBD is different. Though CBD offers many benefits and effects, such as a sense of calm and increased relaxation, it is not psychoactive, meaning you will not get high from using CBD.

This is one of the reasons CBD has become so popular. It allows people to experience most of the benefits of cannabis use without the worry that some people have about being high and the concern that they will become impaired after using the product(s).

CBD is available in three different types

4. CBD is available in three different types

When you shop for CBD products, you’ll likely see them as either full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate. What does this mean?

  1. Full-spectrum CBD refers to a product that contains CBD and other components of the cannabis plant. Because it includes all components of cannabis plants, that means there will be some THC present, but it will be trace amounts, totaling less than 0.3 percent.
  2. Broad-spectrum CBD is similar to full-spectrum in that it contains other components of the cannabis plant. But, with one big difference: it does not contain any THC.
  3. CBD isolate is CBD in its purest form. This type of CBD product will contain 100 percent CBD and will not have any other compounds that compose cannabis plants.

The type of CBD product you use is strictly your preference. Some people prefer broad and full-spectrum because they feel effects are more potent when all compounds work together (this is a phenomenon called the entourage effect). However, other people prefer CBD isolate as they do not want the chance of THC being in their product, or they feel more comfortable with it in its purest form.

5. CBD comes in many forms

The first time you go shopping for CBD products, you may be overwhelmed by the number of available options. CBD comes in the form of oils, can be found in vape cartridges, edibles, and even capsules. As the CBD market continues to heat up, we can only assume that the number and type of CBD-based products will continue to grow. Whatever your preference when it comes to taking CBD, you’ll be able to find a product that appeals to you.

6. CBD oil is suitable for use in cooking

CBD recipes are starting to pop up all over the internet as more people turn to incorporate CBD into their food. CBD oil can be added to every kind of dish. You can add it to main courses, desserts, and even beverages. Just remember, if you are cooking for others, they should be aware the food contains CBD and should have given their permission to ingest it.

CBD oil is suitable for use in cooking

7. CBD possibly has an anti-inflammatory effect

CBD is a versatile compound. One of the properties it is most known for is having anti-inflammatory properties. This means CBD can help reduce inflammation in various areas of the body, including joints and even skin.

Users often think of CBD as a more natural way to relieve inflammation, but be sure to consult with a physician about incorporating it into your inflammation-management regiment. They can advise if CBD will interact with any medications or, they may even be able to recommend a specific product to try.

8. CBD can be applied topically

Another growing sector of the CBD market is CBD beauty products like lotions, scrubs, and creams. It has even been infused into bath bombs. These, and CBD oils, are applied topically or directly to the skin. When applied to the skin, CBD can help soothe it, preventing and calming redness that may occur when the skin is irritated. Many people also use CBD to soothe sore muscles from workouts, stress, or general ageing.

Another benefit of topically applying CBD is that it works quickly. Because it doesn’t need to be processed like, say, an edible would need to be, it goes to work right away, helping to soothe redness and calm sore muscles right away.

9. CBD is often used to counteract THC 

We’ve discussed that THC is the compound responsible for the high feelings associated with cannabis use. Taking too much THC can leave people with a high they were not prepared for. CBD is believed to counteract THC’s effects, helping to temper them to more manageable levels. When people experience a bad high, they often turn to CBD to help bring them down.

Users who want to experience a balanced cannabis experience may also choose products that are relatively equal in THC and CBD or may have higher than average CBD amounts. This enables users to experience all the different compounds a cannabis plant has to offer, but with a lower risk of having a bad high or a high feeling that is too strong for them.

CBD dosage matters 

10. CBD dosage matters 

One concern many people have is that they’ll overdose if they take too much CBD (or too much of any type of cannabis product). But you can’t overdose on any CBD product. So far, CBD has shown to be well-tolerated by people, even if taken in higher amounts. However, it is vital to watch your dosage amount. Not because you’ll overdose, but because taking too much CBD can lead to effects that you may not want, such as extreme grogginess. If you take CBD to help you get through your day, taking too much can have the opposite effect.

If you are new to taking CBD and aren’t sure how much you should use, start with a low dose. You can gradually increase it each day (or each time you use it) until you begin to feel the effects at the level you want.

11. CBD cannabis strains are becoming a thing

The vast majority of cannabis strains will contain higher levels of THC than they will CBD. On average, cannabis strains will range between 15 and 23 percent THC, with CBD often coming in at the 1 (or less) percent up to about 3 or 4 percent.

As CBD becomes more popular, many cannabis growers are starting to create strains with higher amounts of CBD or t CBD as the dominant compound in the strain.

One of the first strains to have this CBD-dominant makeup is the famous ACDC (named after the popular rock band). ACDC has an astonishing CBD to THC ratio of 20:1. Other strains that contain high amounts of CBD include Harlequin, Sour Tsunami, and Pennywise, though many others are out there, and their number is only going to continue to grow.

If you are interested in finding CBD-dominant strains but aren’t sure where to look, ask for help. Your online dispensary or local budtender will be able to recommend some CBD strains to try that they have in stock. 

12. CBD isn’t just for people anymore

One of the latest trends to reach the CBD market is CBD products for pets. Pet-owners have started using a variety of CBD products such as oils and even dog-safe chews as a natural way to:

  • Relieve anxiety (general or fireworks-induced)
  • Soothe inflammation and pain in their joints
  • Improve mobility caused by joint stiffness
  • Calm an upset stomach

The use of CBD in animals is relatively new. Before purchasing CBD pet products, be sure to consult with your veterinarian. They can help determine the dosage you should use and what CBD product is a good option for your pet.

Tips for Buying Quality CBD Products

Tips for Buying Quality CBD Products

Now that you know a little more about what CBD is, its uses, and the benefits it offers, you may be ready to make your first CBD purchase. But, before you do, you’ll want to do a little research to make sure you are getting a quality product.

First, you’ll want to look for lab results, often presented in a certificate of analysis (COA). This document will show the amount of THC in the product (which should be 0.3 percent or lower, zero is preferred for pets) and testing for the presence of pesticides and other harmful chemicals and compounds. These are often available on a manufacturer’s website, but feel free to ask for them if you can’t find them.

Second, read the ingredients list for your product. This is especially important if you are buying CBD edibles or CBD beauty products to ensure there is nothing in there you wouldn’t expect and that it doesn’t contain anything you may be allergic to.

Finally, read reviews of the company and the product before you buy it. These reviews can give you peace of mind that your order will be delivered to you and that the product you receive will be of the highest quality.

Final Thoughts on CBD

CBD products seem to be everywhere these days. And it’s no wonder—they are prevalent. The number of CBD products out there is astonishing, and more are coming onto the market every day.

CBD edibles such as gummies and baked goods are among some of the most common products. But, users can also find it in oil form, in capsules, and more. Whatever your preference for consuming cannabis, CBD will likely come in that form as well.

Though you cannot overdose on CBD (a common concern among newbies), taking too much can lead to more adverse effects. Instead of relieving nausea, taking too much can cause it. Or, instead of helping to boost your energy as a low dose would do, you may find yourself very groggy. That’s why it is essential to start with a low dose and slowly increase your dosage amount until you reach the desired effects.

Though there is still a lot to know about CBD, we are constantly continuing to learn more. The science on CBD, and most cannabis products in general, is still relatively new. But early results are pretty promising, and the future continues to look bright for CBD products.

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