CBD for Arthritis Pain: What You Should Know

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People who use CBD, or cannabidiol, often talk about the potential advantages of using the product. Research suggests that CBD might be helpful for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety. In the United States, a drug containing the cannabinoid was approved to help manage severe types of epilepsy. 

You might be wondering if CBD can also help with other diseases, such as arthritis and other pain disorders. Some users with pain disorders report a difference in how they feel, but of course, there is still a need for more research on CBD products. 

What Is CBD?

CBD is a chemical that you can find in the hemp plant. Both marijuana and hemp are in the cannabis family. However, there are some differences between the two of them, as each one has different amounts of phytocannabinoids in them. You can find these substances in the marijuana plant naturally. Most marijuana strains have higher levels of THC, although you can often still find CBD in those strains as well.

Hemp does not have much THC at all, and there are people who grow hemp to have more CBD in it. CBD does not have any psychoactive effects, unlike THC. CBD can work with your body’s endocannabinoid system, which consists of a group of receptors in your body that the cannabinoids can affect. 

The cannabinoids may excite or inhibit the release of your brain chemicals. It is believed by some that they can also modulate your inflammatory response. This is what can be helpful when using CBD for your condition. 

Can CBD Help

Can CBD Help?

It is believed that CBD might affect two places in your body when it comes to pain. This can include your central nervous system that sends pain signals to your brain if it notices damage to cells or certain stimulations. CBD might also work in the area where there is soreness.

Some people believe that using CBD can make them feel calmer. This might be one reason that people who have arthritis choose to use CBD. CBD may have potential anti-inflammatory properties. With inflammation, your body is fighting what it sees to be as an infection. If you have an autoimmune disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis, your immune system attacks the healthy areas of your body, such as your joints. 

Some early studies on animals have suggested that CBD might be helpful for arthritis, but before any conclusions for humans can be drawn, more research is needed. However, people who use CBD to try and help with arthritis have reported that they have found some relief. If you have pain, it might be worth exploring CBD as a possible addition to your arthritis treatment plan. As more people begin to use CBD and cannabis to try to help with chronic pain, it’s vital to have advice and information backed by research.

How Do You Find the Best CBD Product to Use?

From health food stores to pharmacies to supermarkets to online sellers, you can find CBD in nearly every location today. But it can be hard to choose the right product to meet your needs.

Picking the Type of CBD to Use

There are several different forms of CBD available today. For instance, you can either make or purchase your own edible. You might find chocolates, baked goods, gummies, or beverages with CBD infused in them. This can be a tasty way of getting your daily dose in.

It is also possible to get a vape pen that will heat the CBD oil enough so that the cannabinoids begin to evaporate. Then you will inhale the CBD vapour. With sublingual drops, you can place some under your tongue and get a highly concentrated form of CBD. Topicals such as balms, lotions, and creams can all have CBD in them and be applied to your skin for targeted effects. Depending on the form, they can take effect at different times.

  • Topicals: 10 minutes
  • Vaping: Two minutes
  • Sublingual tinctures: 15 to 30 minutes
  • Edibles: Half an hour to two hours
Look for Quality CBD

Look for Quality CBD 

You should not base your purchase on the cheapest one you can find. As CBD becomes more popular, many companies are trying to make a profit by selling poor-quality items. Some of them do not have as much CBD as they say they do. 

Look for ones that are from your country and look at the extraction method. A carbon dioxide-based method is cheaper and is a cleaner option, so there is less likely to be harmful residues in it. Make sure the CBD comes from an organic plant and that there are not very many extra ingredients in it. 

Picking Out Your Dosage

When it comes to dosing your CBD, it can be hard to decide how much to take at once. Begin with a lower dosage, like five to 10 milligrams. Then you can move to a more significant amount over the next several weeks until you feel some effects. Many arthritis patients find that taking around 20 to 35 milligrams of CBD each day is right for them.

You can have this dose all at once, or you can break it up a bit. You can do some experimentation to figure out what will work the best for you. Many people find that they notice some effects in a few days, and it can take about two weeks to feel the full impact.

Closing Thoughts 

It is essential to talk with your healthcare provider before deciding to use a supplement such as CBD. It might interact with certain medications or even have unknown effects. For instance, some people need to avoid using CBD before surgery.

The knowledge of your doctor would not be complete, so you should also do your research. More studies are needed about the right formulations and dosages. This is why your doctor might not have specifics in recommendations. They will likely want to hear about how CBD affects you and learn if it helps you manage symptoms such as pain.

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