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Cannabis Extraction Methods

weedsmart_image_Cannabis Extraction Methods

If you have ever used a marijuana extract, you might be wondering how it is made. There are different techniques that companies can use to separate the weed plant into its parts. Each of these parts contains unique chemicals. With the right techniques, you can isolate the desirable parts. For example, many extracts contain higher […]

How to Find CBD Oil Near You

weedsmart_image_How to Find CBD Oil Near You

Cannabis is now legal in Canada, but strains of marijuana flower and concentrates aren’t the only products you can use. Many users prefer to use CBD Oil- a non-psychoactive product which gives you many of the same medical benefits as cannabis without getting you high.  CBD Oil is often used to help with issues such […]

Weedsmarts Guide to Hash

weedsmart_image_Weedsmarts Guide to Hash

Hash is a popular cannabis concentrate with high levels of THC. Concentrates provide a good alternative to regular cannabis strains. Cannabis concentrates are made by extracting the most potent parts of marijuana and separating them from the plant matter to create condensed THC products in various forms. While there are other options such as shatter, […]

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