Cannabis Wax: How to Smoke Wax Without A Rig

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Written and Fact Checked by S. Zulfiqar

Cannabis is no new substance to the young and old; various cultures have used it over the centuries. This substance has been largely illegal and controlled. However, with the laws around it waning, people are indulging more. Unlike the last popular wave in the 1980s, the options are limitless right now. There are numerous strains out there. Also, from edibles to smoking to tinctures to wax, you can consume cannabis as you wish. Have you decided to toe the line of waxes but are yet to get the required paraphernalia? Did your rig, unfortunately, take a nosedive? Today’s article will teach you how to smoke wax without a rig.

Smoke Wax
Smoke Wax

What Is Wax?

Marijuana wax is a concentrated form of butane hash oil (BHO) which contains high THC concentrations. Simply put, it is a concentrated formulation of cannabis essential oil. Wax is also known as dab, shatter, amber, honeycomb or budder. It is one of the most potent cannabis preparations on the market.

The physical appearance of cannabis wax (which is similar to ear wax) is responsible for its apt name. Its colour ranges from glass-like to amber. It is of a viscous, gummy consistency, though sometimes, it feels like flaky clay. 

Wax has THC concentrations as high as 60-80%, unlike its natural form with 10-15%. This concentration makes wax four times more potent than any cannabis joint. Also, the high from wax is faster, is more powerful and lasts longer.

Cannabis wax is relatively popular among users with high THC tolerance levels and patients who need fast, long-lasting relief from ailments. Despite the associated dangers, this consumption method is becoming increasingly popular.

How Is Wax Made?

Cannabis flowers and plant materials are passed under a solvent THC is soluble in, typically butane. This process lets the psychoactive substance leach out into the butane. A gummy, molten, viscous substance (wax) is created. This process is not for amateurs as butane is a hazardous, flammable gas.

Ways to Smoke Wax

The traditional way to consume wax is by smoking with a rig. However, if you do not own one or your rig is in smithereens, the following methods show you how to smoke wax without a rig.


  • Rolled Up with Your Joint

Phew, you will be happy to know that you can hit that wax with the good, old-fashioned joint. This method is cheap and easy for any smoker to get the hang of. Make a straight or curly line along the inside length of your rolling with your wax. Sprinkle your dry flowers as you usually would on top of the wax. Roll up, light up and smoke. 

You can also make circles or your preferred pattern on the outside of your blunt along its length. Sometimes we refer to these patterns as speedbumps or checkpoints. Whether it’s outside or inside, please be sure the wax isn’t on the end you will light.

The disadvantage is you might’ve to smoke at an angle. This con is because your wax will start to drip. Also, your joint might burn differently. 

  • Use A Pipe, Bowl Or Bong

When using a pipe, bowl or bong, the sandwich method is the best. Staunch your bong with a large bud; fill up one-third of your bowl or pipe with dry flowers. Lightly spread some wax on the weed. Finally, add another layer of weed to the wax. Light it up and smoke. 

Sandwiching is efficient because the surrounding weed allows the wax to vaporize, thereby preserving the quality of the cannabinoids and reducing wax waste.


  • Use A Vape

Using a vape is another way to smoke wax. However, not all vape pens can vaporize cannabis wax. For this, you need a vape with a detachable atomizer-the heating element. These types of vapes are a bit pricier than the regular types. 

Once you have the right vape, load it up. To load, detach the atomizer from the battery and apply a small amount of wax to the heating coil. Please put on the battery, reattach it to the atomizer, and replace the mouthpiece. Inhale slowly and enjoy.

This method is very convenient and efficient. It is also effortless to move around and doesn’t waste your wax. 

  • Smoked with A Healthstone

A healthstone is a porous glass resembling a volcanic rock. You can use it for smoking wax with a bowl or pipe. Their ability to vaporize wax with little heat makes them very convenient and efficient. 

Place the stone in the bowl of the pipe and apply some wax to it. Then, make it very hot using a flame torch and smoke up. Don’t drag long and hard. 

  • Use A Knife

You will need a butter knife and a plastic bottle with its bottom cut out for this method. It is pretty tricky, but with a bit of practice, you will get better. With a flame torch or stovetop, heat the butter knife and place some wax on it once it’s hot. Quickly place the sawn-off plastic over the heated blade and inhale the fumes. 

The disadvantages with this method are you tend to waste wax, and it takes some getting used to. 

Cooked with Cannabutter
Cooked with Cannabutter
  • Cooked with Edibles

It might not be as quick as the methods mentioned above but making your edibles with wax gets the job done. You obviously would need to decarb your wax and make your cannabutter before using it. Just as with all things edibles, start small, go slow, especially with wax. 


There are concerns about wax because of its harmful side effects, chemical processes, cost, etc. It would be best if you considered consuming this very concentrated form of cannabis with caution. We recommend you start small and slow, stay hydrated in a safe environment and have a friend over. 

Will you be trying out cannabis wax? Not owning a rig shouldn’t deter you. We hope this article on how to smoke wax without a rig will be of great help. Remember, stay buzzed and stay safe. 


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