Cannabis Tinctures: What they are and How to Use

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Cannabis tinctures offer a convenient alternative to smoking, vaping, and other methods of cannabis consumption. You might also know cannabis tinctures as CBD and THC oils or tinctures. These are liquid tinctures that can be absorbed sublingually to get the effects of cannabinoids quickly and effectively. Tinctures come in various different forms based on the ratio of cannabinoids and how they’re extracted. For instance, some people use THC tinctures to get high, some use CBD tinctures for exclusively medical effects, and some use 1:1 CBD and THC tinctures to get the effects of both. Here’s a guide on cannabis tinctures, what they are, and how to use them.

What are Cannabis Tinctures?

Today, cannabis can be consumed in various different ways. Especially with it now being legalized in various parts of America and all across Canada, there are more cannabis products than ever before. It’s no longer a choice between smoking, vaping or edibles, with many new ways to get the effects of cannabis. One of the most popular ways to use it is via cannabis tinctures. Cannabis tinctures or oils are liquid products which you absorb under your tongue. The cannabinoids are absorbed into your bloodstream, allowing them to bind to receptors in your body and brain for a range of effects. These products can come with THC, CBD or both. Some even contain other cannabinoids and terpenes for additional medical benefits. Tinctures are a popular alternative to other cannabis products for various reasons. They’re convenient to use, work fast, and give you powerful effects.

How To Use Cannabis Tinctures

One of the prime benefits of cannabis tinctures is that they’re very easy to use. Unlike smoking or vaping, no extra effort or equipment is needed once you have your tincture. All you need is the bottle, which will come with a dropper. To use cannabis tinctures, drop the amount of oil you need underneath your tongue. Hold it under your tongue for around 30 seconds to 2 minutes. This absorbs the cannabinoids into your body, where they will take effect. Bottles of tinctures generally give you a dropper which will extract a certain amount of tincture oil. This makes it very easy to control your dosage with cannabis tinctures. Once you absorb the tincture, it’ll usually act relatively fast, taking effect within around 20 minutes. This makes tinctures very effective and convenient. Types of Cannabis Tinctures

Types of Cannabis Tinctures

Like with many other cannabis products, there’s a lot of variety when it comes to tinctures. In addition to different brands and prices, you can also get tinctures with different cannabinoids and ratios of cannabinoids. Of course, CBD and THC tinctures are the most popular. THC Tinctures can get you high much like with edibles and other consumable cannabis products. They’ll give you a strong relaxing body buzz along with psychoactive effects. They can also be useful for medical purposes, giving you relief for pain, anxiety, depression, headaches, and more. CBD Tinctures are ideal for those who only want the medical effects of cannabis. CBD tinctures with little or no THC won’t get you high, although they can be mildly relaxing. However, they still have powerful effects on the body, offering pain relief, reduced anxiety and depression, treatment for seizures, and a lot more. You can also get tinctures with both CBD and THC. Tinctures with an equal balance of both are often known as 1:1 oils or tinctures, although you can also get products with a higher ratio of one or the other. These products are perfect for combining the effects of both to make them useful for both recreational and medical use. There are a few other differences between tinctures. Some CBD tinctures are extracted from hemp instead of cannabis. These have the same effects but will have very low levels of THC. You can also get tinctures with other cannabinoids or terpenes such as CBN or CBG. These are great for getting additional medical benefits.

Where to Buy Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are legal and widely available to buy. Canada cannabis laws allow you to publically possess up to 2100 grams of liquid product, although you can keep as much as you want at home. While you can buy tinctures and oils in local cannabis stores, it’s often better to buy online. This allows you to get high-quality tinctures at great prices. Sites like deliver cannabis tinctures, oils, and other products all across Canada. There are many of these to choose from. Mota THC Sativa Tincture gives you a whopping 900mg of THC with stimulating sativa effects. You can get many uses out of this, allowing you to enjoy it for a long time. Alternatively, you can use Mota THC Indica Tincture for more relaxing and tranquilizing effects. You can also buy CBD Tinctures. For instance, Lajik CBD Tincture gives you 300mg of CBD-infused oil which is fantastic for medical use. You can also check out more cannabis tinctures here. All of these products are safe and legal to buy and use. Cannabis Tinctures Effect Time

Why Should You Use Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are ideal for those who want fast-acting effects. While they don’t hit you quite as fast as smoking or vaping, it’s a convenient method that can soak up the effects of cannabinoids straight into your body for an intense high. CBD Tinctures are also particularly useful for those who need medical relief. Whether you’re looking to reduce chronic pain, reduce seizures or need help with anxiety and stress, cannabis tinctures can have huge benefits. Tinctures are extremely convenient. All you need is the bottle and you can use them anywhere. Those who are worried about harmful effects from smoking or just need something simpler will enjoy tincture oils.


Cannabis oils and tinctures are a popular product that can suit many users. Whether you want to try THC in a different way or need a convenient medical product, cannabis tinctures are perfect for you. You can absorb cannabinoids into the body for potent effects and they’re also fantastic for medical relief. Tinctures can also be used multiple times and give you great value for your money. If you haven’t tried cannabis tinctures, you can buy them online and try now.

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