Cannabis Gifts for Every Budget

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The holidays may be a ways away, but there are still plenty of reasons to give gifts to your loved ones. Whether it is a birthday celebration, anniversary, or just a gift to celebrate a friend, finding the perfect present can be challenging.

If the person you are shopping for is a known fan of cannabis products, finding a marijuana-themed gift or even a gift of marijuana itself can be a great solution. No matter the occasion or your budget, you are sure to have options.

Whether you are shopping by price or by sentiment, our shopping guide will help you find the perfect cannabis gift.

How to Choose a Cannabis Gift

Before you hit the web searching for cannabis gifts, you’ll want to take some time to think about your present. Before you start shopping:

  • Consider your audience. This can help guide you to finding a unique cannabis gift that combines their marijuana use with other passions. For example, if you are shopping for someone who loves to bake, a guide to making edible desserts at home would be a good idea for them.
  • Know their experience level. If you plan to buy marijuana gummies or a similar product, you want to make sure you don’t purchase something that will be too potent for them. For new marijuana users, consider gifts that come in low doses or that are more accessory-based.
  • Think about your budget. How much do you want to spend on this gift? Are they a friend that needs a small trinket of appreciation? You may want to spend a little less than if you were purchasing an anniversary gift for your marijuana-enthusiast partner.

How to Choose a Cannabis Gift

Cannabis Gifts Under $25

Whether you are buying on a budget or your cannabis gift will be part of a larger gift, you can’t go wrong with these gifts under $25.

  • Lighters. Every marijuana smoker needs a lighter. You can find them in many designs and sometimes even personalize them (though this may push the price over your budget). Find a lighter that fits the likes and personality of your recipient.
  • Rolling papers. If your gift is for a person you know enjoys rolling their joints, you can’t go wrong with rolling papers. You can typically find them with varying amounts of papers per pack, allowing you to spend on the lower end of the budget or the higher.
  • Rolling trays. These, too, make an excellent gift for those who enjoy rolling their weed. You can find these in different designs, from plain colours to branded designs and beyond. Combine them with rolling papers for a complete rolling gift set.
  • CBD and marijuana gummies. You can often find gummy cannabis products available in packages within this price point. These are a fun gift, great for the kid at heart.
  • Marijuana edibles. In addition to finding gummies, marijuana edibles are available within this price point. You may not be able to buy a large quantity of them at this price, but they are great tiny gifts or can easily be added to others.
  • Cannabis tea mix. Are you buying a present for a tea drinker? Grab a bag of tea mix in their favourite flavour and combine it with a mug for a simple yet thoughtful gift.
  • Books. There are plenty of books on the market that are cannabis-themed and on different topics. You can find books on the history of cannabis and even beginner cannabis guides. At this price point, you may need to keep your focus on paperback books.
  • Novelty items. Many cannabis companies sell other, more novelty-type cannabis products. This can include weed-shaped stickers, keychains, and even notepads made from hemp or with marijuana decoration. These are great in bundles or on their own. They also make great secret Santa gifts. 

Cannabis Gifts Between $25 and $50

If you want your cannabis gift to be the main or only gift for a more significant event or holiday, this price range is an excellent place to start your search.

  • Leaf grinders. These are useful in grinding buds to the perfect size. Although leaf grinders are available at a lower price point, you may want to spend more when gifting one as these will be of better quality. Find a style or colour that reflects the person you are buying it for as a simple way to personalize the gift without adding to the cost.
  • Storage jars. Used to store marijuana buds between uses, marijuana storage jars are, like leaf grinders, available at lower price points. But, when using it as a gift, you may want to spend more to find a jar made from quality material and visually appealing.
  • Glass pipes. These are available in many designs and are made from different materials. For someone who prefers the more luxurious experience of smoking a pipe, a glass pipe is a great gift option. Spend some time finding one that is a fun design or in the colours your gift recipient likes. These can not only be used to smoke but as a decorative piece as well.
  • Ashtrays. Not just for cigarettes, ashtrays are also beneficial for marijuana users. Skip the cheap plastic ashtray and find a quality glass ashtray. Personalize it or find one with a character your recipient is a fan of.
  • Weed cookbooks. Cookbooks are often more expensive than paperback books. If you are buying for a chef or baker who also uses marijuana regularly, find an appropriate cannabis cookbook for them.
  • Weed-themed games. Board games can be found in many themes. Classic games are often made in different iterations. Keep an eye out for a game that is marijuana-themed to give the perfect gift.
  • Marijuana candles. Perfect for a housewarming gift or for someone who always has a candle burning, marijuana-infused candles come in many different scents. Spend a little more to get a larger, quality candle.

Cannabis Gifts Between $25 and $50

Cannabis Gifts $50 to $100

This price range is ideal for a big gift or a cannabis gift for a big event.

  • Vape starter kits. Vaping is a popular way for people to use marijuana. If you know someone who has recently gotten into vaping or who has expressed interest in trying it, get them the tools they need to do it.
  • Glass pipes. Though these first made their appearance earlier in our list, you can get a larger, more detailed, and more intricate glass pipe if you move up your price range.
  • Care Kits. Do you know somebody who loves self-care and using marijuana? Care kits are a great way to combine these in one gift. For example, a skincare care kit would likely contain various marijuana and CBD-infused beauty products like lotions, oils, and scrubs.
  • CBD oil. Know someone who is into essential oils and aromatherapy? CBD oils (and even THC oil) make a great gift. These can be used in many different ways and come in different flavours and scents. Have some fun choosing the one you think your gift recipient will most enjoy using.

Cannabis Gifts $100 and Above

Is the sky the limit when it comes to finding the perfect cannabis gift? Consider the gifts below.

  • Cannabis buds. If the person receiving this gift uses cannabis flowers for their marijuana use, you can get them their favourite bud or buds. Spice up the gift by doing some fun wrapping.
  • Sample bud packs. If you have a friend new to using marijuana or who has been talking about finding a new strain to try, a sample pack can be a great gift. Depending on who you purchase your cannabis sample pack from, you may be able to choose the buds included, or you may get a random assortment. Just be sure there is information on each marijuana strain so your recipient knows what they are taking and how much THC it contains.
  • Custom stash box with accessories. Though you can get stash boxes at lower price points, if you want to get them a truly unique and high-quality stash box, you will need to spend a little more. You have a builder make one to your specifications and even include accessories.

Other Cannabis Gift Options

Other Cannabis Gift Options

There are other cannabis gifts you can give whose price can be as flexible as your budget. Consider:

  • Get them a gift card. While not all dispensaries may offer these, you can choose the amount you want to give if you find one that does. This allows your gift recipient to select the exact product or products they want, taking the guesswork away from you.
  • Build a custom edibles box. Are you buying for someone with a sweet tooth? Though you can get single edibles at a low price, some places allow you to mix and match and create a box that contains all their favourite chocolate edibles. Though chocolate can be given any time of year, this gift would work well for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and even Christmas.
  • Build a marijuana box. Some marijuana stores offer a variety of packs that include products and accessories. You may also be able to find one that allows you to pick the contents yourself. This is an excellent gift for someone just starting with cannabis or who is wanting to expand their marijuana experience.

The Dos and Don’ts of Gifting Cannabis

Though cannabis makes an excellent gift for the marijuana lovers in your life, there are some rules to follow. We break down marijuana gifting etiquette below.

The Do’s of Cannabis Gifting

  • Make sure you buy your products for a reputable dispensary. This will ensure you are gifting a quality product to your special someone.
  • Confirm your gift recipient is of legal age to use marijuana and its various products. Here in Canada, people must be 19 to use marijuana recreationally. If you aren’t sure about their age, err on the side of caution.
  • Make sure all labels for marijuana products stay attached. Don’t remove labels from containers as these contain important information people need before using the product.

The Do’s of Cannabis Gifting

The Don’ts of Cannabis Gifting

  • Don’t re-gift your stash, especially if it is of poor quality. Be sure you find a quality, fresh product to give your recipient.
  • Don’t shop for yourself. Your THC tolerance will be different from the person you are shopping for. Keep their experience in mind as you make your gift selections.
  • Don’t give marijuana edibles to someone and not tell them. The product should have all its labels on it, and it should be clear those candies contain marijuana or CBD.

You should also keep in mind who you are buying these gifts for. Make sure they would appreciate it. You should also consider where the gift will be opened. If you are buying for someone whose marijuana use isn’t widely known, make sure they will open your cannabis gift somewhere a little more private.

In Summary

Giving marijuana gifts or even just marijuana-themed gifts can be fun, and they can be given at any time of the year. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or even a recent job promotion with a loved one, cannabis gifts are an excellent option.

Cannabis gifts allow you to show a person how well you know them, and isn’t a gift with a personalized touch the best kind?

These gifts show your recipient that you know them well. Not only because you’ll need to choose a product they will use and would want, but also because many gifts allow you to add in a personal touch, such as a cannabis cookbook for the chef in the family.

Though gifts from the marijuana industry are popular and make great gifts, be sure you are purchasing them for someone of legal age to possess and use them. You’ll also want to make sure they know what they are getting by leaving labels intact on products that will be used and contain marijuana (such as buds and edibles).

No matter the occasion or your budget, there is sure to be a cannabis gift to meet your needs.

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