Cannabis Dosage Chart

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Written and Fact Checked by S. Zulfiqar

You might already be a cannabis enthusiast and wondering what the ideal cannabis dosage should be. These sorts of questions cross the minds of all cannabis consumers. At some point in life, all smokers are often found asking such questions from either friends or other credible sources. But the truth is, not many people are exactly aware of the situation. No matter how long a person might be smoking weed, there is a chance that their facts might not be completely correct.

As we all are aware that cannabis reacts differently to different people so the ‘proper’ dosage that we often get to hear from our like-minded friends or other gurus of the plant doesn’t fit every single cannabis consumer in the world.

To understand how cannabis works, we need to understand a few important things

Although all human beings are made alike and everything that we do is kind of similar to each other, another fact is that we are all different, despite being the same. For example, all our bodies are made differently. We have different weights, heights, and other features that make us unique. Similarly, there are natural tolerance levels that we are born with. Of course, by doing certain things or taking various measures, we can change it by either increasing or decreasing it. But the fact remains that we all have different tolerance levels.

Now that we have an idea about the basics, let’s jump to a little more advanced level. 

So how much cannabis is enough? 

How does a little amount of cannabis make us feel? And how much should I take so that I get the euphoria that I’m after? To answer all these questions, let’s take a look at the detailed cannabis dosage chart.

Cannabis Dosage Chart

To help you completely understand the situation, we need to take a look at the above-displayed chart.

According to the chart:

  1. If your body weighs between 80 – 150 lbs (pounds), consuming about 12 mg (milligrams) will give you a low high. While consuming more than 12 mg, till 18 mg will give you a medium-high. And if you consume more than 18mg and reach over 20 mg, you will tend to feel the highest.
  2.  If your body weighs between 151 – 240 lbs (pounds), consuming about 15 mg (milligrams) will give you a low high. While consuming more than 15 mg, 22.5 mg will give you a medium-high. And if you consume more than 22.5mg and reach over 30 mg, you will tend to feel the highest.
  3.  If your body weighs over 240 lbs (pounds), consuming about 18 mg (milligrams) will give you a low high. While consuming more than 18 mg, till 27 mg will give you a medium-high. And if you consume more than 27mg and reach over 45 mg, you will tend to feel the highest.

There’s a similar cannabis dosage chart but that’s about edible cannabis. Here’s what it looks like:

Cannabis Dosage Chart 2


According to the cannabis dosage chart above:

  1. It’s recommended for first-timers to take a slow start. Micro doses of 1 – 2.5 mg would be suitable for them.
  2. The second dose of 2.5 – 15 mg will help the restless sleepers and the ones that are willing to have a few laughs.
  3. Doses between 15 – 30 mg are for well-seasoned consumers. People who frequently consume cannabis. They are usually the ones that have higher tolerance levels. Due to the continuous usage of the plant, tolerance levels tend to rise. The small amounts of doses that will be enough for the first-timers will do nothing to such consumers.
  4. More than 30 mg of cannabis is for people who have exceptionally high tolerance levels. Also, this is for the people who have poor GI absorption of the plant.
  5. Finally, over 50 mg of cannabis intake can only be recommended for people that are highly experienced individuals. The ones that require super high levels of THC are supposed to take such high amounts of the plant.

Another thing to remember here is that these charts are generally made for average human beings. You might have a different body that reacts to cannabis differently and there is a chance that you may not fall in any of the categories above. So it’s always a good idea to ask a professional first. Go to your doctor and talk to him about your condition. Only then start thinking about consuming anything.

Secondly, the other important thing to remember is that it’s always recommended to take a slow start. It wouldn’t hurt at all. Start from a very small dose and increase it over time, then you will have a far better idea about how you feel about consuming the plant and how your body reacts to it.

You can also ask your friends and start noticing how they react after smoking weed. Talk to them about how much you should start with. But whatever is the case, it’s always a great idea not to overdo it. A lot of people can easily skip this part and consume as much as they think would suit them but most of the time, the experience doesn’t turn out to be pleasant. So if you’re willing to enjoy your time or want to have a relaxed evening, light a joint that first has only a little amount of cannabis.

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  • Fischer B, Rehm J, Hall W. Cannabis use in Canada: the need for a ‘public health’ approach. Can J Public Health. Mar-Apr 2009;100(2):101-3. 
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