10 Canadian Marijuana Stocks Set to Grow

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With a medical marijuana industry that’s been running for 17 years and legal recreational sales on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to invest in Canada Marijuana Stocks.

Figures from Statistics Canada show that around 4.9 million Canadians spent an estimate of $5.7 billion on cannabis for medical and recreational purposes- and this is before legalization!

A major expansion in the industry is just ahead, and estimated figures say that the marijuana market in Canada will grow to a $34.3 billion industry within the next six years.

With marijuana going fully legal in Canada and a range of recreational stores and online delivery services to thrive, it’s the perfect time to get involved in Canada’s pot gold rush. Stocks are going up in price fast, so the earlier you get in, the better.

There is already a range of established companies who plan to sell to Canadians and grow their business. There are also some up-and-comers who are bound to grow as recreational sales kick into effect. Here are 10 popular Canadian Marijuana Stocks that are set to grow.

Canopy Growth Corporation (TSE: WEED)

Canopy Growth

Canopy Growth Corp. is a medical marijuana company operating out of Toronto. It is the parent company of numerous brands, including Metrum Health Corp, Tweed Inc., and Bedrocan Canada Inc.

As well as being a huge exporter of cannabis in Canada, it also has subsidiaries worldwide. CGC now has operations in Australia, Jamaica, Chile, Brazil, and Germany.

Canopy Growth Corporation will also be providing weed to the adult recreational consumer market in provinces across Canada.

Stocks cost 33.55 CAD, but it’s a huge company with massive potential for growth. It’s had steady growth with a 1-year return of 266.67%. It’s currently listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE: WEED) and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CGC).

Aurora Cannabis (TSE: ACB)

Aurora CannabisAurora Cannabis Inc. is another fast-growing Canadian marijuana stock in the medical cannabis industry. It currently sells flower, oil, and vapor cannabis products across Canada.

Aurora Cannabis grew from $1.44 million in revenue in 2016 to $18.07 million in 2017. Profits are expected to grow as Aurora recently acquired a liquor store chain in Western Canada, allowing them to sell recreational marijuana to citizens. They also acquired fellow marijuana giant MedReleaf in a C$3.2 billion deal.

The company also has growing facilities in multiple locations in Canada and Europe. This will allow them to distribute mass amounts of medical and recreational products on top of their retail operations.

Stocks are significantly cheaper than Canopy Growth Corp at 6.98 CAD on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE: ACB). With multiple strategic partnerships and acquisitions in the works, this is a stock that’s set to grow.

Aphria (TSE: APH)

Aphria.JpgAphria is another Canadian marijuana company with operations across the country. It recently acquired Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits to get a head start in the recreational marijuana market. It has also taken over numerous medical marijuana operations in Canada.

In 2017, Aphria accumulated $20 million CAD in revenue. Stocks experienced a one year return of 62.53%. These figures are likely to grow significantly with the marijuana market in Canada growing rapidly.

Stocks are currently listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE: APH) at 11.12 CAD with a market cap of $2.58 billion. It’s up 6.21% in the past 5 days and could grow more over the upcoming months.

The Cronos Group (TSE: CRON)

Cronos GroupRecently rebranded from PharmaCan Capital, Cronos Group owns subsidiaries selling medical and recreational marijuana such as Zone Produce Inc. and The Peace Naturals Project.

Cronos Group has grown enormously over the past year, growing from $588,032 to $4.08 million in revenue from 2016-2017.

Cronos Group has also entered into a joint venture with MedMen, a leading retailer of recreational marijuana in the US. As such, they’ll be well-prepared to take on the recreational market in Canada.

Listed as TSE: CRON on the Toronto Stock Exchange, stocks have gone up in price rapidly in the past year and are likely to rise as recreational sales come into effect in Canada.

Namaste Technologies Inc. (CVE: N)

Namaste TechNamaste Technologies is a company with marijuana e-commerce operations worldwide. They have also acquired Findify AB, an AI software company focused on collecting analytics to improve online customer experience.

They currently operate online retail stores in 20 countries. They also manufacture marijuana products for wholesale distribution and own a leading brand of vaporizers.

Marijuana delivery in Canada is a fast-growing industry, making this an attractive stock to look into. It’s currently listed on the TSX Venture Exchange as TSXV: N or CVE: N at just 1.43 CAD.

The Supreme Cannabis Company Inc. (CVE: FIRE)

Supreme CannabisFormerly known as Supreme Pharmaceuticals, The Supreme Cannabis Company is a Canada based marijuana grower with a mission to “become the leading global cultivator of cannabis”.

The Supreme Cannabis Company is the parent company of 7Acres, which has solidified deals to supply recreational cannabis to Alberta and Manitoba. Deals with other provinces are in the works, and 7Acres has already prepared to double its capacity to supply 10,000kg a year.

It’s listed as CVE:FIRE or TSXV: FIRE on the TSX Venture Exchange at 1.46 CAD.

Organigram Holdings Inc. (CVE: OGI)

Organi Gram Holdings.JpgOrganigram Holdings are involved in the cultivation and sale of marijuana and products such as cannabis oil.

The company recorded a record net income of $1.1 million in Q2 2018. They also recorded records for yields, sales of marijuana and cannabis oils, and registered medical patients. They’re also projected to increase profits with more cost-efficient yields.

In addition to established medical sales, Organigram will be launching a range of recreational brands including ANKR Organics, Edison Cannabis Company, and Trailer Park Buds. The last one involves a partnership with popular Canadian show Trailer Park Boys, giving it a high potential for sales.

Organigram stocks are currently undervalued, with more people looking towards the big players like Aurora and Canopy. At 4.50 CAD with projected growth, this is a stock well worth looking into for any investors.

Newstrike Brands Ltd. (CVE: HIP)

Newtsrike BrandsNewstrike Brands Ltd. are a Canadian cannabis company dedicated to growing. Their goal is to be a leading distributor of adult-use cannabis. They already have a foothold in medical sales and look to continue to improve.

Newstrike Brands are headquartered in Ontario. With the recent announcement that the ON government will allow cannabis to be sold in private stores, this plays to the company’s advantage.

The company entered into a partnership with legendary Canadian band The Tragically Hip last year, hence while you’ll find them on the Toronto Stock Exchange under CVE: HIP. Stocks are currently priced at 0.44 CAD but are currently experiencing steady growth.

CannTrust Holdings Inc. (TSE: TRST)

Canntrust Holdings.JpgCannTrust Holdings is an established organization in the medical marijuana market in Canada. The company has been turning over a profit for the past three quarters and recorded record incomes this year. They plan to increase profits by getting into the recreational sector.

The company has developed multiple brands aimed at selling recreational marijuana products. Interestingly, they also plan to create medical marijuana products for pets. They also plan to expand their capacity for marijuana production, which will likely contribute to greater profits.

With the organization already experiencing solid profits, they’re likely to continue to grow as recreational sales become legal. Stocks are currently valued at 6.70 CAD on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE: TRST). This is an ambitious company definitely worth checking out.

Emerald Health Therapeutics (CVE: EMH)

Emerald HealthEmerald Health Therapeutics is another licensed medical marijuana company with high sales.  Stocks for EHT have been on an upward trend, with a current one year return of 115.91%.

They have already acquired subsidiaries in Quebec and BC which will allow them to sell recreational marijuana in these provinces. They also entered into a joint venture with Village Farms to expand production.

The company is well prepared to take on the recreational marijuana market as cannabis becomes legal in October. They are also working on improving marijuana e-commerce technology. The company is working with DMG Blockchain Solutions to create an e-commerce platform and cannabis supply chain management system using blockchain technology.

Stocks are currently listed under CVE: EMH on the TSX Venture Exchange. As a company with an eye on the future of marijuana sales and technology, this is another interesting opportunity for investors.


The marijuana industry is already massive in Canada thanks to sales of medical marijuana and online weed deliveries. With national legalization and retail stores opening just a few short months away, there’s never been a better time to invest in Canadian marijuana stocks.

All of these Canada marijuana stocks are choices well worth considering for any investor. The Canadian marijuana industry is set for a huge boom this year, and there are plenty of stocks to diversify your portfolio. However, keep in mind that investing in stocks is always a risk and should only be undertaken with careful research.

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