Canada has legalized Cannabis


Weed is now legal in Canada. Now what?

Legalization is just the next chapter of our weed coverage. Canada is the biggest and wealthiest country to legalize recreational cannabis and will be closely watched by the rest of the world. While the billions made by the major cannabis companies will be a significant point of coverage, there are so many other stories that will need to be told. Edibles still need to be regulated; provinces are still rolling out their distribution schemes; the online market will still exist; and weed amnesty may be on the table. And of course, there’s this country called the United States that has a temperamental reality star leading the free world and shares about 9,000 kilometres of border with us, so that could pose some real serious issues for us Canadians.

Cannabis legalization, as you know, hardly means that the harmful “War on Drugs” is ending. The response to the opioid crisis from the federal and provincial governments across this country shows that not even thousands of deaths can change the cold-hearted views of many politicians,police and elder Canadians, who value “law and order” over harm reduction of a hemp plant.

Well, here at weedsmart we have been covering topics regarding Canada and legalization for months. Now that the Prime Minister has made it clear that marijuana is no longer a drug that ruins peoples lives and more of a medical substance to aid mental and physical conditions. Canadians can now order online freely without worries of legalities.


Weedsmart is still determined to continue to provide top quality flower and cannabis products at the best prices. We do not consider ourselves black market weed retailers, our products are medical grade. We work with legal growers, whose plants are tested for pesticides and molds so our customers can enjoy the highest quality marijuana.

That being said, we hope weedsmart customers continue to trust in us, to provide quality, efficiency and the best prices when buying weed online in Canada.

So hats off fellow stoners, medical patients and recreational users, we no longer need to hide. It is a proud day for all of us!!!!

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