Can you smoke weed in nightclubs and bars in Canada and why we should be able too


Before the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, there have been places in Toronto where it is legal to smoke. Most of these places are considered private clubs where is required to be a member. But it’s not the same around the country.


Cannabis Smoking & Vaping Laws

Since October 17th 2018, Canada is legalizing three types of cannabis: seedlings, dried marijuana flowers or buds, and oils that can be ingested or applied topically.

All municipalities and provinces have different rules, it means: what may be legal in one area, may not be in another, e.g:



Consuming cannabis in Alberta is allowed where tobacco smoking is currently allowed with some additional provincial restrictions included. Cannabis smoking and vaporizing lounges or clubs will not be allowed. Municipalities will be allowed to create additional restrictions on public consumption using bylaws.

  • Calgary

From August 27th to September 7th, 2018 The City of Calgary will be looking for your input on potential designated cannabis consumption areas in which cannabis may be smoked, vaped, or otherwise consumed in public.

  • Edmonton

The City could decide to allow smoking and vaping of cannabis in the same places as tobacco is smoked, or to restrict public smoking and vaping of cannabis in more places.

  • Red Deer

The City will be reviewing its Smoke Free Bylaw in the coming months and could decide if they will  allow or not smoking and vaping of cannabis in the same places as tobacco is smoked.

According to the Province, adults may smoke or vape cannabis at home and in some public places; however, smoking and vaping will not be permitted in the following places:

  • Vehicles
  • Cannabis retail stores
  • Anywhere smoking or vaping tobacco is already restricted (such as in public parks or in front of doorways)


What’s been happening?


Around the country, places as lounges, bars or comedy clubs have been practicing good ideas to allow customers to smoke in their places, as: ID-ing members and prohibiting tobacco use, alcohol use and cannabis sales.

But, why not allowing users to smoke freely?

In 2017, members of the Cannabis Friendly Business Association (who have been working since 20 years ago) asked Toronto’s Municipal Licensing and Standards Committee for regulation in light of the federal legalization of marijuana.

At the moment, local lounge owners argued that local regulation, that states marijuana can only be consumed in the privacy of a home, is “not feasible”. Another consequence they point out is that only allowing people to smoke at home, they would be forcing their neighbors to get part of the smoke. What if they don’t want to?

Another important fact: Consumption at home may not be an option for those who don’t own their own place or those who live with shared walls.

What has been proven during several years in other countries is allowing smoking freely in nightclubs or bars can keep illegal marijuana trafficking of the streets. What separates us from the final step?

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