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S Zulfiqar

Cannabis Writer


Saira Zulfiqar is a pharmacist that specializes in the drug, CBD, and rehab fields for over 15 years. She also has experience as a researcher and professionally writes medical and scientific articles for biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Saira has a medical background with extensive time spent researching the clinical and pharmaceutical fields. Couple this with her passion and interest in writing, and you get top-notch reliable and informative content. Her mission is to share her knowledge and experience with you to equip you with the most useful information at your disposal.

How Our Medical Review Process Works

At Weed Smart, our goal is to provide objective, trustworthy, transparent, evidence-based information on medicinal and recreational cannabis. To do this, we employ licensed physicians to medically review and approve our content to verify the accuracy of our information, products, and services. Our licensed medical doctors contribute their extensive knowledge and expertise to provide the most credible and reliable information to our site