A Guide to Marijuana Beverages

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Marijuana edibles aren’t just limited to gummies, cookies, and chocolate. In fact, you can also enjoy the effects of THC and CBD with marijuana beverages. Not to be confused with tinctures, these liquid marijuana products come in the form of tea, cocoa, and all kinds of other drinks packed with cannabinoids.

Like edibles, these work via digestion into your body, where they’ll be converted and transferred into your bloodstream. As such, you’ll get powerful mental and physical effects when you use marijuana beverages. They’re a good choice for those who want strong psychoactive effects, but they can also be great for medical use.

There are many readymade cannabis beverages and drink mixes available to buy online. You can even make your own drinks if you know how. It’s an enjoyable way to use marijuana that’s convenient and easy to consume- just drink and wait for the effects.

With that said, there are some important things you need to know about marijuana beverages before you use them. Like edibles, THC drinks should be taken with caution as they can be extremely strong. You should also know how long they take, how long they last, and how to make or buy them. Here’s a guide to marijuana beverages to cover everything.

Why Use Marijuana Beverages?

From strains to oils, there are so many ways to consume marijuana nowadays that some users may have a hard time choosing. Cannabis beverages offer another interesting option. They work like edibles but in liquid form. So what are the advantages to beverages over other methods of consumption?

One of the reasons to use marijuana beverages is the enjoyment factor. They’re made to mimic drinks like iced tea or hot cocoa in order to give you a delicious drinkable mixture full of THC. It’s easy to take and can also be a lot of fun if you enjoy the drink. If you want to get creative, you can even create your own beverages using THC/CBD oil or tincture. Whether you enjoy smoothies or hot drinks, there’s plenty of ways to go with this.

Beverages can also give you some of the most powerful effects. When you digest THC, it’s converted into 11-hydroxy-THC, a stronger form which gives you an intense high. If you want incredible cerebral effects and a next-level body high, then beverages are ideal for you.

You can also drink CBD beverages. These are packed with medical benefits and won’t get you high, so you can enjoy them without feeling overwhelmed. What’s more, you’ll often get extra health benefits when CBD is mixed with tea or other healthy drinks. This can be a convenient and healthy way to enjoy cannabis.

Cannabis Cocoa

Kinds of Marijuana Beverages

Cannabis beverages can also come in various different forms. Not only can you get many different kinds of cannabis-infused drinks, but they can also vary on the cannabinoids they contain.

Some popular marijuana beverages include cannabis tea, cannabis cocoa, and cannabis coffee. However, you can have it in practically any drink- especially when you make your own. For instance, you could add THC or CBD tincture to your morning juice, mix it into a smoothie or even make a cocktail with it.

There’s an important distinction between the types of marijuana beverages. Usually, they’ll contain either THC, CBD or both. Some may also contain other cannabinoids and terpenes, but these are the main ones.

THC Beverages – Like THC edibles, beverages infused with THC will give you the psychoactive effects of marijuana. They’ll make you feel euphoric and happy, as well as giving you a very relaxing body high. The high from these can last for many hours but can be useful for counteracting pain, stress, and depression. Many people use THC beverages purely for recreational use.

CBD Beverages – If you want purely medical effects, CBD beverages can help. These contain cannabidiol without any THC. In other words, they won’t get you high but they’ll help treat pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, seizures, and a lot more. These are perfect for users who only want to use cannabis for medical effects.

THC/CBD Beverages – You can also use beverages with a mix of both THC and CBD. These cannabinoids work together well. They’ll give you a wide range of powerful medical effects as well as an enjoyable high. CBD can counteract some of the potentially negative effects of THC, so this is a beneficial mixture which can give you milder recreational effects. You can get a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD or a mixture with more of one than the other.

How Long Do The Effects Last

When you drink marijuana-infused drinks, you will have to wait a while for the effects to kick in on your body. However, once they kick in, they can last for an extremely long time. THC beverages can give you one of the most powerful and long-lasting highs. CBD beverages can also be useful for extended medical effects.

Once you drink a marijuana beverage, you may need to wait around 30 minutes to 2 hours for the cannabinoids to take effect. This is because the cannabinoids must first be digested into the liver. The liver converts THC into the stronger 11-hydroxy-THC before dispersing it into your bloodstream. This is why edibles and beverages have stronger effects.

Once the effects kick in, they can last for anywhere from 4-12 hours. Generally, you will be looking at a high that lasts for around 4-8 hours. A study on edibles found that peak effects usually take place around 2.5-3.5 hours after consumption, although it can vary from user to user.

How long beverages take to kick in and how long they last can also depend on a few factors. Those with a faster metabolism will digest these quicker, and as such get effects faster. Users with a higher body mass may get the effects more slowly, and may also get less intense effects than a lighter user.

It can also depend on the type of product you use and the dosage. Some products will digest faster than others and higher dosages will likely lead to longer-lasting effects. Your marijuana tolerance can also come into play. Those who are used to the effects of marijuana may feel effects less strongly than beginner users. However, edibles still give a powerful high even to experienced users.

Marijuana Beverages Effects

Marijuana Beverage Dosage Guide

When you use marijuana drinks, it’s important to take heed on how much you take. Beginner users should start off with a very low dosage before trying more. Even if you’re used to using cannabis in other forms, the high from beverages is much more intense and it’s best to start off low.

Usually, drinkable marijuana products will give you a serving size so you can manage your dose easily. 10mg of THC is the usual serving size, which should be enough for any first-time edible or beverage user. This will still give you powerful effects but won’t be too overwhelming.

If you have a good high with 10mg, you can try raising this to 20mg or more. Be sure not to go too far- too much THC can lead to a bad trip.

Alternatively, users can also experiment with lower doses of 5mg or less. This is known as microdosing, which gives you milder and much more manageable effects. This can stimulate you mentally, enhance your creativity, and give you physical relaxation without making you too high.

CBD beverage dosages work differently. CBD is safe to use in all quantities- it won’t get you high or give you negative side effects. There’s also no risk of overdose or addiction when you use CBD.

A dosage of 15-25mg of CBD is useful for treating pain, inflammation, and overall wellness. However, certain conditions, such as epilepsy and severe anxiety, will require around 300-600mg of CBD to relieve symptoms.

Best Marijuana Beverages to Buy

If you want to try marijuana beverages for yourself, there are plenty on offer. At Weedsmart.ca, we offer both THC and CBD beverages which are all available for delivery. Providing you’re over 19, you’re free to buy and use these as you please. Here are some of the best marijuana beverages to buy.

Mota Iced Tea Mix – If you enjoy iced tea, why not add the effects of cannabis to it? This iced tea mix from Mota contains 150mg of THC in every packet. This can be split into 10-15 servings to give you an enjoyable high over and over again. Whether you want the euphoric effects of THC or want relief for pain and stress, this healthy cannabis drink can help you out.

Mota Canna Cocoa – If you prefer the taste of hot cocoa, no problem. This marijuana-infused hot drink is perfect for winding down in the evening. Once again, each packet contains 150mg of THC which you can split into many servings. At just $17 per packet, you get a lot for your money.

Temple Tea Caramel Chia Pu-Erh – Temple Tea is a cannabis-infused tea mix that comes in many fantastic flavors. This one mixes flavors of caramel, cinnamon, and ginger with the effects of both THC and CBD. Each packet contains 120mg of THC and 20mg of CBD, split into 12 servings. This is a great drink for both recreational and medical effects.

Temple Yoni Relax Tea – For stronger effects, this Temple Yoni Relax Tea contains 300mg of THC and 100mg of CBD in each packet. You can use this multiple times and get an intense yet healthy high every time. It also has ingredients such as organic mint, chamomile, willow bark, and St. John’s Wort which add some extra health benefits to the mix.

There are also many other types and flavors of marijuana drinks available. You can check out the full range of marijuana beverages in our online store.

How to Make Marijuana Drinks

How to Make Your Own Marijuana Drinks

Drinkable marijuana products aren’t just limited to ready-made mixes and beverages. It’s also easy to create your own marijuana drinks. All you need is some cannabis tincture. These come with THC, CBD or both and can be mixed into any liquid to create all kinds of cannabis beverages.

For instance, you can mix them into coffee, tea or juice to create a quick and easy cannabis drink. You can also mix them into smoothies or even cocktails. You can drink these for the same effects as usual marijuana edibles and beverages.

Tinctures come with a dropper which lets you easily measure out your dosage. Make sure not to take too much THC- 10-15mg is enough for any first-time user. CBD is safe in all dosages and can be used to create all kinds of health drinks.

Alternatives to Marijuana Beverages

Cannabis beverages are great for those who want a long-lasting high or the medical effects of CBD and THC in liquid form. However, there are plenty of other marijuana products to try out if you prefer something different.

Marijuana edibles work in the same way as beverages. Whether you prefer chocolate, gummies or other tasty snacks, you can eat these for strong effects within an hour or two. Like beverages, the effects can last for hours and give you one of the most intense cannabis highs.

Marijuana concentrates can also give you a powerful high. These are best used by vaping or dabbing. These contain high levels of THC so only a small amount is needed to give you potent effects.

Vape products are also a great option. There are plenty of different flavors of vape oils and concentrates which you can use with a vaporizer or vape pen. THC vapes can give you strong effects and you can also find CBD products for medical use.

Many other products are also available online, including a wide range of cannabis strains.


Marijuana beverages offer potent effects in drinkable form. While they’ll take a little while to kick in, you can get intense THC effects for hours when you drink these. CBD beverages are also available, offering a superpowered health drink that helps with pain, inflammation, anxiety, seizures, and many other symptoms. Alternatively, you can also use THC or CBD tinctures to create your own delicious cannabis-infused drinks.

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