9 Etiquette Tips for Smoking Marijuana with Friends

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Cannabis usually tastes better when you can enjoy it with your friends and friends of friends. It is a good way of making new friends and it can strengthen your bond with your current ones. However, like anything else that you do socially, there are a few rules that you should think about.  If you have used cannabis socially in the past, then you may have already been introduced to the rules, and the etiquette might seem natural to you. But if you have never used cannabis with friends, it is a good idea to know more about the rules before you decide to smoke with a group.

1. Bring Some of Your Own Cannabis 

Many people like to share their marijuana with their friends, but if you constantly take what other smokers offer to you, you might end up being a pain to them. Some people might have the money to purchase their own marijuana, but they never bring any to share and they consume a lot of their friends’ stashes. Don’t be this person.  If you do not have any money to purchase your own cannabis, your friends will likely be happy to give you some. However, even if you can afford to get a little bit to share with the group, people will appreciate having you around more. And if you are ever in need of some weed in the future, they will be more likely to help you out. If you truly can’t afford to buy any cannabis, consider bringing a bag of chips and some soda to share with the group.

2. Don’t Hog the Joint

Marijuana is known for being able to inspire creative bursts, and some people might have the urge to start telling a story, and it is often hard to stop them. People will likely be happy to hear stories, but not while the teller is holding the joint.  Doing this makes others wait to take a hit until you reach the last part of the story, and that can take a while when you are high. Just take a couple of puffs and pass it quickly before you start to talk. You should also check with everyone about the end before you decide that the joint is done. You might not like the end, but if there are others who want to keep getting high, they may want to keep going. Don’t Hog the Joint

3. Starting the Joint

Whoever makes the joint is the one who gets to light it and take the first hit. It is a very basic rule. However, if you are the one supplying the entire stash for the joint, then you get to light it, even if someone else rolled it.

4. Don’t Take Too Much

If you have a pipe or a bong, you should only take one hit before you move it to the next person. However, if you have a blunt or a joint, you will likely take two or three hits before you pass it on. That way, there will still be plenty for everyone else who is using it.

5. Take Out the Stems and Seeds 

You should always take out the stems and the seeds from the cannabis before you start to smoke it. Unless you are growing your own cannabis, you can safely discard them unless you have other plans for it. For example, you can use the stems to make a cup of marijuana tea. But if you want to keep them, just don’t put them in the bowl or the joint. These will make it taste bad when you burn it, and it might make sparks and pops, which can even be dangerous.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Admit if You Can’t Roll a Joint

Creating a perfect joint is closer to an art than a skill, and it takes quite a bit of practice to create the best one. With a well-rolled one, it will look good and burn well. However, if it is not rolled properly, the experience will not be very enjoyable, and no one in the group will have a good time.  A poorly rolled one will receive a lot of jokes, and it can either waste the cannabis or create something that can’t even be smoked. Don’t be afraid to admit if you have not had much practice in creating joints. The odds are good that there is someone in your group who will create a joint that everyone can enjoy. Don’t Be Afraid to Admit if You Can’t Roll a Joint

7. Avoid Drooling on the Joint

No one likes to receive a wet joint, and it is not a pleasant experience. Plus, it causes the joint to look bad. If you need to, then you can use a tissue to wipe your mouth before you contact the joint with your lips.

8. Avoid Blowing Smoke in Others’ Faces 

It is very rude to blow smoke in others’ faces. It can make you unwelcome in the smoking circle and cause negative feelings against you. Before you exhale your smoke, make sure that you are not facing anyone.

9. If You Are Hosting, Make the Guests Feel at Home

It can be very enjoyable to smoke cannabis socially, but it can also cause some people to feel uncomfortable, anxious, or unsure of the right way to behave. If there is a newer user in the smoking circle, you should avoid judging them. Instead, show them the right way to behave and let them know that they are surrounded by friends. Even a little assurance can go a long way toward making people feel at home. 

Closing Thoughts

Remember that everyone will have a different response to cannabis. The way that you treat other users will say something about you, as well. Make sure that you are communicating the right messages and follow the rules of etiquette the next time you are having a smoking session with your friends. If you will be breaking any of the rules, you should all agree on it ahead of time. 

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